Arthur and John HUNT O’Driscolls – Red Dead Redemption 2 Tarantino Style [RDR2 PC]

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100 Replies to “Arthur and John HUNT O’Driscolls – Red Dead Redemption 2 Tarantino Style [RDR2 PC]”

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  2. John and Arthur together!? I love how the guys inside jumped up after Arthur starts guns blazing away! Hahaha and then John with his machine gun on the other side ^_^ favorite outlaw

  3. @Voyagers Revenge, this feels like a Sam Peckinpah western! Great video! The Machine Gun bit reminded me of The Wild Bunch!

  4. Been waiting, refreshing your channel page ever since you first announced it. Damn it was worth it!

    Really epic video.

  5. Holy shit, this was EPIC, the Gatling gun was awesome.
    Bravo Voyager you knocked it out the park once again 👏👏👏

  6. My favorite duo! Love hearing the old classic music from the original game! 0:56 LMAO…."False alarm, false alarm"…then POW!

  7. 4:05 How did you do the no shirt with the vest or coat?
    And Goddamn Arthur… He may not even need guns to kill. even IF he's underweight, He may not need weapons to do the jobs LMFAO

  8. Bought your red dead outlaw shirt brotha! Supporting this channel any way I can because I need this videos. Keep up the great work!

  9. When I see the category “best content creator” at the game awards I don’t think of some streamer but I think of this because it is amazing

  10. I knew this would be worth the wait 💖 It's an incredible piece of art, I don't know enough complimentary words to describe how much of a joy it was to watch 😍

  11. the outfits and concept for this episode were amazing. I also heard you can fight with the whole gang in free roam. I also hope you check out '' ghost of Tsushima'' for videos I think it's right up your alley.

  12. Thanks for the high quality work that you do. Please keep red dead alive people are starting to forget what a technical marvel that game is and online isn't getting the love that gta online gets cause rockstar seems to not care.

  13. Arthur alone can wipe out a camp
    John alone can wipe out a camp

    So what happens when you put them together?

    You don’t find out. Cause you would be dead

  14. I've always thought that john and arthur are the equivalent of Clint Eastwood and John Wayne of the Red Dead world hehe john the classic badass western heroe like eastwood and arthur the big cowboy with bad temper like wayne in his movies lol cool video man

  15. Great video fellar! How do you make these outfits in the vanilla game? (Even thought the ones here are mostly modded)

  16. Hi, question about your previous tutorial video. May I ask what torso model and head model u use? Because when I load my outfit his head is gone and the arms are all weird. That problem is fixed by re-using the CS player model (blue character one) and the reloading my saved outfit. Then it works, only the head is gone so I have to add Arthur's head again. Then I discovered a new problem. I cant talk to people. The options are all greyed out. This is fixed by switching back to Arthurs original model. So the problem is something with the model. Have you also had this issue? The only clipping is around Arthurs neck.

  17. You should do ”the del Lobo heist” Cuz if you go to thives landing and you go inside a boat you will find a lot of cash

  18. I'm surprised I didn't get the notification for this……. or is it because of the demonetization??? Which is complete BS!!!
    We got your back my friend and I will continue to support you

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