Being patient with street photography & guest street photographer

I’m back in Birmingham again another
street photography trip actually today and do more street photography that I am
landscape photography at the minute and just not finding the time to get out
with the camera for sunrise or sunset when the when the weather suits for
landscape photography so street photography has been absolutely
brilliant before still many not word to get out at the camera no matter what
time of day it is so I’m naturally not gonna be on my own today and I’m meeting
up with a young photographer called Joel who actually follow on Instagram grief
that wind he’s a really really good photographer his team soccer young lad
I’ve never met him but his photography is amazing it certainly when I was that
age – her near as good as he is so yeah looking forward to meeting him it seems
to be really really good street photographer so he’s based in Birmingham
so hopefully he’s gonna know some really really cool places to go every now and
again we get a nice spot of bright light so I’m gonna be looking for nice strong
shadows today but yeah his call was gonna meet him in there
if I can find my way I’m gonna meet him you think I’m going the wrong way
I’m gonna meet him in a Starbucks in Victoria Square in Birmingham so
hopefully I’m gonna try and find him now we’re gonna see whether the first
location is to see in a second one person just a bit well then that
bloke is now just between them pillow shit spree focusing on that back that
back pillow there F on my f1 point a so I might got to f2 actually just wait for
somebody to come on that gap there all right between them to pillows where she
is pre-focus I mean I want the pillars go right to
lights and object of the human element in the bottom right on third right and we’re Joel areas Joel is old
you 19:19 put lip in it I’ll be honest when
I was 19 I was nowhere near as good at photography as ears so he’s a check him
out I’ll put his Instagram handle there Joel Forster Joseph in tall force to fit
there we go so check him out and it on Instagram
he’s a fantastic photographer and we’re just gonna grab a coffee now we’ve been
into the library of Birmingham library it’s called yeah yeah quite challenging
in there there was a nice light nice shadows but the swimmer was coming in
and out the clouds quite a lot so it made it really difficult for shooting
but yeah I think we’ve got a few shit the street and food stamps in there
where we headed now we’re gonna get we’re gonna Starbucks get a coffee no
bumming Conservatoire just Birmingham Conservatoire yeah yeah okay well that’s
a good for architecture as well as Bo yeah yeah brilliant but I say we head
down there after we get a coffee this is this is fantastic swirls the
cafe or something there Birmingham City University we’re in now look at this
they are this contrast absolutely fantastic here was a guy sitting there
looks like he’s on his phone up might make the depot
on my honor I’m gonna f4 at 250th of a second over overexposed because they’re
really shown baptizing but I think I like that photograph so he’s facing the wrong way cool and I like it shame that boys legs are facing the
wrong way because I just took a photo I’ve got it as a set of weights it’s not
really working just as low as the kids around you as well only one of them
would just ruin and stand by that railing over the absolutely blinking
perfect that would be we’re gonna give it ten minutes to see if one of these
kids runs over to see what’s down there the jobs been trying to take the picture
that guy don’t want that so go get that reflection now just come out a square
mode so you get that reflection pre focus on him wait for him to do a nice
decent shape not that one bending over because he walks off now this hope
you’ve got there’s a free focus on him f4 I’m a I’m a school it place such jobs gonna look through that
thought see what sir I joined today he’s gone so far good
yeah very good I think yeah got some amends like a good shot something yeah
so we’ve been to where they’ve been to the library we failed the 12 Birmingham
service one where we’ve just been now millennium point millennium point so
what was the buildings of the University or something was it yeah so bombing City
University fantastic okay really good at their challenging some great reflections
probably we got my favorite shot of the day and I sneaked one of you in there as
well it’s really really good now tell me how you got into street
photography well basically originally I wanted to shoot landscape to have you
know what I saw those Instagram accounts is like amazing vistas and so because I
lived in the city I thought well that’s kind of not doable so don’t have a car
yeah so it’s like well I’ll try it out I didn’t really like it at first but kept
the noonah yeah really started to enjoy it so how long you been doing street
photography um one or two years ish really good great yeah and you’re 19 so
you started about seventeen yeah crazy crazy yeah so what do you look forward
to photographic how do you find a fogger I mostly look for like very clean
compositions I like you know not much clutter really minimal composition but
they’re really like clear well-defined silhouette kind of subject yeah yeah
yeah I think that’s why when I found your Instagram account that’s why I
looked like meeting up with you and doing a shoot because I thought I
definitely relate to the way you vote yeah
I’m invested today as well I’ve noticed that you’ve been drawn to the same
subjects i but yeah yeah they’re quite funny yeah I mean obviously never never
met LIGO for and it’s basically like we’ve both seen the same conversation
and ran to it so it’s been quite funny suck having a mini-me where we had it
now anyway it’s the wind is picking up imagine the audio is gonna be crap on
this I apologize where we going now I’m not sure I mean
we could go wherever you want mailbox maybe ahead to the mailbox is it and see
if I can get that photograph or miss on the last video I start I was in Vermeil
so yeah it’s been really good really good so far it’s quite challenging again
but you just I limit myself for sort of 5 or 10 minutes waiting for somebody to
