Asking For Support From Your Friends & Family is KILLING YOUR BUSINESS!

60 Replies to “Asking For Support From Your Friends & Family is KILLING YOUR BUSINESS!”

  1. How do you kick start your business. Do you email or cold calling potential clients? Just need to know how to start the whole thing.

  2. Grandma says there be lots of talk on this channel. Lots of criticisms of how other peoples do.

    I’m Tuernah and THIS is my Masterclass.

  3. hi Ty I am very grateful I found your channel. You have helped me a lot in doing my marketing. One question tho, I am currently a single-person company working on headshot photography. How can I compete with those companies with a studio? They price themselves quite low, so it is difficult for me to be the "Mercedez" of headshot photography.

  4. This is my second video and I'm already hooked. Super straight talking, very relatable & above all else – informative asf. Let's continue the binge shall we

  5. Here’s what I love!!! This has/was a pain point in where I couldn’t understand why family wouldn’t support us. This video is a “duuhh” moment, family is not my target clients. Appreciate all the videos Ty!!!

  6. This is nice and all but how does a college student with zero connections get into contact with people in corporate America?

  7. You can recover from setting too low prices. You can increase prices slowly over time, but if you start your business late in life, then you might not have time.

  8. I’m going through this right now! “You’re too expensive for your auntie’s wedding.” Ummmm they are going to Mexico to do a second ceremony after the one here 🤔 …naw, she just don’t value my work and she being cheap!!!

  9. Really enjoy your videos and this one offers good advice as well but… "… you can never recover from being the cheap guy." Yet you advise ppl to work for free — but only for quality clients. If they were quality, they can afford to pay. I like your takes in general but sometimes you give mixed messages.

  10. You're speaking on having confidence which is how I resist opinions of the family. I'm happy you're not booty camera man and low ball hook up man. I just wanted to listen because I love your content. I've been through this family stuff and I hate to say I wasted decades on family. I wasn't expected payment and never asked, I just wanted support and referrals and never received it. I'm fine with it today; I FINALLY realized they aren't my target market.

  11. Don’t get fucked in the game! Listen to these jewels… it don’t matter what business you’re in, this is truth!!! Thanks T!

  12. This is what I wake and listen to! No fluff all truth! I have 3 businesses and apply these principles to all 3. I have been able to loose a few fake people (and some well intentioned people), in my business world because I let the haters and the band wagon riders go while I keep it pushin… you gotta do the same!

  13. Do you still believe tagging companies in Instagram photos is the best way to monetize your skills? When you started out did you approach your local small town business is asked to do product photography spots on anything from their copies to the donuts to the handmade signs?

  14. Broooooooooo…..that's all I can say. Yep! You Right! You RIGHT! Everything makes sense NOW. I was over here for real getting mad and depressed 😠💔💔😡 over this. WONDERING WHY MY FAMILY WONT SUPPORT ME.

    It's true, they are not my ideal clients. And I don't want to be the cheap guy, with the cheap services either. I think we all needed this reminder that we went into business for ourselves to get paid our WORTH…not Pennies.

    THANKS FOR HELPING ME FIND MY WHY AGAIN. Truth be told, my why IS deeper than any family members opinion.

  15. Flash: "Hyundai can never make a really expensive car"
    G90: "I'm just 120k short" 😢

    That Jeep Renegade is trash and people are buying it like hotcakes lol. It's a Fiat people would never buy with a Jeep Logo.

  16. Hey man, been watching your videos for quite a few weeks now and I have to say you give some very very strong advice!
    I started freelancing photography a little bit over a year ago now and I had to learn by myself a lot of the things you are saying.
    I can attest that what you are preaching is the real deal and that if anybody can apply it, they will see their business grow.

    Refreshing to see your type of content out there, you are great in front of the cameraman 🙂

    Cheers from Shanghai, keep sharing your content, it's definitely helping people out there!

  17. Real spill bro lol, both you and your family tend to learn this after you land your first high paying client. Once they see how much a business is willing to pay you for a video it changes everything, its almost disrespectful to ask you for cheap work after that lol.

