Adobe Photoshop Remove People from Photo or Person from Background using Photoshop CC 2019 2018

Hi I’m George Peirson and in this Adobe Photoshop video we’ll be removing this guy over here out of this picture and leaving us with just the girl and a nice clean background with just a little bit of a crop to get us a better composition. Okay, let’s get to it. [Music] In this image here to remove this person on the left hand side there’s a few problems with this. First off normally when you take somebody out like this you take some of the background and fill it in to fill in the person but obviously he’s taking up all of our foreground area in here so there’s no foreground background to fill in this bottom part. At the top there is enough up in there to do that we can take some of this over here so this right here actually fill it in, in here but we need to solve that problem with the main body area and I have a trick to do that. Also notice that his arm in here comes in front of her body right down here’s need to solve this bit as well right in there. And a little bit right back in here it looks kind of like flesh tone, it’s actually a part of the actual background in there but it just looks wrong so we need to fix that as well, So a few little problems in here on this image that we have to deal with in solve we’ll start off though by taking our background layer here and just drag this down to the new layer button there we go make a copy of that background then just hide the original that’s because we’re going to be doing some destructive work on this actual layer so we want to have a safety copy and that’s our safety copy down there if we mess up on this one we can always go back and there’s our safety copy and a start again at that point okay the next thing to do and this is the basic situation in any image where you want to remove there or change that background from somebody you want to separate our foreground person out from the background and put that for different person on their own separate layer we can then go in and fix or change or adjust the background as we need to and keep our foreground layer clean now the easy way to do that obviously is to use up here select and select and mask so let’s go ahead click on that and bring up this tool here we go this is really easy to use and the way I like to approach this is to go over here left hand side and just grab the lasso tool here you have your different options the lasso and the polygonal lasso where your lasso should be good enough and then it’s starting someplace where it’s easy to spot like right up here above the hair let’s give just a little lasso in pretty close to the hair I’m not going to go over it but just come in pretty close just like that and then around outside and then back up along the other side of our image here this side doesn’t actually matter because she’ll be sitting on top of the same photograph and it’s gonna blend in perfectly all we really care about is this bit right in here but I’ll do the rest anyway just keep it nice and clean so there’s our basic mask now all you have to do is go over here and this is the middle of these three brushes right there it’s the refine edge brush click on that and then come back in and change or paint over this this will then change that boundary layer now your brush size you can see it right there there’s a brush size you can address that up here at the top where it says 74 the one that I’m using you can go add or subtract on your selection but this should do a good job for us in the way you do this is you just paint right over that edge and notice how it very quickly goes in and does that masking again up here this is not critical I’m just doing this just to make a nice complete job here but we could even just leave that alone if you wanted to all right let’s come down and do the important part and that’s this stuff down here and this tool you have to kind of go back and forth a bit on it to get a real nice clean job and I found that if you pull in like this it tends to do a better job just pulling in from the background and pull it in and that should give you a nice clean hair all right that gets our important part here the hair is selected right in here that’s her arm there so that’s finally that as is everything else is looking okay and again all this is we just ignore all that that’s just fine so there’s our basic selection now let’s now output this right hand side I’ll put this as a new layer with layer mask choose okay and there we go I think this is our hair selection down in this area in here okay so far so good now let’s go back to our background copy that’s this one here and we need to get rid of this guy in here so this is a couple step process the first thing I always tries just to see if we can do the content-aware fill and see how good that works for us see if that gets rid of the problem I know it’s not gonna do anything down in here I have another trick for that but it should solve the head area in any case for the content-aware fill to work we had to make a selection so let’s get set up for that as first make sure on the right layer that’s our background copy layer let’s then choose a selection tool I’ll just use the standard lasso tool and let’s make just a little lasso just around the head that’s a part I’m already caring about an and bit of that shirt right there and there’s our selection let’s now go up to the Edit and come down to fill and the one you want is the content-aware fill right there I’ll leave everything else at their default settings choose okay and let’s see how the Photoshop handles this problem see if it gets rid of that head for us does a pretty good job this little bit of a problem in here we can fix that with the clone stamp so let’s go ahead now and deselect deselect right here or of course the ctrl D keyboard shortcut now this takes care of the edges for us this now fill this bit in here and we’ll do that with the clone stamp though to do a bit of clone stamping just kind of bring this down just a touch we can even go over the