App To Edit Vintage / Retro VHS / 90’s Style Videos On Your Phone

Hey guys, what’s up? Today, we’re going to show you how to create a retro video on on your phone. We’re going to use the awesome application VHS Camcorder which is available for Android and iOS. This App will give a nice retro VHS style to your videos. We’re going to show you the paid version but there is also a free version which is also very nice, but with less functionalities. So when you start the app, you can already see that your camera is changing to a VHS style that makes it really unique. With this app, you can also zoom in and out. If you want to add some light in your scene, just press the light button on the right. But there are some other nice features that we’re going to show you now.
What makes it even more vintage is the function of showing the date on the recording. It’s possible to enter a fake for your footage, which makes it really fun. You can choose some words to put on the video. We use free vibes of course. A great feature is also to add a They made some nice ones. For example, you can make your footage in red or blue. But we keep it retro and use black and white. then you have some other nice
functions like this really bad rolling Then, you have some other nice functions like really bad rolling tape dropouts. Then, there is a recording stuff section where you can modify the settings of the recording. If you want, you can change your footage in widescreen or 4:3. You don’t really need the other functions but if you have the full paid version, just play around and you will get some nice results with this app. We hope you like this short tutorial. See you guys in the next video.

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  1. Hi guys, here a short tutorial to create retro videos!! We hope you like it 🙂 If you like the song, check the video description for more details.

  2. Друг, я нихрена не понял, что ты сказал, но ты мне близок, ты заговорил и…
    А короче, пусти дублем видос с котом и этим треком, очень зашел :-3
    А про то, что ты сказал, я как-нибудь потом вникну

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