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Please welcome, my friend Annie Leibovitz You know, every photographer’s dream is to drive across the country and do the Americans and look at our country today. This is really the strange thing to say but I just love photography. Face Forward is just this idea of how we are constantly living and looking towards the future but I think that what you were capturing was appreciating and celebrating the present. And yeah, maybe our feet are planted a type of way towards the direction of the future itself but you were encapsulating right now and how we celebrate and build up people who are doing the work right now for the unforeseen future. And justice prevails where hopelessness persists so I am persuaded that I have to stay hopeful, I have to believe things I haven’t seen and I think if others do the same we can create a more just society. And knowing that the steps were taking, small, individually, as a community, as a nation, you know, as a people, are going to turn that tide. You know, the challenges are summoning the clarity, the resources, and the coherence to figure out the plan ahead and to help people find their courage. And I happen to believe that progress, justice, stability, and hope can only occur in spaces where the self stands unafraid to be seen As it actually is You know, I’m going to try to stand up for what’s best for my people, for my family, for myself, for our future generations. Creating opportunities and breaking down barriers so that the next generation will be so busy building that they won’t even have time to destroy. There’s so many different, interesting ways of thinking out there that it’s a shame not to try and understand that. They are like brothers and sisters to each other and they need each other and they’re not anywhere as good without each other. I’m so inspired, I’m so inspired by peoples’ willingness to be patient with me and forgiving and so creative. I believe you have to sometimes stand up even when others say, “Sit down.” I believe you have to sometimes speak even when others say, “Be quiet.” The knowledge that I’m doing the best work of my life at a time when the precesses of time, life, and truth are most meaningful every moment of every day It was waiting for me to claim it and claim it I have I’m just hoping it’s not too late to allow me to leave tracks. I would pass on to others, simply: never quit and don’t give up. When life gets tough, just remember: left foot, right foot, repeat. I’m never really done, are you? Are you ever done?

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  1. Google, improve video on pixel please. I need good video in 800$ phone. Also, please make perfect smart watch for my pixel.

  2. Was This advertisement made to make people feel better ?… Encouraging people to stand for what is right and the Google company is just keep making people feel they need to have the last phone and the last device that at the end of the day ends up being a vicious circle of consuming. Hey Google, how much it cost to the World to make one Google pixel?

  3. The pandering is strong with this one. Pandering to far left identity grifters who hate big corporations and capitalism isn't the best idea Google, the only thing the far left hate more than big corporations is ''woke'' big corporations. Why did you help the Chinese communist party create the ''great firewall'' of China? The biggest act of censorship in our generation?

  4. What a load…
    Political undertones in literally every second of every word in this video..and not a coherent word actually spoken.

    0 calorie bulls**t for mass consumption by braindead idiots. A massive, multinational corporation talking about all of these ideals while meddling in American politics and trying to sell their crappy, bendable phone.

  5. This Annie Leibovitz is known for her amazing skills as a photographer, portraits, famous, glamours, socialites, she also indulges in seductive child photography, soft kiddie porn. Much like her idol, Lewis Carroll; author & photographer. Spin the stories to capture your attention, then pray on your mind, then have you innocence violated without your consent. Stealing one’s mind is the craft Annie know best via the 👀.

  6. why this old man taking so many pitchers. what these people saying. It make no sense. I speak three languages english not so well, but this make no sense. these people just saying stuff that sound good to them but have no meaning.

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