Architectural Photographer inspired by Metro Stations

My name is Peter Steinhauer. I’m an architectural photographer and really
working on the structure of the Metro. I just find it to be one of the most unique
Metros that I’ve been in and certainly the most unique in the U.S. The brutalist architecture, which is what
this is about, all the different motifs and design elements that’s what I love about
this whole system. I moved back here to be with my wife for one
year and we lived on 9th and S, so it was close to the U Street station. I walked into that station in 2002 and, you
know, being a structural photographer that’s where it just…I had never seen this before. I had never been in the Metro. So, it was so striking to me. This was on my mind to come back and actually photograph this as a project. They’re photographs really of the structure
of what’s happening here. Woodley Park is one for me. Fort Totten is a great one. That’s really cool. A lot of giant concrete pillars. You know, it’s really heavy architecture,
which is some thing that I love. We can talk about Harry Weese. I studied him and saw what he had been doing. He’s brilliant. He was a brilliant architect. Hopefully I am paying homage to him and his
work, you know, whatever 40 years later that someone is actually photographing his station. This doesn’t have to be still photography
as a lot of people say. I like movement. It keeps the photographs alive and I implement
movement into all of my work. Getting movement of the trains going through
adds a lot. That’s just something that not anyone can
get holding your iPhone up. When you see an actual print it just looks
do different than actually even seeing it in real life. I think that’s something that hopefully
my work brings off and that people notice.

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