Arri Alexa Mini LF | Why Hollywood LOVES This Cinema Camera

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  1. that orbiter looks so dope, saw that in an Arri yt vid and man you can do literally do everything with it

  2. Hi Potato Jet! Your videos are awesome and inspiring. Cant wait for your next video. I just saw ford v ferari and loved the arri footage. Your car gimbal video helped me imagine the possibility of the fast car shots. Thank you!! 
    p.s. Please ignore my creepy profile picture.

  3. Kinda surprised/disappointed to not hear the "Dirty Dancing" theme music when you did that first yoga pose. 🙂 Good video though.

  4. Wow–amazing experience–even from this side—just one thing,,,can you remake this video with just a black screen during the parts where you are giving out important info and details…because when you are talking over the footage of the fire dancers and the couples yoga with the young lady being ,,,suspended…all I hear is the "Whaa whaa" noises like the teacher has on the Charlie Brown cartoons,,,and I've watched this 3 times!!

  5. No idea why your channel was recommended to me because I'm not doing any sort of filming work or anything like that. I found it interesting and I've been watching your vids are definitely teaching me stuff. I think you deserve the Ellie Badge. Thank you, Up Kid

  6. Gene: I’m a potato!
    Also Gene: *Hangs out with gorgeous women who eat fire while flawlessly operating professional camera equipment.

  7. NEXT VIDEO: using a film projector anamorphic Lens on a GH5 (or similar camera that can squish an image to compensate for the Lens) AND compare it to the Arri AND add a custom LUT (id pay a couple hundred bucks for that).

  8. I watch every video in 8k or 4k… which ever available…. I have free unlimited free Internet… I am from India….!!!!

  9. Dude… really should be doing a series of instructional videos. You have a natural talent for being entertaining and informative at the same time. That's a rare trait!

  10. It sounds like they use a Peltier device aka TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler), they are fairly magical and can be used to heat or cool something. These have been used in scientific CCD imaging for decades.

  11. Potato jet video disclaimer if you have Amazon Echo Devices this video will wake them up every 15 seconds. Great video as always.

  12. 1:47 It's OFFICAL: YouTube has now become DoucheYube…
    "If you're a douche n' you know it, start a vLog? If you're a douche n' you know it, start a vLog?? If you're a douche n' you know it, …and you're not afraid to show it, …if you're a douche n' you know it, start a vLog."

  13. 1:25 "It's too much camera for me" and laughs meaning "I want one or more".
    But you can get it if you open a second channel: "Potato Yoga"

  14. As a german I can say the "A" in ARRI is pronounced like a very short "uh", so it's more like "Uh-Ree", not "Air-Ree".
    Also it's very interesting that USA (Hollywood) is by far THE place where the best cinema movies come from, but they are mostly produced with german equipment from ARRI (cameras, lenses, follow focus & lights), Sachtler (tripods), Zeiss (lenses), Sennheiser (microphones), and so on.

  15. I've watched so many of your videos that now I'm getting random Arri ads on Instagram.
    Jokes on then, I can't afford even a decent lens, much less something from them.

  16. 🤔Those "yoga people" must have fun in the bedroom. 🤷‍♂️someone had to say it🤣
    Great video Gene 🤙

  17. Meh, I'd rather see a movie with a good script shot with a GH5 or even my G85 than a movie with a bad script shot on a Red or Alexa.

    To everyone hoping to win an Alexa, what would you shoot with it? Are you really willing to put in all the work in color grading, rigging, location scouting, and lighting to get the most out of it? Do you have a script ready? Do you have a cast? This is a high-end professional tool, and unless you're willing to do all the things that Hollywood (or at least a large independent filmmaker) does apart from the camera, you don't need it. This isn't a camera you can take on vacation with you. It's massive and extremely complex. You won't really see its benefits much on YouTube.

    Get a camera you can take everywhere with you.

  18. I really enjoyed this video Gene. Great content man. That separation you got with the LF was beautiful. Jesus! I was drooling during all of those BROLL sequences! haha. So happy to see you in your happy place bro. Keep it up man. You are on FIRE

  19. DUDE, the firegirls are SOOOO HOT! And the recordings are AMAZING, where can we see those whole recordings ? I want to see the whole thing!

  20. Hello Gene? You're using a Canon to compare the Alexa Mini, it's obvious those skin tones would get destroyed by ETTR. Use a Sony or Panasonic camera if you want accurate colour and dynamic range.

  21. You shoot in 4K, hence you are not using a proper Full Frame camera. Blame Canon which decided to crop in with 4K only so they can sell the more expensive C-series cameras.

  22. What are some gritty looking movies, or movies with texture, that were shot on the Alexa as the A-cam? Most Alexa footage looks far too clean to me and often times takes me out of the movie.
    Really want to know how I can employ this tool but in a way that doesn’t force me to put up with a certain look just to get the performance of that arriraw.

  23. HA HA, I AM ALL ABOUT THAT SPLITS MOVE, I DIED, THOUGHT IT WAS YOU FOR 1.24 seconds… I didn't know what was going on, you got hairy but I still believed it and then the splits happened and my head broke

  24. I watch in 8K 😀 Still love the Arri Alexa, the colors and contrast, the dynamic range, is the proof that you don't need film, but you can switch to digital in the film industri.

  25. Quick question:
    If you take 10 smartphones and connect them together on a grid and trigger record at the same time, could you get the same microns as an Arri?
    You know how they put multiple TVs together and then program them to play one image across all the screens, can you do that with smartphones?

  26. That one fire-thingy dancer looked like Elaine from Seinfeld. Now THAT would have been a great episode. "I don't know how you guys walk around with those things"…

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