Beautiful Newborn Photo Shoot! ~ Ballinger Family

(majestic orchestral music) – Good morning everyone. We have a crazy, crazy, busy day today. I just heard from the
dentist that they can see me for my temporary crown,
which I swallowed yesterday. I don’t think they’re gonna
use that one anymore, I think that one’s done, I think
they’re makin’ me a new one. So I’m gonna go in and do that, then we’ve got an infant photoshoot, so that’ll be a lot of fun. And then we have a big family photoshoot. I think just ’cause Dad’s coming to visit. All this kind of stuff happens
when you’ve got a baby. People wanna see it, you
wanna take pictures of it. You swallow teeth out of
excitement, it just happens. I finished at the dentist,
have a new fake tooth. Hopefully I won’t swallow this one. We have this little
guy, what are you doin’? – [Mom] Look at him in
this thing, he’s like, uh. (laughs) We have our child just in a net. – [Dad] Just in a net, we caught him. – We caught him. – [Dad] We caught you. – [Mom] He’s judging us right now. – Are you ready for your photoshoot? I’m gonna take that as a yes, as usual. If you don’t start speakin’ up I’m just gonna take it as a yes, always. So since we have this
empty house right now, we decided to set up a
photoshoot with our friend Katie. So this is where we’re
gonna shoot pictures of little baby Duncan and he’s gonna have his own little newborn photoshoot. You excited? (sneezes) I thought so. (sneezes) Oh, sneezy. Hi, hello. Look at this little basket. – [Mom] Got it special
just for you, little buddy. – [Dad] This is really
cool, this isn’t real wood, in case you were wondering. – [Photographer] Awww. – [Mom] We’re showin’ a little leg here. (soft guitar music) – [Mom] Are you kidding me
with this cute little baby? Look at my baby, he’s so cute! – Hi. – [Mom] You’re amazing! How is this real? Look at this precious cutie pie! I love you. – [Dad] Oh. (laughs) He totally got ya. You got him all set up. – [Photographer] You got all those smiles, those are for you. – Oh, man, we’re just
gonna print out the blog. (soft guitar music) We got home from home, ’cause
we were at our new home. We’re at our old, we’re back,
back where we currently live. We’ve got to get dressed really quick. Jessica’s putting on
makeup and doing her hair and then we’re gonna go
do another photoshoot with the whole family this time. We’re really excited about it but we’re very limited on time ’cause
the sun is going down. We’re using natural light and we’ve gotta get all ready to go do that,
that’s what we’re doing. We’re at the next photoshoot. This is the place that Jessica
did her maternity photoshoot. – Umm, hey Duncan, or okay. (mumbles) – It is beautiful, look
at all these mustard seed, mustard plant, what are these, mustard plant blossoms, these things. – [Mom] Parker, you’re not lost, honey. (kids yell) – Parker’s lost in the mustard plant. Look how much of it there is. (relaxing music) All right so we’re gonna
do this photoshoot, hopefully Duncan is okay. He’s very upset that he’s here right now but Jessica’s nursing him
just on the side of the road. Now he’s happy, he was upset
when I was dressing him. – (mumbles) when we change his clothes. – Yeah, I changed his
clothes, that was my bad. And Jacob’s wearing some ugg boots. – He’s arty with his boots.
– That he’s filled with lots of stickers. – [Child] And there was a rattling sound. – [Dad] Oh you heard a
rattling sound, that’s nice. – [Mom] What do you think it was? – A rattlesnake. – [Dad] I think you were hearing a bird, but it could’ve been a rattlesnake. (Tchaikovsky’s Dance of
the Sugar Plum Fairy) – You never touch that stinkbug because if you do, you’ll get stinky. – So within seconds, the
kids think they heard a mysterious rattlesnake, every single kid got lost in there and now, – No. – And now ba– not you,
you didn’t get lost. His shoes got full of prickers, you totally got lost, and now Bailey is putting Benadryl all over her body because apparently something in there causes major itches for her. – I’ve got like a rash. – [Dad] You got like a rash? Is that helping those, it feeling better? – Mm, I guess. – [Dad] How are your shoes goin’ Jacob? – There’s a lot more. – There’s a lots more,
picked the wrong shoes. This tree is so cool. Are you takin’ a big boy picture? – Uh huh. – [Mom] Is that your baby, it’s your baby! Look down at him, Parker. Oh he’s so sweet. – My baby! (Dad talks in high pitched voice) – [Photographer] Look right here! – Love you Duncan, I love you
Duncan, I love you Duncan! – [Photographer] We need
to reposition that baby. – [Dad] Kids ready to take some pictures? – Yeah. – [Photographer] One, two, three! – [Dad] Parker what is this place? – Cowboy land! – Let’s go! (children yell and laugh) – I feel like a cowboy! (little girl shrieks) – So this place where
we’re taking pictures also has a western set for movie making. So the kids are flipping out,
they’re so excited about this. (western standoff music) – Ready, set, draw. (banjo music) – Hi, let’s talk about
what we learned today. We learned that if you put
a baby inside of a net, you can expect to be
judged by that very baby. We learned not to wear fuzzy boots in a prickly patch of weeds. And finally we learned
that if I stumble upon a western town, I’m gonna set
up and elaborate Dad joke. Thanks for watching everybody. We’ll see you next time. (laughs) (lackadaisical waltz music)

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