American Pie (8/12) Movie CLIP – Nadia on the Web Cam (1999) HD

– Hey, Nadia.
– Hi, James. Ready to study? Oh, he’s always ready to study.
He’s a real bookworm, this kid. – Dad.
– That means… He’s not-not
one of those nerdy guys but… – Dad!
– Well, I’ll… I’ll let
you two hit the books. You want a beer? – [Kevin] Oh, there we go.
– [Little Boy] Come on, move! Steve! It’s my computer!
And I wanna use it! Shut up! Oh, you need to…
You need to change, right? – Uhh, do you mind?
– No. N-No, not at all. Uh, please, you know.
Just go ahead and get un… get changed. [Clears Throat] I’ll, uh… I’ll
go downstairs and start studying up. – [Chuckles] Yeah.
– Okay. – [Finch] Oh…
– [Kevin] All right, there he goes. Now,
we’re in business. Now,
we’re in business. # [Rock] – Back in a sec.
– Jimmy, honey, wh… ## [Continues] # He pauses shaving and he tells himself
that he is the bomb # # She has her curlers set, her credit
cards are paying the funds # – # He’s not that old I’ve been told ##
– Ah, here she is. – Did I miss anything?
– No. You are just in time. – [Boys Groaning] Oh. Ohh!
– [Kevin] This is incredible. Oh, my God!
This is too much. [Finch] Oh, did you see?
Oh, there that goes. Oh, geez. God bless
the Internet. – [Jim] Ai-yi-yi.
– Do it. Take it off. – Oh, my God.
– [Together] Ohhh! Oh, thank you, God,
for this wonderful, wonderful day.

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