Beautiful Maternity Photoshoot | Ellie And Jared

– There’s like two photos that she really, really wants to get. – This is the most expensive
bath I’ve ever taken. Oh man, Jared, it’s freezing! (laughing) Well mister, do you want to show everyone what we just did in the baby’s room? – The picture. – [Ellie] Okay, I’ll follow you. – No, I don’t want to. – [Ellie] You don’t want to show them? – [Jackson] I’m gonna drink this. – [Ellie] Oh, you wanna drink the juice. – Okay, guys, follow me. – [Ellie] All right, the kids helped Jared and I hang this today. What did we do? We finished the baby’s room! Ah! It’s beautiful, I love it. – [Jackson] Is this for the baby? – [Ellie] It is. – [Jackson] Why? What is it? – You know how Mom has
a big pillow on her bed? That’s kind of like a
little pillow for the baby. – [Jackson] What is it? – That way when we watch
a movie or hang out, we can lay him on it, and you and Calvin won’t accidentally step on him. That way we can see him better. Good idea? – [Jackson] Yeah, or do this. Or walk and do this and see the baby. And lick him. – Lick him? (laughs) I think he’s gonna like you. No, he cannot come out right now. – [Jackson] Why? – [Ellie] He will probably
come soon, though. – Two more churches? – About. I always say about two more churches. Two more weeks, or three more weeks. The baby room is done
and I think that means I should probably get really spruced up, and I should take some
maternity pictures today. So I think that that’s
what we’re gonna do. I think you’re gonna,
we’re gonna go to the park and play for a little bit. – [Jackson] Today? – [Ellie] Yes! – What park? – [Ellie] Mmm, I don’t know. – The park with the splash pad? – [Ellie] No, probably not that one. – Can you tell me? – [Ellie] Uh, I don’t know what one yet. – I want you to tell me. – We’ll decide when we get going. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. As I’m getting ready, I
want to share with you guys just a few makeup things
that I have been loving. Makeup Geek here on YouTube,
do you guys watch Marlena? She has her own makeup line
that just got into Target! So fun. I’ve been loving her bronzer. This is the Sun-Kissed fair bronzer, and this is just what I’ve
been using like the last few months, and like
I’ve hardly touched it. But I’ve been, oh good,
you’re dressed now. I use a lot of her eyeshadows. I like Smashbox eyeshadows. Makeup Geek is my absolute favorite. And then even L’Oréal from the drugstore is one of my favorite drugstore makeups. But I’ve never used an
eyeshadow that is like sparkly and flaky that has not had a
ton of fallout under my eye. So like I’ve just been
like all this like shimmer I’ve been putting on my brush. And I will just put on my lid a little, and it does not fallout
at all, and I’ve been using this for like months, too. So just as I was getting
ready, I was like, I wanna share with you guys some things that I’ve been loving, mostly from her. And then my lipstick
today is a MAC lipstick, and it’s Creme Cup. And it’s like the perfect baby pink. But I’m getting ready
for maternity pictures. I’ve never done maternity pictures. I have a bajillion pictures
of me being pregnant, or like of my belly,
but like professional, really nice pictures. And I originally wanted to go to a field. – Are you saying that
I’m not a professional? – (chuckles) You are. I originally wanted to go to a field, and just have it be really
pretty with flowers. And just how I have felt this pregnancy, like personality,
emotionally, and just how I have been lately, I
changed it last minute, and I’m like we’re just
gonna do it at the house. We’re gonna just do like a
lifestyle, just a few pictures. I don’t want like a ton. And I specifically want
one, this may sound weird, but like in the bathtub,
because I always takes baths. It’s like my way of
relaxing, and I just think it’s really beautiful to
like see my bump in the water with my toes, and I ordered some flowers and so that’s what we’re gonna do today. Is just at home maternity
pictures, and that sounds relieving to me to not go anywhere either. Yesterday, if you guys
watched, I was having a lot of contractions yesterday
that were in my back that would lead into the front. And I haven’t walked
around tons this morning, so I haven’t really known how I’ve felt, but I just know my hips feel very heavy. So I told Jared, I’m like,
if I go into labor today at least I will look bombing! Like I’m gonna like be all dolled up. So if I’m gonna go into labor,
today should be the day, ’cause I’m ready. (music playing in background) I gotta turn the music off for
a minute and tell you guys. So I recently cut my hair
and I would love to do a video more, Jared’s
helping me with curtains, ’cause I want to do a silhouette photo. Thanks, Jare. And I want to show you guys a few things that I’ve been using on my hair. ‘Cause a lot of people have been like, “How do you get so much lift?” First, how I get a lot
of lift is she cut it and texturized it a lot. So a lot of my ends are very wispy because she thinned it out a lot. Which is something I have
never wanted or have gone for, ’cause I really like the
