Batch Replace and Auto Transform Smart Layer Content Adobe Photoshop Script

We’re going to put some images into this space here. These images will fit exactly into our mock up frame. We need to cover the sample image with a shape layer. On top is our Smart Layer. It has some layer effects applied to it. Let’s use our script to export the mock up using several images. We can select a folder to load all the image files inside it. However, we always have to browse for the folder beginning at the root drive. Let’s begin this demo using images that perfectly fit our frame. Before batch exporting, you can add or remove image files for processing. You can choose what image format to save to. A sub-folder called “placed” will be created to save to. Or you can browse to another save location. Clicking OK will start the process. Large images may take time to be placed. Process steps are temporarily recorded in the History panel. Let’s take a look at the exported files. Looks good. Let’s try another set of images to place. What if the images are bigger with different dimensions? Will these fit into our template? Let’s find out. This time, instead of folder, we will browse by file. Browsing by file is faster, since we can pick items individually. Depending on dimension, images are fit to maximum width or height. Let’s try images that are smaller than our template frame. Unlike folder selection, the last location is remembered when we browse by file. Small images are automatically fit to the frame. Before we end this demo, let’s take a closer look at our exports. Small images that were enlarged may still look fine. For best quality, large images to be placed are recommended. You can buy this script from Pixelsplasher. Thank you for watching this demo.

17 Replies to “Batch Replace and Auto Transform Smart Layer Content Adobe Photoshop Script”

  1. Where can I get a copy of this script? It looks like it's just what I need to create a bunch of mock-ups. — Does it work on a mac?

  2. Before buying this script, I want to know if it will work on mockups with multiple smart objects? Check this link:
    Can you give me the details, if your script will work or not?

  3. hi, we want to make Cell Phone Cases Mocks ups in multiple numbers Automatically using Smart Objects, will this Script work for the same also kindly suggest . so that we can buy it

  4. @Pixelsplasher Hi! I purchased yesterday and haven't received my script. I also sent an email to the email listed on your website this morning. If you could please check, I did include all of the information. Thanks!

  5. Hi Wendell, i just purchased the Script, but i could not add the message in pay pal. but i sent you and email with the details already. Please send asap!

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