Badlands National Park, Day 2 | Analog and Digital Landscape Photography

Okay guys, good morning! So it’s Friday, the blizzard is finally here As you can probably hear. It’s been snowing the whole morning. It’s 10:00 a.m. right now I’ve been awake for four hours, just waiting it out I think that the worst of it is still to come so that’s my plan wait it out here. I have plenty of food plenty of water I have plenty of clothes the gas tank is full. I have the restrooms building is there I’m good to go. I just need to wait here and yeah, wait for tomorrow and Hopefully I’ll find a winter wonderland for Myself because the interstate that is the way to get to this park is closed So there is no way to get here or to get out. hopefully tomorrow is gonna be awesome day here photography in the Badlands, and I might have the whole place for myself 1:30 p.m. I hope you can hear that but the blizzard is now at full strength charging my phone I was hoping for some good conditions to shoot: lots of snow and not much wind But I got the opposite: gusts of 60 miles per hour and not as much snow as expected well, maybe it was the wind that carried it away. The wind was coming from the north as you can tell from the back of my car full of snow and ice while the rest of it was fine That was a big problem for Photography since I would have to face that way straight on if I wanted to make any images of the Badlands that day Luckily for me, the storm gave me a short break of about 20 minutes when the wind was much calmer So I went out and took advantage of the situation That’s the campground There’s no one there So we just reached the point of the trip where I have to wear a hat because my hair is too greasy to show on camera yeah, so I went out there I Was so beautiful it’s picked up some Strength again, so you can’t really see the Badlands now So I think I chose a very good moment to get out And I think I took a couple shots that I like, we will see. I brought this one, the a6000 with the long lens It has a big hood too, so I thought that it would protect the lens and it did actually Yeah, this is a long lens because I was not going to take any intimate landscapes or anything today So I left everything else film camera and this camera behind Recorded with my iPhone. By the way! when you use your iPhone to take photos or record videos In the cold like today It was 20 degrees the battery drains so fast It always happens to me, and I always forget. I had 55 percent battery and after 10 minutes out there I came back. I had 12 percent so yeah, just a note to myself to my future self because the next two days I’m gonna be cold to that if I don’t have too much battery on my phone, you shouldn’t use it because it’s gonna die Thrilled by the photos I’d taken earlier, I tried to get to the Badlands again, but the weather had something else in mind It’s 7:10 p.m now, it’s been a very very very long day So anyway very boring video, thanks for bearing with me Tomorrow, I promise I’ll I’ll go out there. I took like 10 naps today, so I’m gonna have a lot of energy to go out, I hope Let’s call it a day for today I’m gonna go back there to bed and watch some videos and read and try to sleep and Yeah, tomorrow will be another day See you then

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  1. Habrás pasado un frío de coj……pero las fotos son maravillosas, mágicas de apartarlas a una carpeta VIP, y si haces una exposición contar con ellas,de verdad ,me encantan,y seguiría soltando flores………

  2. Si hicieras segunda parte de ese libro digital me encantaría que las añadieras ,todas!!!,hasta me lo imprimiría

  3. And you thought Indiana could be brutal in the winter! Well, I guess that's one way to make sure you have a popular tourist destination all to yourself. You get the award for sacrificing comfort for the sake of photography!

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