walk into the composition I see a frame and see it at see the light or one
and the way it’s actually God now we’ve lost a lot of the reflections or the
shadows that we were getting earlier but yeah so I’ll give it sort of five or ten
minutes if somebody doesn’t come into the scene then you just got to move on
in times I’ll wait like an hour look really so how it’s so long what’s the
longest shoot what’s the longest time at a time you’ve spent actually doing a
shoe one shot like no actually yeah oh you beat you you’ve left your house and
you’ve gone out with a camera and you’ve come back and what’s the longest lead
five six out of five six hours ago that same as me yeah so yeah you do need a
Virginia bit of patience but yeah we’re gonna go to the mailbox and I’m hoping
to get into the shot and yeah I’ve seen a second I know there’s a bus station around here
but this is ridiculous it’s constant constant I thought one
person not 50 frustrated but it’s gonna be worth it when we get the shot this
shot I’m gonna give about 15 20 minutes ago I think a smart be worth waiting for
fantastic line and for Groton as well lying obviously if you happen to delete
somebody that might be around here it’s just too busy I’m just not going to get
one person on their own or maybe this chat some rubbish on the
left-hand side the Fogo desperately trying to get rid of that make sure I’m
sharp so back button in that corner that chap will do silhouette
so that was one sixtieth of a second after 2.8 and the I say was 32 and good
always another one oops on him low to the floor that model shop but one
someone have to wait for this shot worth wafer I don’t know Joel was gone yeah
this has got to be it got the shot I might just blew that one
I might I just proved that one I did get it there’s only a 2.8 oh yeah I’m gonna float LOC there we are right so we are in the parking near the
mailbox pocket mailbox at mailboxes just above us and it’s literally I walked
past there one of my recent videos if you have to see there the laughter that
a few actually I did ask you to put a comment with the timestamp with the
missing shot and a lot of you actually did what that did see it so I’ll run to
those who seen it it’s about 11 minutes into the video and walked past they’re
concentrating on talking to the camera we’re actually in the the walk right now
and I really really like the shot but we’re good the difficulty is see we want
somebody to walk we’re on that corner down there and then I’m going to use
this little idea as this or lead in line or point down to the subjects and
obviously there’ll be a silhouette in the photo
Joel was saying you came a yesterday dude the other day trying to get the
same the same sort of shot I think that crucially the camera needs to come sort
of down here just sort of emphasize that line and then yeah just make sure there
was silhouette so shooting high contrast difficult obvious is is with the GoPro
being on top of the camera to actually film somebody who around and they’re
around the corner so the GoPro takes three seconds to turn on so I’m not
expecting as good to catch this on film this is going to take water give it ten minutes and I’ll really need
to copy so I’m going to pretty bogus there and I’m going to use this really
really strong contrast with the texture and the details in that and this line
going down to that corner so in the camera I think that’s gonna be robot on
the left third so I like that and I’m pre focus here on that corner and just
have camera really low to the floor as soon as I mean well NASA focus about
a meter in front of it I think so I’m not gonna be I’d be able to artistic I
somebody come around the corner but gonna do a burst 200 per second f2 and
the ISO especially I’m going to go to f2 point I shall put it at f/4 because at
204 second my ISO is only 800 so 2 hundredths of a second and for ISO 800
ISO 640 actually yeah I say 640 just wait now for I have to come low to the
floor as well because of the lights are in the seed in this side the kind of
distracted I’m not sure if they’ll be in the end photograph whether it out but if
I’m up here and like so really really there’s no separation between the lights
on the left so I’ve got to get right down off the screen now get right down
to the floor free focus down there and folks down there scared boy to the
bottom left-hand corner reflection pgy is three focus on that really I’m gonna go
to F or it’s what one person right so one second time I’ve been
thrown out of the mailbox I got a quick snap it’s really busy in there so yeah
got the photo from the from the walkway to the carpark shop for that good day
this is mega busy I mean it’s Saturday in it showed Birmingham city any city
says honest after day’s gonna be a bit of a street photography really admit but
that’s been really good listen Joel really really pleased I met
all yeah it’s been really nice to show you yeah definitely yeah so will in one
way the videos I used I mentioned I’ve cited a hashtag which is Street in a
school gasps so a lot of you I’ve actually I’ve had over 200 people posts
with that hashtag already so thanks so much for that let’s take a few
photographs that caught my eye the end of the video because it’s been it’s been
caught a lot of photographs of actually Burma mine actually it’s really really
awesome photographs so yeah thanks so much for featuring but I didn’t hashtag
into photographs but yeah I’m gonna shoot now I’m gonna go meet you here get
back to your family yeah I’m gonna go meet the missus but thank you so much
for watching I hope you enjoyed the video I I’m pretty I’m pretty sure I’ve
got three or four folk that I really like all of them are gonna be black and
white yes for sure yeah but it’s a really good shoot my job
and yeah look forward to seeing you again face it the subscribe button and
make sure I don’t get run over this is ever crossing and dropping message let
me know anything in the pictures and if I don’t get run over
I’ll see you again soon take care you

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    I'm from New Zealand and wish i had done street photography whilst I was there.
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