Behind the Scenes of my #WPxTO Eyewear Photoshoot | Tyler Oakley

– Hey everyone, my name is
Tyler Oakley, and back on May 25th, 2013, I
tweeted, to Warby Parker, Hi, I want to start wearing your glasses, can our love affair
start immediately please? So now let’s fast forward
to August 9th, 2016, where I uploaded this
video, with my brand new pair of glasses, which
everyone had an opinion on, Kathy tweeted me, you look so
different with those glasses which I replied, they’re my
new glasses, because they were and then Taylor said I like
them, to which I replied thanks, I made them
myself, because, spoiler, I made them myself, I feel
like I’ve been dropping hints left and right, I should
just tell you, you guys, I have worked with Warby
Parker to make my own line of glasses (shouts) I
know this is like the craziest thing I have ever done, so
I figured I would bring you all along for the day when
I did my official photoshoot for the glasses, enjoy Ashley and I have been
getting dressed together for about two years,
and today we get to do a fun little shoot and this
was a suit that they like, painted, they had to like
paint the polka dots on, so you may notice, all of
the pocket squares match the lense cloths that come
with each pair of glasses if you get one of the
pairs, it will come with one that matches something from
the photo shoot, I love that Ashley and Kyle, fixing every
little thing that I messed up – You’ve got wrinkles, no wrinkles (laughter) – For no wrinkles, it’s a
couple of years too late (laughter) I can’t not smile Okay so now I’m in this
box and it’s a lot warmer than you think, I was like
kind of like a contortionist for the moment, I’m
going, serving everything that I possibly could,
hoping that one angle would not look my worst the weird thing about photo
shoots is they take a million pictures and you hope for just
like three, that you don’t hate, cause when you’re
looking at pictures of yourself over and over you’re like I
don’t look like a human anymore, but in this box, I feel like
I was like, giving it all, this was like I, it could be my new home (upbeat music) (camera flashing) So I think we’re almost done,
you’re catching me mid pamper I think we’re almost
done, we’re trying to get one last little portrait
with a particular frame, and then I think we’re done, thanks babes (camera flashing) – [Photographer] Will you
show it to me a little bit Get that shoulder round, on
the left shoulder, there it is beautiful, give me a serious,
give me a rotation just go from there, bring it
round, one more, to the camera turn quick, real snap to
camera, and boom, okay we got it – Wait that was it, are
we all done, we did it! (applause) Guys, we did it that was it, that was my
photoshoot for Warby Parker I cannot believe this
is actually happening, you guys know I have been talking
about Warby Parker glasses and giving you guys the
hookup for years now, and finally, I have my
own line, that is insane if you are a glasses
wearer, if you like glasses for fashion or function or
sunglasses for the light, I don’t know what you do with your life, they are super affordable
and high quality, I love them I wear them, I think
you guys will love them too I have a whole bunch of
options, as you saw in this little video so, let me know
if you get them, tweet them to me a little selfie I
would love it, or Instagram, I don’t know, use the
hashtag, thank you so much for helping me make it to this
point I love you guys, see you soon, can’t wait
to see you in your cute new frames, okay bye (upbeat music) – [Photographer] Stop walking into it (laughter)

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