Best 3 Photo Editing Apps For Android and iPhone

– Today I’m gonna show you three of my favorite photo editing apps and give you a little
walk-through in each one so you can get an idea of what it can do. And if your favorite app
did not make the list, be sure to leave a comment below and let me and everybody
else know what that app is so we can check them out. My name is Dee Nimmin and you’re watching The Master Your Mobile video series. And the first app we’re
gonna talk about today is called Touch Retouch. And if you haven’t seen this app yet, prepare to have your mind blown. It’s basically a clone app that can remove pretty much
anything from your photo. So let’s open it up and get started. So when you open up Retouch
you wanna go to Albums and open up the photo
that you wanna work on. And this is my girlfriend
posing in the middle of Iceland. So we’re gonna remove… Don’t tell her, but we’re gonna remove her from this picture. So what you wanna do is go
down to the Object Removal. You wanna tap on that and
just tap your finger on here and it’s gonna open the little
circle on here on the top. It’s gonna zoom in and show you exactly what your finger is going over. So you’re just gonna trace
what you wanna erase. Real easy. Make sure you get everything in there. And when you have it completely
outlined and covered in, just simply hit go and poof, it’s gone! Just like that. How cool is that, right? So up here second to the right, you’re gonna see the little toggle switch to show you what it looked like before. So you can go back and
forth to see exactly what you took away and
if that works for you. And if that’s what you like, go up here in the far right, tap Export and you can Save a Copy, Modify Original, send it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whatever you wanna do. You can also tap on Settings
and choose the format, and the size and the quality, that you wanna export it at. So I’m gonna export this at max quality and then I’m gonna save a copy. And it’s finished. No more girlfriend. (gasp) Okay the second app
we’re gonna go over today is a really simple app
called Lens Distortions. It’s basically an app that
allows you to add layers or light hits or light particles, snow or rain or glass fragmentations
on top of your picture. It’s a really cool app that
can add just small tweaks to your image that can
make all the difference. So when you open up Lens Distortions you’re gonna choose your picture. Now I’m gonna choose
this picture right here. There’s nothing wrong with this picture and I would be perfectly content
to use this picture as is, however I wanna add just a
little bit of color to it. We were out in the
daylight and you can see the sun is hitting her face a little bit, but you really don’t see the
sun anywhere in the picture. So what I’m gonna do is
come down to Light Hits. I’m gonna pick a orange glow, which is pretty much the sun. I’m gonna tap on that and
you see how it instantly lays on top of the image. And I can put my finger
down and just move it wherever I want it to go. So for this one I’m gonna move it over to the side just like that and give the buildings
and her face some color. I’m also gonna go into Opacity. I’m gonna knock the opacity
down just a little bit. I don’t want too much. All I wanna do is just add a
little bit of color to this. So then I wanna add another layer. So you go over here to the left. Tap Add Layer. And you can go down and you
can find something else. Now I’m gonna add something that doesn’t work for this photo, but I’m gonna show you how it works. So I’m gonna add fog. Boom! And there’s some fog. I can bring it down. I can move it around. Change the opacity. I can add blur to it and so on. Now if I don’t want the fog, all I have to do is swipe it
to the left and hit Remove. Now if I do that, I need to go back and hit Add Layer again or it’s gonna delete the light hit when I add the next effect. So for the next effect I’m gonna go down and get some light particles. That’s called Shimmer. So let’s put a shimmer on there. As you can see the light
particles pop right up and I’m gonna knock the
opacity down on those as well. Now like I said this photo was fine, but I just wanted to add
a little oomph to it. I wanted to add a little
pizzazz to the picture. This may or may not work for you, but this is what I’m gonna do
for the sake of this tutorial. And then when I want to save it, all I have to do is go to
the top right hand corner and then choose where I want to save it. I’m just gonna save the image. Image saved. There you go. And that’s what Lens Distortion does. As you can see it’s super
simple and it’s free so download it and play with it. You don’t need the paid
