Barbara: the talking AI Camera

Hi there, new video that means a new
project and this one is all about AI. I’ve noticed that recently AI is hot,
buzzy and the thing to be, but it’s always used in a very business-y, serious
context and that’s what I want to change! So I went snooping around and I found an
AI that captions images. That means you send an image and it will send you a
caption back in the form of a text. Combining that with this old camera, I’m
going to make build a camera that doesn’t take pictures but just tells you
what it sees. [Barbara] A view of a UNK of a clock tower [Barbara] A close-up of a person holding a cell phone [Barbara] A close-up of a large window with a bird on it [Barbara] A new subscriber! And that’s a project complete and as all complete projects, this needs a name
so I would like you to meet … Barbara! How does Barbara work? Well there’s
a Raspberry Pi, a little computer in there with a camera and I didn’t hook up
the the shutter, it basically just every second takes a picture, checks if it’s
black or if it has color. If it’s black the shutter is closed, if it has color
the shutter is open. He takes this picture, he sends it to the API, some sort
of magic happens, the text the caption comes back and we make that into an mp3
that we play. Is this a bit Chinese and heeby jeebies for you? There is a link in the
description where I kind of documented everything I did and how you can build
your own Barbara. Thank you for watching and I hope you to see you next time!

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  1. It's a pretty neat idea, but it definitely needs some refinement. it works, but certainly not well. I hope you work on it some more!

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