hair at this point just a little bit as well because of course that’s solved with our other option up there okay switch over to the clone stamp tool there it is and let’s bring the brush up quite a ways the brush size of course will depend upon the size of your image and that should do okay here in this image that said 95 pixels I’ll have to go over a real soft brush on this to set your heart is clear to the left-hand side and then the clone stamp tool you hold the Alt key down choose a spot and click let go of the Alt key and then just paint back over here and that takes care of that a little bit now let’s take this down just a little ways here and do a bit of this clone stamping back and forth just a touch and just take it down just a little ways I’m not being real careful as you can see about this once I have that done I’ll then come back in and let’s do a few things in here to hide any obvious duplication and it looks kind of weird and that’s really good enough for this picture we still need to solve this problem right down there there’s also a little B and C right there little be showing in right there I’m just gonna give her that B as well and this just clone stamp that out just so it’s not a distraction okay so that’s our step two we’ve taken care of this upper background area now I need to fill in this spot down here with something else we need to have the right background luckily the girls in front of this field of lavender in here so I did a search on the internet and I found a nice picture with a field of lavender that goes out of focus in the background and here’s our foreground lavender very very similar to the kind of field that she’s in let’s just pull this down so it’s floating which makes it easy to grab this background layer here just drag it over and drop it onto the picture just like that there we go now should be in behind let’s bring her back up again should be in behind our top layer and above that copy we can then position this so that it fills in that background area and hides that background now one thing you’ve noticed in here is that the size of the flowers here are too large compared to the size of the flowers in the background about twice as big as they should be so let’s fix that size I’ll do the ctrl T keyboard shortcut brings up our control handles hold the shift key down you can think grab a corner and resize this until the flowers are about the right size and that looks pretty good there’s a foreground flower right there and I think that’s pretty close to the right size there bit further back than that and a little smaller so that works out well now it just fills in just the back Ranieri here’s the there it is there’s the top of his shoulder and this comes in above that I put it right about up to here it just looks nice at that position and that solves that background area okay click on the check mark and put that in position now two more problems here of course we have this edge who need to solve that edge problem here and it’s too sharp of a focus it’s okay right down here but it’s really too sharp of focus back in this area this has to go a softer to match the right hand side over there so kind of look at this as your example and then won’t want to match this to that side to do that let’s first take care of this edge up here and we use a layer mask on that so let’s just add a layer mask and that’s out button right there click on that here’s our layer mask black hides white shows right now it’s white so it shows everything so switch over to our black color right here choose okay so we’re on black make sure on the black and then grab your brush there’s a brush size that’s looking pretty guts 150 pixels soft it just check that edge on that okay hardness is zero that’s fine make sure you’re on the layer mask you’ve run the picture slide you’ll see the outline around the picture side just click over here on the layer mask side look for that outline and then paint right on the layer mask right along that edge and just hide that edge just enough to bring him some of that background in there and there we go that now blends in perfectly so far so good now the focus is a bit off on this obviously it’s too sharp back here and it’s even a bit too sharp down below you could leave that bit here at the very very bottom but it really has to go a softer focus up in here so for that I’m just going to go back to the image side just click on the image side and go over to our blur tool there we go and this gets of it set our very large brush 400 it’s real large brush I might strength out a hundred and just come in here and just do several strokes like this just click and stroke and then work it down until you have the right level of focus you want less focus in the back and coming into more focus in the front just blend that in I’m into a little less focus right back in here just so it’s not quite as distracting and that looks like that’s a pretty good blend now with her image so there we go there is that taking care of we have now removed the guy in here from this side of the picture and it’s looking for a very nice two problems to work with still there is that bit back here that looks like flesh tone it’s not but it looks like flesh tone and his arm is right down here I need to hide that arm somehow sometimes the best way to make this is just to blend them into the picture you make your repair just blend them into the picture instead of trying to patch it and you know put in other stuff in here like we did back here so we’ll start up here with you here and I’ll show you the process let’s go up to our image layer here now at this point you may want to make a copy of this a backup or safety copy of this because we’ll be working on the actual image layer so good good time for a safety take this layer down to our new layer button right there hide that one that’s our safety layer okay here we go we’ll be using the color replacement tool but you want to have that limited to a very small area so I’ll first zoom in here grab our zoom tool let’s zoom in on this triangle