BEHIND THE SCENES: instagram photoshoot vlog!

Before this vlog even gets started, I just wanted to let you know that I do not have boogers on my face It’s just from blowing my nose, and then I have dry skin on my face, and then my foundation clung to it soo- just wanted you to know What is up you guys? So today I’m here with my friend Alex, who if you’ve ever looked at my Instagram is tagged in every single picture of me because he takes all of my pictures. Anyways today I thought I would do a little vlog kind of more like, like behind the scenes Instagram picture because we’re going to do photo shoot This is kind of like inspired by Marla, so we were just going down to Salt Lake City to take some pictures Also, I just want to let you guys know that I am dumb as bricks. I literally am so dumb I’ll tell you the story real quick. So we had- we have had a long morning , kind of We had a billion plans, they got canceled then we made more and those got canceled And it was just- it was just hectic so we rescheduled those plans for next time for next week And then I told Alex like ”I need to hang out with someone because I have not hung out with a friend in like 10 years So better hop on the train and come and see me” And he said ”Yeah ok I just don’t have a ride to the train station because I don’t have a car right now and all my family is gone” and I was like ”Okay, I’ll get you an uber” I like I was- I was getting him an uber cause I was being nice and paying for it because I’m literally forcing him to come up and see me There was no ubers around him, not one Okay your city is bigger than mine and mine had like three ubers Theres three ubers that are always available suddenly for you like there’s just zero Yeah so then I was like ”Okay” So then he was like ”Yeah, I’ll try and see if my sister can take me to the train station” and I was like ”Okay” (Alex:) Well i didn’t say that, I said, I said ”Let me see if my sister can take me” so i didn’t clarify. (Avrey:) Oh, yeah, okay exactly See, you’re like helping me out Yeah, so Yeah, exactly. Do my teeth look white? I feel like they do. Oh I have like- So yeah he said ”I’ll see if my sister can take me” so I was like ”Okay deal” so by that I thought he meant take me to my house which was not the case. Two hours later he text me- or no I text him and I was like ”Are you coming?” and he was like ”Yeah I’m in Salt Lake” which is like 20 minutes away from my house, and I was like ”Okay you did not tell me that you were coming” but you know (Alex:My phone wasn’t working!) Yeah his phone was not workoing Which is not his fault obviously. And so then um… What happened next? So Salt Lake is like 20 minutes away from my house, so I hurried and did my hair And I was like a fourth no I was like 3/4 of the way done curling it And then he texted me and was like ”So I’m here” so me being stupid, I go outside of my front door I’m like looking around like ”Where he at??” I was like texting him ”Where are you like I don’t see you?” I was like standing like looking out my window like waiting for my husband to return from war I didn’t know where you were and then he called me like 10 minutes later he’s like ”So are you here?” and I was like ”At my own house? yes!” And so he’s like ”No you dumb idiot at the train station” I was like ”ohhhhh” ahhhhh Then here we are. I’m like 30 minutes late. I picked him up. I- I Have my bag of clothes. I almost forgot my camera, I almost didn’t bring my vlog camera I’m just a hot mess, that was the story, probably no one thought that was even funny ahaha I think it was Yeah, so todays video is just gonna be like a behind the scenes Instagram um type thing. I just saw Mar- I don’t have a vocabulary. I saw Marla do this and I thought it was a cute idea, so that’s what we’re doing today My room is messy, but like why do i have so much spit in my mouth? I’ll see you probably like at our first location wherever we go, so bye Oh my god. I hate you. So we currently- I’m wearing outfit number two out of three I didn’t really vlog in the first one because we were just kind of testing like locations and stuff We’re out like some health center. There’s a huge- My outfit- this is from Luca and Grae. I don’t really have boobs So it doesn’t really fit. I’m wearing these jeans from American Eagle and these Converse from Urban i think? I’m gonna try and take this picture doing this specific pose, and I can’t really vlog it because You know. (Alex:) I’m hiding cuz theres a guy here and I don’t want to get kicked out. There’s Avrey’s booty. (Avrey:) okay, I don’t know if they can see that. I’m gonna pray that they can okay be careful please please please i got you i got you be careful be careful be careful please please Are you good? (Alex:) I’m actually scared. (Avrey:) You good? (Alex:) Okay ready? We did it! wooooo Oh my god are you good? (Alex:) Yeah (Avrey:) Okay I can’t get up I don’t have enough arm strength Oh, oh my god I can’tt (Alex:) You can I believe *Applause* And now it’s Avrey’s turn (Avrey:Theres an ant omg omg) She’s scared of legit every bug I swear to god. (Avrey: Shut up shut up) No you’re good. Mine were the same, just hold on *Laughter* (Alex:) You good? (Avrey:) Yeah (Alex:) Okay good (Alex:) Your veins look so scary. (Avrey:) My like face is so red! (Alex:) Do something with your hands like something different Oh wait, stay there (Avery: im gonna fall) I’m just gonna get it of me. I kinda look cute not gonna lie . I’m really sweaty though. tip your chin down. Yeah, right. Thank you Here we go I dont know if any of this footage is usable I’m sorry You can throw some of you down here, it’s actually kind of comfy I look cute. Oh, my god, okay, lets go. Dude I’m literally holding it like right now, okay, we’re gonna go find another shot, so be are you oh my god? Oh? My god someone’s actually getting arrested Oh my god. What am I this is like illegal to film? I don’t know? we’re going to get food now We’re going to this place called red iguana. Cooper told me it was really good, so we’re going there. Okay, bye, we are now at a Mexican place the way it was like 30 minutes I don’t know why there’s like a parking lot right there, but they do like valet parking I mean it’s free so we just did it like they just like pull into a spot for you (SNEEZE) sorry this is the 2nd Arrest we’ve seen today drug busts right in front of us So we just went to that place that Cooper recommended, and it was not good So now we are very unsatisfied, so where are we going? Jamba Juice We had Jamba the last time we hung out, and it was a great time, but yeah, I think we’re done shooting we’re just kinda like not in the mood to shoot anymore, and I just ate Mexican food, so I dont very good Turn left onto South 600 where the destination is on your right This is, okay ignore my messy room, but this is like not Right now that’s Alex. That’s me but look at my face. Oh There we go What’s up, so it is the next day? I? can’t even I I can’t even I think the last time I vlogged was at the restaurant and after that Alex And I just came home And we just started editing so if you guys Want me to do like I just not in focus so I thought I would just show you a little sneak peek of some of The pictures, so these are some of the pictures. I’m really happy with how they turned out honestly I kind of wanted to do like I’ll show you like the before and after for some of them before This is after four after this is probably one of my favorite pictures This was you guys saw Alex, and I trying to get into this position um I really like it I think my hair looks good Not gonna lie and I just think it’s cute and different Alex accidentally had the camera way too bright So I had to take the brightness down a ton, but that is before and after of that one this one was also way Too bright, so I had to darken that one a lot before and after if you can’t tell I’m very pale So I try to make myself more tan just because I think it looks better before and after this one I really like these ones too. If you want me to make a video like explaining. How I edit my pictures It’s honestly very simple even though I use Lightroom. Which is a little more complex, but I’m totally down to do that I know my pictures aren’t like the bestly edited, but I don’t know I like the way they turned out I was really happy with them I just wanted to give a quick shout out, and thank you to Alex So I’ll leave his Instagram and his channel down below you guys should definitely go follow him. he takes really cute pictures He’s just really cute, and he’s so much fun to hang out with but other than that I think that’s the end of this vlog I know I’m like I think I’m still gonna title it like behind the scenes of Instagram pictures or just like not But it kind of is like I don’t really know like I mean It’s just literally Me and Alex just like figuring out what to do like we don’t have any plans we didn’t plan on coming to these Locations like we just kind of drove around Salt Lake and just look for places to shoot So it really is just kind of like oh, let’s just go with the flow and see what happens anyways I think that’s the end of this vlog. I hope you enjoyed it if you did subscribe give it a thumbs up Whatever, also if you want to see all these pictures Go you can go. Okay. They are gonna be in two places well actually three I guess probably number one is my Instagram which is Avery Ovard Should go follow me if you want the second one is my Pinterest I post like all of my pictures to Pinterest just because I don’t know I want to be pinchers famous and the third place is Twitter I don’t posted that many pictures. I usually post like four or something. I don’t know I love talking to you guys on Instagram It’s like my favorite thing ever and I go live a lot so if you would like to see me broadcasts Or live stream. I should say on Instagram you can go follow me anyway Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you guys next time. Bye mwah!

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