Baby Photo Editing Video Gimp 2.10

All right so this picture is from my
nephew that I took on his baptism which by the way if you’re new here I’m Andres Perez a videographer and photographer in San Antonio and I
actually did do a video on effective tips for baptism photography so I’ll put
that link in the comments below but with this photo I took it raw
which Gimp can’t use so full disclosure before I converted it I actually did
crop it that we could be in the rule of thirds and I fixed the white balance a
little bit because it was just a little too cold for me now this is when it came
out looking like and then after we’re done this is what it’s going to look
like I want it to be a little bit more fun I want to be more colorful
and I think those colored bokeh help out with that so let me show you what we’re
gonna do so first thing I’m gonna do so first thing I’m gonna do I’m just
gonna read you know I’m just gonna rename just real quick here
make a copy duplicate that layer there we go
that way we can compare the end process with the beginning okay so first thing I
want to do is I want to make it look a little bit more cinematic. This is a very nice
picture but I’m gonna go up here to colors and color balance and if yours
looks different it’s because I’m using the latest version of GIMP which
is to 2.10.8 but I do believe you should have this on the
older one so first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to go to shadows I want the
shadows to be more blue so I’m going to come down here and we’re gonna change
this to about ten twelve I’m going to go to twelve and then on the mid-tones I
want to be a little bit more orange so I’m gonna put up the red red to four and
yellow to three and the highlights I’m gonna make it four on the yellow I just
can press okay right and so already you can see there’s
a difference there now what I want to do so I’m gonna make a duplicate of this
layer twice okay so this we’re gonna do we’re gonna go to color go desaturate
and we’re gonna choose the luminance so there’s a couple to choose from but I
want the luminance press okay and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to
colors and invert so it’s gonna make it look kind of scary like that but don’t
worry what we’re gonna do next we’re gonna go to this right click and merge
down and up here up here’s we’re going to change the mode to soft light so what
this does it makes the skin look a little softer or a lot softer in this
case you know it just makes them look even more cute still but it’s too much
so I’m gonna bring that down it’s about 70 that’s good so just so you can see cinematic look
soft light now we’re gonna start doing the bokeh so I’m gonna come to file open
there’s I’m gonna go to where I have my bokeh and let’s start with this one
right here so I’m gonna bring it in right off the bat what I’m gonna do this
I’m gonna come back to mode and I’m gonna go down to screen so it kind of
gets rid of that that black black stuff right there then I’m gonna come to the
rotate tool a couple of different ways you can do this so you can just click on
it and turn it the way you need it or you can come here you can you know if
you need it specifically you got the scale thing right here I’m just gonna do
it from here right now actually I want I want that and then we click on rotate
I change it then I’m gonna come to the scale tool I’m gonna make it bigger I
need it to be bigger we’re gonna scale that and I’m gonna move it over here where I
need it like that a couple different ways you
can do this but I like to keep things simple so I’m gonna come over here to
the eraser tool and I’m using the the softest brush right here with the ends
and so you can see how it has edges so that first of all we do want to get rid
of that there we go but I also don’t want these on his face
especially not covering his eyes so we are going to get rid of that okay now I’m gonna bring this opacity
down to 50 go just kind of showing up a little bit next I’m going come to file open this layer
and I’ll bring this other one here and same thing I want to rotate this so it’s
rotate tool yeah like that rotate and I want it to be bigger go and scale so same thing with that we want
to go to mode screen and we’re gonna move this like so the same thing you eraser
tool definitely you don’t want those edges but also I don’t need it to
completely cover his shoulders so I’m just gonna there we go okay so I still
want some more here the first off let’s come to opacity these are 50 now I could
duplicate there except I already messed with it so I’m gonna come back again to
file open this layer get it in here and we rotate tool I want this one this way
rotate we want it bigger and scale again mode screen and then
we’re gonna move this and actually you know what before I do that there go
before I do that I want to erase these edges here okay and so we’re gonna move this – yeah – about that yeah looks pretty good back to the
eraser don’t want to cover your face looks about right but again we want
this to come down to about 50 that’s pretty good I’m actually gonna bring
this down to around 40 I think that’s that’s more appropriate now we’re almost
done next thing we want to do is we want to open a new layer so we’re gonna
create a new layer like that and now I already have my color chosen but yours
is probably gonna come out black right so what you want to do is you want to
choose choose a color now I do want mine to be blue so what I’m going to do is
I’m going to choose that the bucket fill tool choose the blue and I’m gonna bring
this opacity way down probably about about 20 however I don’t want it to mess
with his face so again eraser tool a little bigger and definitely I want his
eyes to show without a doubt alright so I’m stuck here in the middle and just
start using some of that right there if you’re gonna be doing baptism
photography then you need to watch this video I’m gonna show you seven effective
tips so you can provide the most value to your client

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