add-ons that it comes with. What it actually comes with
is plenty to work with, but it’s a lot of fun to
really spice up your pictures. Now the next app we’re gonna work with is the end-all be-all photo editing app and that’s Adobe Lightroom. If you’re not familiar
with Adobe Lightroom, it literally does everything. You can manipulate your picture any way you want in Adobe Lightroom. And I can’t possibly go over
all the features in this video, but I am gonna go over a couple. So let’s open it up and have
a look at Adobe Lightroom. So when you open up Adobe Lightroom, you can choose an image that
you’ve already worked on, or you can go into your
Camera Roll or Album and choose something new. So when the photo load you’re
gonna see a lot of options down here on the bottom. So one of the first
things you might wanna do is come over here to Presets. Now Presets is gonna walk
you through the filters that are built inside of Adobe Lightroom. I’m just gonna walk
through a few of them here so you can see some of the differences. Now the filters are really nice in here and they give you a lot of options, but you can also adjust
everything manually. And you can also adjust it manually based on what the filter does. So whatever we choose for the filter, we can go back in and adjust from there. And if you wanna see what it
looks like without the filter, simply press down and hold the photo and it will show the original. For this photo I’m gonna
choose High Contrast. And I’m gonna hit the check
mark on the bottom right. Next thing I’m gonna do is go to Light. And here you can set the exposure, contrast, highlights,
shadows, whites, or blacks. Now these are the
settings that Preset added when I selected it. So I’m gonna go through and
I’m gonna back off the contrast just a little bit. Then I’m gonna go over to Color. As you can see, you can see Temperature, Tint, Vibrance, Saturation, and so on. I’m gonna add a little
bit more saturation. I want that blue sky to pop. You can also go in to the Mix and you can choose individual colors. So, for example, the backpack is orange. So let’s tap on orange and I’m gonna add some saturation and some luminance to that backpack to really make it stand out. This is without the effects. This is with the effects. And you can go through
each color individually and tweak each one. But I’m happy with that. Next I’m gonna go into Effects. And I’m gonna add a vignette. As you can see, I can add a white vignette if I move it to the right, which I don’t want. Or if I move it to the left
I can add a black vignette. I’m gonna add just a little bit. Up here on the top, I can add clarity. That’s gonna really bring in
the details of this photo. See the difference? Before and after. Right you can crank that up, really get a lot of detail in there. Or you can back it off and it gets blurry. Now if I wanted to crop the picture. I could do that here. And I can also tilt it. But we’re not gonna do that. And the cropping option is
right here on your bottom left and you go through and choose
whatever size you want. So for this I’m gonna do 16 by nine and I’m just gonna crop it right there. When I’m ready, I’m just
gonna tap on the check, and boom, there’s our picture. Before and after. Now the cool thing about this app is, all these changes that you did, you can easily go back and
undo every single one of them. Watch this. So I just did the crop and
I actually don’t like it. So I’m gonna go back to Crop. And I’m gonna put it on Original. And now that’s where
we originally started. So I’m gonna hit okay. Plus all the changes that we did. Even though we did all the changes, I can go back to Presets
and I can undo that. I can go back to Effects. I can undo the vignette. I can redo any effect that I
want or reduce it or add it at any stage during the edit and that is super powerful. So I’m happy with this. I’m gonna hit the check mark on the top. And it’s gonna save it
right here into All Photos. Now that I’ve saved the
photo inside a white room, when I wanna export it, I open the photo back up. I tap on the Export icon. I save to Camera Roll. I choose maximum available. And it’s saved. Now if I back out, you’re gonna see other
images that I’ve worked on. Lightroom will keep these images and all the edits within them until you actually delete the photos. And that’s awesome feature to have. And those are my three
favorite photo editing apps besides Snapseed. Thank you so much for watching. If this is your first time here, be sure to hit that subscribe button followed by the notification bell so you don’t miss anything and you can continue
to Master Your Mobile. And I’ll see you in the next video.

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