Beginners – Edit Photos in Lightroom! Part 1: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

35 Replies to “Beginners – Edit Photos in Lightroom! Part 1: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace”

  1. This is a great idea for an Adorama/Mark Wallace video series! I always enjoy his (and Daniel Norton's) videos, among others.

  2. Good Job Mark. I am pro shooter for four decades and also now teach photography at the university level. I have used your fine tutorials in my classrooms for years. they really help the students at all levels of skill.

  3. Hopefully you will cover the crop tool in some detail. Maybe you can expand on the various composition tools. Golden ration etc

  4. I've a question: The hot key "Y" is a geat tip for side-by-side before/after comparison. Is there a hot key to toggle betwen BEFORE/AFTER in the same frame (i.e. one frame; not two frames side-by-side)?

  5. I never thought to move the sharpen slider so far. I always thought if I did that it would get all those nasty artifacts. Obviously it will if it's TOO far, but I rarely brought I much past the default. I may need to reevaluate my workflow.

  6. Thanks Mark.. 2 quick questions. 1. I had another photographer say you should never adjust sharpening in Lightroom, and you should only adjust sharpening in photoshop. ? 2. Do you ever adjust the noice reduction “ luminance slider” instead of the the sharpening slider? Thanks in advance!

  7. Really nice video! A super helpful tip I picked up using Lightroom to reduce the panel clutter is right clicking on the module triangles, and selecting "Solo Mode." What this does is makes it so when you open a new panel, all others close so only a single panel is open at once. This makes it really nice to focus on one specific aspect and reduce the scrolling and clutter of having multiple open. It's definitely useful for a beginner and even people who use it as their livelihood!

  8. I totally understood everything you did and am eager to improve my photos and workflow. Thanks for the comprehensive and easy tutorial!

  9. When sharpening to such a high degree, I would recommend using masking to avoid increasing noise in non-detail areas. To do this hold down ALT while moving the slider to see which contrasting edges are affected, and slide it to the right until areas you do not want to sharpen are not highlighted.

  10. Yea, first, very good tutorial. Well explained, clear, even someone like me who has used LR for some time can learn things. Also nice "sleight-of-hand" around 4:15, custom WB turned everything green (I've seen that in some Leica DNGs), so you quickly used a preset. I'd like to know why that happened; e.g. did you pick the wrong "white" area, is there something about this RAW file? If the former, maybe you could do a little more on where exactly to "pick". Thanks for the video, I just subscribed because I like your delivery (clear, distinct, etc.).

  11. Thank u so much! After struggling to find someone to teach me the basics in an easy and methodical way, I struck gold when I discovered this tutorial.

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