Album Photoshoot ♥ Carrie Hope Fletcher

*music* *Carrie laughs* Darren: Did you see me do that? And I tried to cover it… Did you see me do that? C: I did. *both laugh* D: I tried to style that out. C: I know, and it was so good. *both laugh* *music* *mumbling* And that is a wrap on day one. I didn’t really do much talking because there was a lot of flitting back and forth between the room and the toilet to get changed. So, ehm- But, oh, so of those dresses, some of those dresses. *music* C: Oh my god. Zoom in on my face, I don’t look like I’m sneezing, do I? C: Oh no, I’m alright. *highfive* C: That’s so cool! *music* And so that is wrap on the photoshoots, we have the album cover. And a lot of other photos besides. One of which you’ve already seen, which is this one, which is like the new and improved poster for the concerts and the album. But there are lots of pictures that are in the special limited edition version of the album, and then the normal standard album, and then lots of pictures that we took for editorial stuff, like when interviews come up or just for my Instagram. So keep an eye on that in the coming months. Thank you so much to Niki Mark, who did my hair and my makeup, and to Immy Love Day, who is just the best stylist ever. And I’m currently wearing a cardigan that she picked out for me, that I ended up just buying for myself from the photo shoot. And of course to Darren Bell, photographer extraordinaire, for taking such amazing photos and making me look really good. Thank you very much. And thank you so much to everyone else who helped out over the course of the photoshoots, including all of the people who lent me clothes and jewelry and lots of lovely bits and bobs, and glasses as well. Thank you so much. And I hope you like the photos when you see them. *click click*

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  1. I can’t believe I met you a few months ago (see my Addams family vlog!!) and now I’m gonna meet you again at the end of this month! 🎭💖 Who else is going to the concert? 😍

  2. As someone who does photography, I bloody love seeing behind the scenes on photoshoots and getting to see Darrens amazing photos🙌🏼 you look gorgeous as usual xxx

  3. Carrie you are a GODDESS. I’m so obsessed. I cannot WAIT for your album!! For some reason I’m having a hard time finding the track list!! The link on your Instastory isn’t working for me 🙁 Can you link to the track list somehow? On a side note—EVERYTHING YOU WORE FOR THIS SHOOT??? ACTUAL PERFECTION.

  4. At work today, I saw someone waiting at reception who, I swear, had similar hair to you, Carrie. And I thought 'Wait'…I'm in Australia btw.

  5. Genuine question – did your make up artist use cruelty free makeup or is that not something you can request in the industry? Loving the photos and this new 'grown up' you. As a 27 year old viewer, it's great to see this side of you! Xxx

  6. Omg I am living for that Girl Gang jacket, I know you only had it on for a minute but now I need one. The funky glasses are awesome too (those green ones!!), can't wait to see how the photos turned out!

  7. How much to book you for a shoot and do you have an online port on Model Mayhem or something like that?

  8. Stunning!! Looks like it was a great team at the photoshoot! 😀 looking forward to seeing all the pics ^_^

  9. Oh… so the "exclusive videos" that come with the pre-order of the album are just normal videos a couple of days early. Ok 😀 Now I'm disappointed because I've already seen his one 🙁 But it's a good one!

  10. Omg can I just say, that black dress you wore, you look absolutely STUNNING! I wish you all the luck in the world with the album, concert etc, you really do deserve it, your truly amazing! 😍

  11. Wow Carrie! We knew this before of course but it takes repeating: you’re gorgeous 🙂 I’m so happy you are having this experience ❤️

  12. Just pre-ordered from the US!! Been following since you first started answering letters and your singing has brought me to tears and made me happier than I can say 🙂 So blessed to have found such a wonderful artist and the most amazing person behind the music! I’m so excited to listen! 💕

  13. Carrie!! You beautiful babe. I’m so excited for this album! Also I may try to duplicate some of those outfits—the radiance and confidence you give off is inspiring. SO EXCITED

  14. I absolutely LOVE all the behind-the-scenes vlogs! We get to see you in your element as well as on special photo shoots! It's all exciting and a lot of work! The new poster shot is AMAZING! I can't wait to see the rest! Keep living your best life!

