Attack on Titan – group cosplay photoshoot vlog !

Hello, good day everyone! Hellooo, welcome to Olas channel ;D woah,thanks for helping me with the intro ;D we are doing our intro for the Shingeki photoshoot! there is a whole crew that is now preparing, we are tieing the belts Namu is doing something -im trying to put clothes! im sorry! Patreon content :>so im waiting for girls to help us with the belts beacuse belts is the wort part of this costume… this is absolutelly worst thing look how it lays down on the floor… a mess just shingeki things so we are preparing, putting costumes on and its time for photos PHOTOOOS sweet baby jesus such an agression! violence! Why so agressive since the very morning? we are just starting photos! i just wanted to say that you are a sick human being beacuse youve made all the belts yourself!! and for Namu too! how, why you did it?! ( out whole crew bought ours) – i forgot that they have belts… how you could forget?! – and i didnt know if im even coming to the shoot , in the end i arrived but i didnt have belts so Ewka made me one i had a plan to order them or just make them from duct tape WHAT?! – in my opinion it would work!! well… as a last resort it would work… darn cosplayers ;D good day! and here is the organiser of this whole mess im sorry lol please forgive me dont apologize, we will have great photos from this shoot! but with so much pain of belts and existential crisis Eren how are you doing do you have your key to basement with you shingeki memes never ends hmmm what are those smart things going on here we are talking about cameras Otto is learning about taking pictures from Stefanka sensei Stefanka~ what is this naruto run here?! you are doing T pose to establish your domination and then you RUN so i see that area 51 raid preparations are going well lets goo, GO ENDZII good day, i have a stick and here is my potato here is your potato and you are mine :>my sweet potato :>>>look, he took your potato when you werent looking EXCUSE ME, whats going on i dont know what are titans, whaaaat wait is it in german? group next to the fire place, eating food! he took my potato again 🙁 Rai… you have stray hair running out from your bald cap 😀 we are taking photos again! i have my gun with me and i will shoot you! and Otto will shoot with his camera how is the rest doing we are once again doing meme photos but those are the best! – but most of our pictures are memes D: what is going on! -slap his butt and leave it like this!i have no questions goregous boys :>still alive boys :>( marco dies early in the series lol) alive boys, alive girls more pictures its chaotic but the group is huge so we will have so many interesting photos we are doing many group shots with ships! a lot of potatoes are present too! it will be fun! so people are writing to me asking if i really hate the pope im so sorry!>…im trying not to laugh here 😀 fun never ends how do you feel with such wonderfull cosplay group in front of your camera i pretend i dont know them so do i XD such a beautifull boy

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  1. Jak nie jestem wielkim fanem SNK to po tym co widziałem na instagramie(nie tylko twoim), nie mogłem się doczekać materiału z backstage'u. Shappi jak zwykle perfekcyjna, a Namidanobaka słodsza od samej Kristy. Madlencia też zniewalająca. Z resztą, wszyscy wyszli wspaniale.

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