Best 360 Video Editing Software for Mac and PC

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  1. Hey dude can I get a Review of best Laptops for editing and kinda gaming for budget of 850$ can u do a video on it.. coz many people need College laps with some gaming and cool editing capabilities. for a budget price :/

  2. Hey Justin, you forgot two programs: Magix Movie Edit Pro and NCH VideoPad.

    Both programs let you edit 360 and preview in real time. I've been doing this quite some time and used them both of them and are very good too.

    PS: Excellent video!! Regards!!

  3. hello, can you reviews about lavalier as well? I am using LGv20 is there any lapel/lav I can use, specially when im outside and its noisy on my background.

  4. I have a gear 360 2017, and have cyberlink Powerdirector 15 I need a tutorial to show me exactly how to edit a 360 video. as it DOES NOT EDIT correctly the clip

  5. I wish so much that Power Director was for Mac as well. Premiere is just so much more expensive, and I remember how much I loved Power Director for both the tools and interface. Whenever I search for video editing software for Mac, it seems that it always comes down to Adobe, Final Cut Pro, or a Wondershare product, and Wondershare is quite on the simple side. Windows has so much more video editing software.

  6. Hey Justin. Any chance you could advise me about a 360 monitor setup. ie monitors all around an individual. What would be best to play a 360 video across all the monitors with the viewer in the center? Thanks

  7. I know almost know nothing about how to use adobe softwares,can I learn to edit 360° videos in few weeks? I MEAN IS IST TOO HARD?so that, If it is hard then I can idea to buy 360cam…pls reply…thanks 😊😘😘

  8. There is the free insta360studio but seems it doesn't export equi videos! Any free good software out there, simple and similar to iMovie?

  9. The additional tools of premiere are just useless junk that ruins videos as people overdo it with the wipes and transitions. USELESS GARBAGE they are. Name the last movie you saw full of star wipes, checkerboards and barn door transitions when the apeaking character changes? Cant think of one you say? Real pros dont use them thats why.

  10. Thanks for the great video. Two quick questions. 1) can you put different color overlays on the videos such as making the picture blue or green and 2) is there picture in picture possibilities on either of them. Thanks! 🙂

  11. Hi Justin, Awesome analysis about 360 editing softwares. Thanks. Now that Final Cut Pro X 10.4 with ability to edit 360 videos is available, please prepare a full functionality sort of tutorial around 360 videos if you can. The first problem I came across it regarding 10.4, some of the so-called 360 videos I downloaded on internet for testing do appear 360 in 10.4 but others aren't but you can see that  they are indeed spherical just like those that are 360 enabled. This is what I was following:

  12. Hi Justin .. informative video. I have a question: can powerdirector or premiere stitch the videos that are right off the camera? (i have a samsung 360 2017 edition). Thanks.

    Additional information: I am trying to stitch a video with the supplied ActionDirector but the software throws an error saying "unsupported format". However I can view the 360 video on my phone but the gear 360 app would not copy the file from the camera to my iphone gear360 library! The file size is 660 mb, although am not sure if this is an issue. When I copy the video to the gear360 app phone library the progress bar appears and stays for about 4 minutes (I assume the app is stitching the video). When the bar disappears I dont see the video on gear360 app library. Appreciate any quick pointer to a solution. Thanks.

  13. 360-Video is not supported in the testversion of Cyberlink Power Director 16 . No chance of trying out.

  14. Is there a reason you didn't mention Cyberlink Action Director, which has a version actually bundled with Gear 360? It was in existence June 2017.

  15. Hi
    I need to overlay a 2d video onto a 360 video so that the 2d video is always seen (i.e. always at a certain position relative to the display) when I navigate into the 360 video (like a logo). So would this be possible with Premiere? So far I have tried hit film express and Adobe After Effects but with no success (i.e. the position of the 2d video is changing when I navigate into the 360 video).

  16. I love these videos! As a self described techno tard, my new fasination with 360 video was kind of a surprise for me. Having almost no video editing or little computer knowledge, this has been pretty daughting. Uploading raw video is the most I've been able to do, but I'm working on it lol

  17. Hi, thanks for this nice intro to 360 video editing (at least ''intro'' for me since I just started to look into that). Now, I see Magic also released VR Studio to their line of products; how would it rank amongst all the video editing software you've been testing so far ? I guess I'd plunge directly with Premiere but in the past, Vegas has been quite interesting as an intuitive editing software but since it's been sold to Sony, re-sold to Magix, I wonder how they're doing with this suite of theirs ?

  18. Why is it the "BEST" of anything, based on an individuals choices and their opinion is the only thing counted?

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