just kind of a flesh color in there make sure on the image side and I’ll go to the polygonal lasso tool let’s just do this a quick little now so right around this set just limits the repair to this area and then go up to image adjustments and come down to replace color and click right in your color somewhere there’s our existing color now all I want to do it just changes to something else so we can make it more of a purple like we have over here that’ll be perfectly fine come down here it says result that’s our result area click on that little color spot and grab one of your colors over here from the flower yeah it’s right in there it’s our color range in there choose okay and it’s looking pretty close at this point let’s just add a bit more saturation possibly in there just a little bit and there we go okay so that solves that that now looks like goes just some of the background flowers and of course that’s deselect that as will fit screen and take a look alright last thing to fix then is the arm and the foreground hair now this is her arm right here and that’s his arm kind of coming in the front coming in behind her arm looks a little weird but we can fix that and there’s also a little bit of a problem right in there actually that that’s just not a problem now it’s a bit of plant in front so we can ignore that that’s the way it should be but there’s a little bit of arm right here now again we can’t really come in here and put something else in there’s going to cause this problems be very difficult to do that although we could try but I’m just going to do a color change in here as well so back to that layer and back to our tool here let’s just do a little selection right around that so we limit the color change to this area and image adjustments come back down to replace color and it can right into the mid-tone of this area and select that there’s our nice mid-tone on that one grab this little area here and let’s find a nice bit of color that matches our background so there’s the background shirt right back in here so I’m gonna grab some of that shirt color right there choose that and okay and there’s a pretty good job already of giving that a nice match we just change the color to match that let’s bring our fuzziness up a little bit and that helps to give her some of that brown flesh tone around that edge and that’s looking nice and then just a little bit of a tweak I think on the other sliders here to try to get a better match and there we go that’s real nice and close now to that bit right on behind choose okay and deselect let’s now get back to you fit screen and there it is no one’s going to notice that that is an arm in there it now matches the shirt exactly last thing we need to do is that there’s way too much space over here on the left hand side it was cropped nicely for two people it’s not cropped will for one person so let’s fix our cropping let’s go up to the crop tool now I have mine set for a 4 by 5 which is an 8 by 10 standard photo crop on this when you click on that it’s going to be setting this in at a vertical instead of a horizontal so let’s just reverse those this is button right there reverses that we can then take the side to actually pull this out until we get to the edges of the image and pull us out till we are right at those edges that just adjusts that crop and that’s pretty good top to bottom and move over just a little bit right there now we’re seeing a bit down below kind of off that’s that image in the height we pulled down so we ignore that we care about here is the bottom of the picture over here on the right hand side so there is the image in this crop again using our standard 8 by 10 crop this guy’s 4 by 5 when you have it where you want just click on the checkmark and there’s our final cropped position now last thing there’s still some things you may want to go back in and you know be even more careful on a little bit right in there little line right there at this point for this kind of final touch-up the best way to do that is to merge all of this onto a new layer and then to your final Tetris on that last final layer you do that with a keyboard shortcut is ctrl shift alt in the the e key there it is what that does is it merges all of the visible layers onto a new layer I can now hide all this stuff so we’re now merged onto one layer and this makes it easy to do those last little tweaks last little fixes like that bit right in there this little clone stamp tool you know bring our size down here our brush size down that should do well and then Alt key right there just a little clone stamp like that and it’s a perfect fix let’s take a look at our bottom area again especially find this just ate a leaf in front kind of confusing on us look but it’s actually correct so that’s good to take a fit screen and there we go let’s now see how we did let’s take our background down here this of course is a cropped background so these can be cropped a little bit but well make a copy of the background pull them to the top up here there is with the guy left hand side again he has been cropped in but that’s okay and there’s without so there’s width and there’s without a few little tricks to get this nice clean copy and nice to remove person but as you can see does a perfect job if you just approach it logically the big trick of course here is to find a different photo to give you something to fill in that area well we have taken out his main body so little additional picture and they are all set to go now if you enjoyed this video make sure you click that like button and of course share and also subscribe to my channel if you want to learn a lot more about Adobe’s Photoshop program take a look at my complete training courses and there’s a link right down there in the description thank you for watching my video I hope you found it 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  3. hi, following step by step I'm at 6:21 mark my CC is not letting me use fill when I deselect background copy 2, any suggestions

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