  15. You look stunning, as always 🙂 But I’ve been following you for soooo long that now seeing you looking so mature makes me think I’m growing up too! (And I’m older than you! 😂) Best wishes on your album!!

  16. do you not have a million followers yet?! By far my favorite YouTuber and honestly a role model. Hopefully I'll hop the pond one of these days and go see a show of yours!

  17. Omg that pink maxi dress😍😍😍 also Carrie, would you do a video on the ‘behind the scenes’ jobs of theatre like stage management??? Interview???

  18. If you mind me asking how much will the album cost because I really want to buy it!
    Love ya!

  19. The frustration of trying to compliment someone half your age without sounding like a creepy old man…
    Good for Darren deciding not to 'adjust' your photos in the pink dress. Still too creepy?

  20. I almost feel weird saying this because of how pure and lovely your channel is but man you look hot! I’m so happy to see you confident, looking like a rock star. Can’t wait to hear the album!! xx

  21. Carrie I know you don’t need some weird stranger telling you this and hopefully it doesn’t come off weird, but I honestly think your body is so beautiful and flattering. It’s imperfectly perfect, it’s not a skeleton, it’s not unhealthy looking, it’s just got this womanly glow. Like you looked so stunning in all those dresses and outfits, curves in all the right places. I’m glad you are all about body positivity, and love your body and are unashamed of your body cause it shows me that maybe, I can learn to love and appreciate mine a little more too. Thank you for being the unstoppable force of a woman that you are today. Thank you for speaking your mind, telling all the people who have got nothing productive to say, to “get on board or simply move along”. You’re a woman to be admired, adored, and I’m happy you’re here and make videos. You help a lot of people by being you. Love you❤️

  22. I can't wait to hear the album, you have been one of my biggest musical inspirations for years. Love you Carrie!

  23. You look so happy in this video Carrie – obviously I don't know if that's true, but it was just so nice to see you smiling and laughing and looking so bright. You're such a beautiful person, and I am so SO excited for your album! All the love x

  24. When you posted your pictures on Twitter, I immediately sketched them, and they might not be great but I just couldn't help but draw them. I remember when I first heard your song "Keep Up With My Love" I was shocked, so when you said you were coming out with an album I was ecstatic. I was wondering, is it going to be on Spotify?

  25. Loving the shots that you’ve shared with us so far! They are bold, powerful and rather different to what we’ve seen like you previously. They are gorgeous and seriously bad ass!

  26. I wish I could get a special edition version. Damn living in the states. Can't wait to see the photos you release online though. ❤️

  27. I don't honk I've ever preordered an album, or gotten any sort of limited edition album. But I think I might. If just for this photoshoot.
    Edit: Just kidding, I guess, they're all already sold out. I'm really sad now.

  28. Is Carrie having that first part of the shoot like right outside or at least round the corner from The Palace Theatre? Or am I looking at the completely wrong part of London??

  29. Carrie (and the rest of you lovely people), I was wondering if you could give me some advice memorizing lines for a production. I got my first part in a school play, and I was wondering what other people do to memorize lines

  30. Wow! You look stunning!! Those outfits are amazing!
    I can't click on the pre-order link for iTunes! Is the pre-order only available in the UK? I'm in Aus

  31. Thanks for sharing behind the scenes photo shoot. Makes me even more excited to get my cd. Any way to expedite it??

  32. The picture of you with the black/white dress, you could be a portugues fado singer. Looks like that for me. I would love to have a skirt like that

  33. You look so good Carrie! The outfits are nice but I think you could have used a bit more color at least for one of the outfits.
    Really feminine but strong independent successful young woman

  34. My fiancé booked me surprise tickets to Disneyland the day of your concert I’ve never experienced such a mixture of emotions 😂😩 I was like yay DISNEY but Carrie 😰

  35. I love seeing you like this, you're slaying and giving me life queen, you look unreal ❤️👑 I'm so proud. Can't wait for the album now

  36. carrie i love you so much, i’ve been watching you since middle school and i’m in college now!! so proud of u 🙂

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