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Beaver… Good morning everyone. It’s early. I do not like to get up early out of bed, but I know if I get up it is always nice outside. Today I am going to do something special. I have something, a photo, planned. Normally I don’t plan photo’s. I know, because of the tracks & signs where animals are. So I usually just sit over there. And make photo’s. In this case it is a bit different. I am near a river. Near a city. And there are beavers over here. I have been taken photos of the beavers already. But they are pretty standard photos. Which is OK for our field guides. But in this case I want to do something special. I was sitting here one time. Here in the morning. Trying to photograph the beaver. And the city lights gave a really nice reflections on the water. So, I have been thinking…. How cool would it be…. If a beaver would swim With those city lights reflected in the water. Haha! I am quite lucky, because the beaver lodge is quite close to where I need to sit for that photo. In that regards no problem. The only problem I have is the wind needs to be calm. If there is a lot of wind the lights don’t give a really nice long reflection on the water. Right! You can understand I will be a couple of meters away from possible beavers. So there is going to be very little talking this video. So I will get out there try to document everything on this vlogging camera as much as I can. So you can see how I make this photo. And I will probably add some voice-over in post-production. Most of the time I see beavers over here. So hopefully today as well. And hopefully it will swim where I expect it to be swimming. See you in a bit. In the dark, I walk quietly to my chosen location. On the shore, near the beaver lodge where the beavers would be returning, for the rest of the day. In order to get long light reflections I need to place my camera as low as possible. My tripod legs can be bend so the camera would be as low as possible. The level of the river where I am sitting at is hugely influenced by rain. Just the week before, where I am sitting, was completely flooded. You can see, it is still very wet and muddy. So I took a chair with me. So I did not had to sit on the ground. And I used the flip screen, so I could see what I was photographing. Because of the low light conditions I could not use autofocus. So I was using manual focus. I had to take care, because I could not focus on the lights. That would mean I would actually focus on the lights in the distance. And not on the water, where the beaver would be. Now with the camera set up it was just a matter of waiting. Beaver! I didn’t had to wait long for the first beaver to show up. But it was too close to the shore. And swimming towards me. It was too close for the long lens. So I picked up my vlogging camera. And made this video. After passing me this beaver went into the lodge. Amazing! Luckily for me the beaver did not decide to enter the lodge and stay there for the rest of the day. It returned. And was on the right track to be exactly where I planned the photo. When passing by he even eye-balled me. Like he was asking… Are you happy now? What an amazing morning! And it wasn’t even over yet. I saw the other beaver swimming towards the lodge with a branch in its mouth. That worked out as planned! With the city waking up I have one more thing I would like to do. You saw that branch the beaver took with him. That is usually what they do when they enter their lodge to rest for the rest of the day. During the day times. They take some branches with them so they can chew on them inside their lodge. The lodge is a bit further over there. Let’s see if we can hear the beavers chewing on their branches. I really hope you liked this vlog. If you did, please add a like & a comment. And if you like to see more of this, please subscribe! And I will see you again in the next video!

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  1. Another amazing video. Love your production values. I know how hard it is to make good video, but when you plan like this, you really are working. I like that amongst all the other big names in this field of photography, you have added a really interesting aspect to your content. It would be good to see you working with Trond Westby, Morten Hilmer, Geoff Cooper, First Light Photography (forgotten his name) or Espen Helland as you could bet together perhaps easier than others in this field. You must get them to do a shoutout for you.

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