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another episode of us to generate you
are the questions and we figure out the answers and this question is actually
one that I’ve been meaning to ask me but never got around to doing it is buying a
DSLR for beginners if you’re someone thats just keep going into the field of
photography and want your first DSLR and gone to drop a bomb on a Canon EOS 5d
Mark to be all you know some of the top of the line stuff you want something
that’s entry level and you just want to get their hands a little dirty with
photography broad overview of the DSN what should you look out towards your
budget being one of the products should buy so let’s make that out let’s break
that down and first what should you be looking for in a camera this is the
first time of entering into professional or semi-professional photographer she
saw the first time and I started taking photographs the first year celebrity I
had with a Nikon d50 100 ok essentially what I was looking for was a lightweight
camera which wouldn’t be too heavy to carry because before that I was used to
do is point and shoot all that so one of the lightweight camera which gave me the
power to change lenses according to situations and more manual controls down
a point and shoot would generally but my question is that if you’re looking for
something we would change lenses and your bio and making them does that mean
you’re confined to the neck on ecosystem for the rest of your camera by 44 no not
really I mean yeah it so happens that if you start using a Nikon camera you would be more going to leave Iran
using an account because you know its ecosystem you know the we we’re on the
settings are how to trade around the things but it’s not like you can also
see a Sony or a a candle on a Pentax lens ecosystem will
essentially defined what you’re using because we’ve seen recently Sony cameras
has gone big the professional field and you have that you can buy a market in
case you have a library of Canon or Nikon or any other third party lenses
you get these adapters but other that was reliable it’s fine I mean because
once you starting on June essentially looking at the budget segment of me be
on the cheaper side 4225 brand on the more expensive and you’d say opposite
fifty 50 within that budget you and right now Canada has come up with its
CEO 750 being taken as company 5500 which we are currently testing and it’s
brilliant I mean you get amazing you get probably almost all features which were
there probably say four years back in the top of the line dias allows to
getting those are the budget you get forty nine point focusing and you get on
using image stabilization and the new conde 55 specifically when you are using
it the body that nichols me if you open the lines and see it is the smallest
DSLR body nicole has ever made and that is I think it’s really good for
beginners because you know when you suddenly shift to an SLI you can see the
heavy body with the lenses used to give so many things in mind so and this these
cameras electric coffee they have a common late easy depiction of which
partner school where what should you do a number of autumn woods making
things easier for being a DSLR sure you want to go manual for most of the day so
manual is there you complete manual mode remains will take that away from Anna
Salai but for beginners to get used to the DSLR experience for us to get used
to having to change lenses with every situation just went around the mountains
so I think these cameras are doing a brilliant job of bringing a slur so if
you were to list your top three of my features that one should look out for
when buying opportunity as water goes he has been my first with portability it
has to be a small compact body and the second avenue for higher grade
ore to focus points so that you do not you it’s easier to focus on focusing
systems and metering it’s much easier and maybe the toward more I would say is
to check out the affordability of equipment and men says she was horribly
on a general silicon lenses have usually being a little more expensive than the
can and can also happens to have easy or interference which is very direct to use
side wanted easier in the visit I was starting that’s it and if you were to list three
or four or five cameras that one can consider entering into the DSLR 0 which
would those be and what will be the price points so I would first 30 hour
before the Nikon d50 500 I mean it’s really i mean even later after starting
if you want to keep on using it you just need to buy a couple of more lenses
improve your lens arson and your equipment and you are good to go for
almost every scenario so many conde 5500 tops my list hands down if you had 250 500 with the
eighteen 144 millimeter landed a little more expensive at seventy grand old 1855
millimeter of basic kit comes 459 in market right now the Canon 70 will be my
second choice even that’s nice it’s nice it’s compact it’s slightly it’s the
design is a little more casual than 5,500 apart from a slightly lower order
focusing range and less exposure values the 750 itself is still brilliant fairly compete in camera especially in
video recording we’re safe or even if you’re a major force anyone to use your
DSLR shoulder quickly these cameras are bringing in 1080p recordings which of
course is your values we fully professional it’s really good the Pentax K S two is one camera it’s
priced similarly to those 715 nearly 240 242 landmark and Pentax camera has one interesting
thing is that it’s completely waterproof and dustproof also I can get on the
water with me when I want to shoot straight for the sake of trying it but
you can so if you’re going see for a while I should talk for us we know that
there is going to be unpredictable you can to religious thing the camera and be
sure to essentially it’s gonna rain or you wanna have exposure to water you
don’t need to worry about investing in one of those waterproof case that you do
usually when you’re using and for Nikon and Canon usually seen the magnesium
alloy waterproof warnings coming in on much higher and waters and even mostly
used to separately by the pieces but vendors and a brilliant job in the world
and what’s the tax place at 240 242 creates the desire tree options as a
team or you would like to consider so if you want to move back to the previous
generation as a lot like the neck on 5300 which is those witnesses so for
those of the 5500 for the Canon 700 be these will come in a cheaper price
points of 35 and 40 grand that would give you more levels choosing lenses our
budget of 50 you been up to 1,500 Jews another lengthy convo for another
telephoto lens automatically depending on what you compromise the ongoing one
generation behind is a compromise or major takeover that cameras will last
you for your to 35 years so if you are intending to keep on using your sellers
for maybe another 24 years you would usually advance or log in to answer for
everything so in that case I would suggest go for the present generation
cameras but otherwise if you just starting out a few really want to take up photography in
that see you soon or you just want to keep our fancy fashion then and if you
truly want diversity of more lenses around you can definitely go for the
older generation ones you have it if you’re someone who is just stupid idea
or two extra you may want to consider of current generation or DSLR but if you
don’t mind lasting for you unless you want to
invest in large in liberia lenses you can go to the previous generation and
delivery process would be cheaper they have an orgasm is interested in
photography and just wanted her to know the governor said you can choose from we
get you another episode of us as always you can write to us or tweet us Facebook
comment down below and we will try to use your questions in another episode of
digital that’s it from us today goodbye

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  2. Hey digit team your subtitles are disasters in this video. please check at ) 9:10

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