    Before I started doing this full-time my peoples were advising me to become an electrician or work transit in NYC instead lol. The lack of support isn't because they don't love you or don't want what's best.. they just don't understand how the game works because they've never been a part of it simple as that. The $30 t-shirt for Aunty part had me rolling 😂😂 I just got some made for myself last month and everybody asking "where's mine?" loool.

    Spot on video bro, every minute of it. Subscribed.

  18. It's always better to be the "cheap expensive" thing, rather than the "expensive cheap" thing. Take Tesla, for example. Their first cars were $100,000+, so when they produce cheaper cars, they are "cheap(er) expensive things", which people want.

    But VW has a reputation for inexpensive cars — which means when they bring out expensive cars like the Phaeton, they flop, because no one wants an "expensive cheap(vw) thing".

  19. I found out quick that family and biz dont mix. You will never have enough fam to support your business. Thats when you have to look for what i call "that strange change", money from people you dont know. Grow some balls (or ovaries), get out your comfort zone and find the bag. Thanks for these videos! You just gonna shit on my Kia soul tho??? 😒😂😂

  20. Words of wisdom my man! Loved it. Just stumbled across your channel and you give such good advice all I want to say is thanks man! That video in which you ask people to refrain from being a booty photographer and focus more on Product photography, man that opened up my eyes so much! As a beginner photographer I needed to know that. Thanks once again!

  21. Ty, as a entrepreneur with 2 business, I agree with video 1,000%. Great content bro! I'm feeling it, keep up the good work. Much respect!

  22. love your videos man, sad that as I'm in europ, i can't use your contract pack

    hey, got an idea, move to france ! 😀

  23. Any advice for first-time entrepreneurs? I'm just starting out and am having such a case of imposter syndrome. I don't have a portfolio created so feel bad about charging. I know it sounds silly but it is crippling. I don't want to be like this but I am trying anything and everything to remind myself that everyone starts with nothing and builds from there. Thoughts?

  24. Great content bro!

    You just won another subscriber on the other side of the globe

    Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil. Keep Rocking!

  25. “The hoook up from homeboy” 😆 this is why I watch every video you put out now. You’re channel is REAL. Starting to apply your knowledge and perspective to what I do! 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  26. It's hard to think like this when your family/friends are suppose to be your biggest supporter.. not on a level of trying to have them as clients, but showing love and support for what you are doing…my family can care less about my business, I have a nephew that's into the same thing, went to school for it and all(videography), originally got a love for and earn the craft from me.. and doesnt support me at all, he looks at me as competition.. its hurtful. But I'm getting my mental state together to understand that family is just that word.. family…nothing more, nothing less. I'm out here by myself, taking care of myself. No support with my business, or just in life…have no one to lean on..some of us still have mothers, fathers,family members they can lean on when times get tough. Well , my mom passed, and my dad and I dont speak, my sister and I dont speak. I'm out here alone..but I'm still grinding, still pushing to perfect my craft, even if people dont support it, which alot of people dont…great content though…

  27. Meanwhile, Hyundai dropped the Genesis. lol
    I love your channel bro. Great advice. I might not agree with 100% of it, but this is all great free game. Thanks for uploading.

  28. OMG. I love you Ty. Your channel is the best channel I've subscribed to that talks about the business side of this game. Thanks for making these good stuff.

  29. Ty: I really appreciate your content. Your videos resonate with me. I’ve experienced everything you just said and I couldn’t verbalize why I was getting so frustrated. Thank you for speaking truth and delivering it with a thud. It’s a beautiful thing. Keep doing what you do man. It’s a tremendous benefit to us who are serious about ‘turning our passion into profit”. Thank you. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  30. Yo what's the issue with being the picture guy? The picture guy captured some of the best moments in time when we skim through old flix. The picture guy seemed to be getting his bread when I think about it? Do the picture guy not make $$$ anymore?
    Ig: @theselfieguy216

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