blunt crisp heavy look. But that’s what she did,
and then how I get the lift is a lot of it is the color. Because I bleached
these roots, it just has a lot of lift to it. But I’ve been using this on and off for over 10 years since hair school. There’s a few things
that I’ve always loved is Bed Head is an awesome brand. So I’ve been using Small Talk. It’s a thickifier, is what it’s called. You put it in your hand and it’s goopy, and you rub it all over
your scalp and at the roots of your hair, and then when you dry it, or when it air dries, it
just gives that body to it. So I really love that. And then I picked this up at the salon. It’s very new to me, but
I use a lot of dry shampoo because it helps lift your hair, but this is called Swept Up. It’s a volume powder spray from Oribe. That’s a new item that I’ve been using. But you shake it and you literally mist it and like it comes out, like
look at all that, like, oh wow. (laughs) But like if you use too
much, it feels really grippy and really grimy, and like I can see how a lot of people wouldn’t love that. But just a teeny bit just at
the root will really lift it, so I’m gonna put that
at the scalp of my hair. Guys. Oh. (laughs) I thought she was asleep. She probably was, and then
when I turned the camera on, she was like, “Mmm? “Someone’s filming me?” You waiting on Dad, Penn? He’s bringing me flowers. (chuckling) Look at her wait for him. This is Penny all the time. If Jared leaves, she’ll stand there and like wait ’til he gets back. – Hi, Penny. Hi. – [Ellie] So what’d they
say about the flowers? – Um, they just said that they didn’t want to have everything together until– – [Ellie] (gasps) They’re beautiful. – [Jared] You like them? – [Ellie] Perfect, yes. (gasps) Look at those. – [Jared] And then here’s your crown. – [Ellie] The headpiece? – [Jared] Yeah. – [Ellie] Perfect. – [Jared] Is it called a crown? – [Ellie] Yeah. That’s beautiful. ‘Kay, I’ll put this in the fridge. Let’s put those in water? – Uh, they’ve got little stubs on them. – [Ellie] On, okay. We’ll just lay them down.
– So, whatever you wanna do. I’ve always told Ellie that
before we do photo shoots, you have to get in the right mindset, and music helps with that, ‘kay? So we got a little J-Beebs. (“I’m The One” by DJ Khaled
playing in background) Hey Siri, turn the music all the way up. – [Siri] That’s very loud. Are you sure? – Yes!
– Yes. (“I’m The One” by DJ Khaled
playing in background) Get it, girl. You ready for this photo shoot? Woo baby! Are you ready, Penny? (laughs) – I’m gonna open it up and
I’m not wearing anything. (upbeat music) (Jared laughing) So funny.
– Yeah. So like Ellie said, this is
the first time that she’s ever done like professional
maternity photos before. There’s like two photos that she really, really wants to get. And one is a silhouette.
– Silhouette. Of the bump. So no robe. – [Jared] Yes. So this is one of the two that you really, really want to get. So this is one of the photos
that Ellie is going to do. And we have none other
than the best photographer that we know who’s been doing
the cookbook and everything. Shanda’s back.
– The whole year. – [Jared] Yeah. – I’m like this is not like the cookbook. We’re gonna have fun. (Shanda and Jared laughing)
We’re not stressed. – The cookbook is fun, we’re having fun. But stress is right. – Well, no. But it’s been like work
mode, like we don’t talk. It’s like we do pictures. – [Jared] Yeah. Do you want me to put on some music and let you girls get at it?
– Yes. – Don’t derobe yet! Okay, bye! (upbeat music) (Ellie laughing) (upbeat music) (relaxed beat music) – This is the most expensive
bath I’ve ever taken. And I’m going to enjoy it. Flowers, hot water, and all. – So Ellie bought milk
bath, and she tested it out and it looked great, but for some reason we’re not getting the milky look. I’ll show you. It’s kind of just like
marbleized a little bit. I mean, it’s still pretty see through. So I looked up on the
interwebs to figure out how to fix this, and I
guess you use actual milk for the milk bath. Sounds, you know. – [Ellie] Seems kind
of going away, though, like as it’s settling. – Yeah, but it’s still like
a lot see through, though. – [Ellie] Really? – Yeah, like these other
pictures are like super white. Yeah.
– Okay, we’ll try it. – So we’re gonna use
some milk, and I’m sorry, but you’ll probably have
to take another bath after. – I’ve never done one of
these little headbands. It is so cute. (upbeat music) Oh man, Jared, it’s freezing! (laughing) (relaxed beat music) – Well today has been a
very, very exciting day. The maternity shoot made
having this baby seem that much more real and
especially that much more close. And I’m very, very excited. We’ve been working like
crazy after the photo shoot, from the baby’s room to the
garage, and now it is nighttime. The kids are in bed, and we
are going to call it a night. So thank you guys so much
for watching the video. If you enjoyed the video
and the maternity shoot behind the scenes, give it a thumbs up, and we will see you guys next time. Thanks for watching, bye.

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