You’re gonna take my glasses?! Are you crazy? Call police. As any big city, even Prague, has its scams. We try to show you as many scams as possible, the big ones, like money exchange and so on, But sometimes we come across small scams, like these fake monks. They will hand you these peace cards and will demand money from you, do not give it to them even though they look peaceful sometimes they’re not. Can I see- no don’t touch me! Can I see it? As I said, it will be like 5 minutes in Prague! Chill, chill. No chill. Chill! What the fuck do you think you’re doing? I don’t like you fucking touching me! What? you think you can touch me? You think you’re gonna touch me? You don’t get- you’re not gonna touch me. You should get out of here! I guess we’re going to the cops. I really wonder what we’re gonna tell them, because they don’t speak English, nor Czech. So, yeah, we go- This is the nearest police station. Here, police If you touch the camera one more time, do you understand? My name? Previously on Prison Break, my name is your problem. So, what these guys are doing- they’re actually stopping tourists and they’re pretending to be Tibetan monks And they’re demanding money from them after giving them a piece of Plastic piece that is ass piece. Well, you see- you saw how peaceful these guys are actually. And if you do travel around the world, you may know this exact same scam of the fake Tibetan Monks from New York, from Paris, from London. The city of New York actually had to put up signs. Warning from these people. So, the joke we always say with Honza, we’re making new friends every day in Prague. Selfie time! *Uncomfortable laughter* I’m just- I’m just getting a tour from two Tibetan monks! Guys, if we would have taken the street before that we would actually be closer. Just asked Kansai how big he thinks the Chinese mafia in Prague is. He said it’s small, so we’re fine. Yeah, this way is police. Yes, the old town
square here. This way. Why? No why. Why? No why? Why you come across the whole globe To scam tourists here? Why do you do it? Ow! Guys, just so you understand, this is- like on the scam level in Prague, this is like the lowest. Okay? Like, the highest for me would be the people changing money on the street. These guys are just, like, stupid scam artists. So please, don’t take this too seriously. But we always have to be cautious about these things, and we sort of want to show them to you how they work. Since you have a meeting in five minutes. We actually had to let them go, but be careful about them. They will make you think that, first of all, they are Tibetan monks. They’ll go, like, peace like this… They give you a note pad, where it says that each tourist gave them like five hundred crowns a Thousand, if you take out any note they will take it out of your hand, so be careful about them, but once again on the scam level of Prague, They’re the least important to us. Prague is a really beautiful city and it does attract seven million tourists every year and with that also come the scammers. If you want to know more about scams and tricks and, uh, thieves in Prague, watch our show Honest Guide, It comes out every week on Sunday! Hit the Subscribe button so you will be notified and you can prepare yourself for the trip here in Prague Czech Republic. I’ll see ya Cut-cut.


  1. 2:08 oh look, they are all foreigners to Czech Republic, what a surprise! I never expected that kind of behavior from illegal immigrants!

  2. i was looking at this bracelet i got from one of those fake monks in new york years ago thinking about how I'm terrible in social situations and that i'm an easy target for this kind of stuff

    and suddenly this video pops up

  3. I had to deal with these annoying pesty people in my NY trip trying to put somthing in my hand i refused and said no thank you many times and 20 minutes later another one trys it again.

  4. if you're confident in your language proficiency of another language, one you are confident they don't speak, speak to them in that language.
    make noise, start swearing at them.
    it will generally terrify scammers

  5. There’s a bunch of these in Chicago during the summer and they give you bead bracelets and a little gold card then hand you a note pad with a list of fake signatures and the amount they donated, usually being in the double digits, in an attempt to coerce you into giving more then what they initially suggest would just be a small donation. So when you only give em a couple of bucks, as I have done, they point at the amounts “other people” “donated”. I’ve flipped it around on them a few times and was like “damn bro thats all I got” and they just let me take the bracelets, which were pretty cool looking btw.

  6. Why are the police not doing anything about these people? Surely they must pass them on the street…..😏😏😏😏

  7. the guy just trying to make a living they are not stealing off anybody this is not scanning . . in one of your videos it was your exact words where you said don't be a stupid tourist . . That was harassment one day you will get really hurt

  8. They are Chinese not Tibetan big difference and also Shaolin monk who studies kung fu and have done for the past 1500 years would certainly knock the crap out of you

  9. See those stone buildings? Introduce faces of those monks to some nice brick walls. Then donate their own teeth back to them.

  10. Wow, Prague looks totally overrun by Chinese, are they tourists? or are the Czech Republic natives being ethnically replaced?

  11. These monks making the world fool, how they showing themself peaceful and spreading peace in the world exactly they are not ,
    The big example is in rohengia, Myanmar where they cutting the hands for chieldren, mothers killing in front of their kids, they cutting breasts of women, they don't have mercy and they don't know what is peace.

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