2 Replies to “Are These Real Ghosts Caught on Camera?”

  1. OMFG in #3 (the girl being pulled by a ghost) i slowed it down to .25 and payed attention to the girls shadow and her pony tail as she falls,.because YouTube's time only shows down to the second I have to say that starts at 7:20 . Not the shadow "SORTA" looks as if someone is pulling her hair (it kinda looks like her pony tail is being lifted/pulled) BUT if you pay attention to her ponytail as she is falling and her head turns it is stick STRAIGHT BACK. Now if she turned her head really fast and/or hard, then this would make her hair stick straight out like that,. BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE. She BARELY turned her head to her right but just as she falls, and her head turns right (clockwise-wise from above) we can CLEARLY see her pony tail being lifted and pulled straight back. Just like if someone grabbed it and pulled it back. And the timing of all this coincides PERFECTLY to that "WHITE WISP" as if it were a hand. If you watch it again (ESPECIALLY at .25 Speed) keeping in mind that the wisp is a hand about to grab her pony tail, this is EXACTLY WHAT YOU SEE.

    I don't mean to freak these people out, but they should REALLY seek some spiritual counseling and get some help NOW before things get worse :,"(

  2. 2nd video isn’t a ghost, it’s a reflection of the man walking. Either that or it’s wearing the same top and mimicking his actions perfectly.

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