[BEHIND] 드림캐쳐 ‘피리’ 화보 Dreamcatcher PIRI Photoshoot

Hi! Hello! Hello! It’s been a long time~ Have you guys been
well? I am Reporter Lee Siyeon and we are currently
behind the scenes of our PIRI album cover photoshoot! I have no one to interview as of now… but
I will do my best at the photoshoot! Fighting! It’s a unit photoshoot now for the three of
us~ JiU unnie, Siyeon unnie and me! It’s our unit photo taking time now~
Let’s go~ Go-go! Go-go-ssing! ‘Bbizui’ right? (Bbizui=’shut up’ in Chinese) Ah! Hello! I’m going in right now! My face is so white and my body is so dark! It’s finally over! I should finally be able to change back into
my own clothes now… I will change and come back as normal Yoohyeon! (Said she was going to change out of her clothes
but… here she is playing with Dami…) Thank you for all working hard! It’s over! Finally! Selcas… Learning how to take nice selcas is one of
my daily homework! Because I really like taking selcas! I’ll meet you guys with a new image~

28 Replies to “[BEHIND] 드림캐쳐 ‘피리’ 화보 Dreamcatcher PIRI Photoshoot”

  1. amazing bts with hd quality and slow panning camera. Great Job!!!! Sua and Gahyeon throwed some hotness there, even without really trying. Jiu at 4:41

  2. I know Stasia is in charge of the DRC crypto, which from my understanding, is largely targeted toward Dreamcatcher's international fans. Please sub more of your Dreamcatcher videos.

  3. i hope DC realizes they are killing us ( good ) we Americans apologise for not knowing Korean but we can pick up the vibes thanks ✔👍💯

  4. Thank You STASIA for supporting DreamCatcher. These girls was visuals stunning and You guys enhanced it even higher

    This Video is beautiful

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