Advanced Camera Motion Control | Edelkrone SliderPLUS & HeadPLUS

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  1. Ah – I only just watched this – i needed more than 24 hours dammit. I want one of these , will trade firstborn. hmu.

  2. @ 9:00 It does all the focus racking on a Red Camera? WOW that's is a must buy gear. Must have a compatible lens right?

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  4. Every time I saw your video notification on youtube. I am getting excited to learn something big about film making. And it's funny too 🙂

  5. I had the original slider and it would sag with the camera on it at the end of the slides. Is this new slider more sturdy?

  6. "What's the most boring thing…a lamp. Let's film a lamp."
    *Proceeds to film the coolest lamp available, and covers it with minifogger fog*

  7. It should be mentioned that the Edelkrone products have trouble with bigger cameras like Reds. I use an Edelkrone with Target modul too, and the jittering that is in the footage, because of the flexibel parts of the slider, make it not that useful. Don't want to blame anybody, but it is not that good as it seems. (Personal Experience)

  8. Hello my name is dikran i have a question for I'm looking to purchase an new camera i can't decide which one ( canon g7x mark 3) or (canon m50)or (canon g7x mark 2) can you give me your advice please thank you so much

  9. I have to agree with the engineering comments you made about Edelkrone products. There are VERY few companies (with exceptions like Apple, Benro, and others) whose design/engineering demonstrate both smart and functional deigns into all of their products. Edlekrone also continually update and improve their designs: they listen to their client's comments. Their software interfaces are second to none for easy use. YES … Edelkrone produces premium products at PREMIUM prices. They are worth the money, but sometimes freeing up a large chunk of money is not so easy. I think almost all of their products on every tech-savvy videographer's wishlists!

  10. I could really use an Edelkrone slider, as I am moving onto my boat and ALL of my video gear is now MFT, and as small (in terms of footprint) and light as possible. Take a peek at sometime and see if you think my scared science work is worthy of an Edelkrone system!? Love to slide into the future of this rapidly shrinking planet with a magically shrunken slider. Cheers!

  11. I'm so late on this. Not sure what the point of hitting the bell notification if YT still won't notify you. Oh well. Awesome review and if it's not too late, enter me in the giveaway. Time to go check the rest of the videos I've missed and find out who the winner was. 😉

  12. Man, I would love to have one of those. I am working on a mini roadracing doc right now and this would be so awesome for some of the shots.

  13. How did you calibrate the zoom speed? Normally the focus module measures the distance it needs to pull the sharpness, which has to be calibrated first depending on the objective. How did you make the settings? Btw: Great video!

  14. Great review. You have an outstanding personality for this sort of thing, and your production as a whole is superb. I have a question. Does your HeadPlus shake or jitter at all? I just had to return two HeadOnes with tilt kit because the movements were not smooth at all. Shaking and jittering, especially when starting and stopping. I am upgrading to the HeadPlus at tech support's recommendation. Please let me know when you have time. Thanks.

  15. How fast does it go at it's fastest speed? The Rhino slider is pretty fast. I'm on the fence between this one and that one. They both have pluses and minuses. This expandable slider doesn't seem like it would be sturdy and would topple over over time and break your camera.. Secondly the higher you mount it the more unstable it can be so how can you do high shots like you can if you use two tri pods with some of the other ones?….The Rhino slider has a face tracker which means it tracks a person as they move. Does the lazer in this one or that way or is it only for stationary?

  16. Wow! How did you come about using the focus system on the zoom instead in order to pull off the zolly effect thats awesome, i had already taken the focus system out of my bundle cause i use an eosr but i will add it right back thanks to your genius idea.

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