Best Budget Travel Tripod — K&F Concept Tripod Review

– So I’ve been looking for
a lightweight, compact, budget, travel tripod that
is over 60 inches tall ’cause I’m a taller guy, and I think I found the
perfect one from K&F Concept, and I’m gonna be doing a
quick review in this video. Hey, what’s up? Sean here with Think Media,
bringing you the best tips and tools for building your
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consider subscribing. And hey, at any point during the video, we’ll link out show notes
in the description below, any other videos, resources, as well as the products we talk about. So check those out at any time. Let’s jump into the review. So having a great tripod
is super important, and I’ve been on the hunt for
a great budget travel option, and I think I found the perfect one. Now this is the K&F Concept KF-TM2324, and let’s check out the specs. Now the entire weight
of the tripod comes in at 2.51 pounds, or 1.1
kilograms, so it’s super light, yet it doesn’t compromise on
its ability to hold up gear and be really sturdy. Now when it’s folded up, it
is only 18.1 inches long. So I typically will fill
this in my clothing bag. I usually bring my gear onto most planes in a Think Tank bag. I check that in the overhead ’cause I want to keep all
the expensive stuff with me at all times, but then I’ll put this bag in any kind of other
suitcase, and at 18 inches, it pretty much fits in any suitcase. And then the capacity on here
is 22 pounds or 10 kilograms. So that’s way more than
we would typically use ’cause we’re shooting
DSLRs, mirrorless bodies, things like that, but if you
wanted to do up to 22 pounds, it can hold that. Now as far as the build quality goes, it’s all aluminum and magnesium alloy. So we’ve used other budget tripods that have a lot of plastic pieces. There really isn’t much
plastic if anything. Maybe the clamps here are
plastic but still very sturdy and well-built, but all
of the build quality is pretty exceptional,
especially considering the price of this tripod. Now that’s just an overview
of the basics of this tripod but really it’s the little details that make all of the difference when you shoot a lot. So let’s talk about some
of my favorite features. The first is this hook right here. Now the reason this is great is because this is such a light tripod, you could hang your gear bag
or a sandbag, anything else. If you really want to make
sure that your camera is safe, you’ve got that hook there. Not all tripods include that, so it’s a nice attention to detail. Additionally, you’ve got
this spongy grip on one hand, which is also nice. Now some tripods that are
kind of built like this allow you to turn it into a monopod. This one does not. However, if you just go into mono mode, it still can function
very much as a monopod, and at just two-and-a-half pounds, you definitely can move around and do some run-and-gun shooting. But I like this spongy grip for always grabbing that one handle. Just some nice attention to detail. Additionally, you’ve got
these rubber-grip tips on the end here. I like these for a couple of reasons. One, these are good if you’re off-road, gravel, dirt, things like that, but they’re also great for concrete, tile, shooting at events. We’ve used this now at
multiple different events and for multiple different projects, and they also just kind of stay on there. I’ve lost the tips of tripods. Maybe you have. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever had tripod issues. I’ve seen lots of pieces like
this fall off of tripods. So the build quality’s good here. We’ve got a little bit
of detail for the grip, and because it’s rubber,
these pretty much work on any surface. Now the head on here is not
meant for smooth-panning video or anything like that. You could ultimately swap this head out and put a video head
on there if you wanted, but what is nice is it does have really
buttery smooth movement, at least from pan left to
right, which is kind of nice. If you just wanted to get a nice shot, left to right of any kind, you could do a little bit of video work just with that head there, but typically, we’re using this for
static lockdown shots, whether we’re shooting
at like CES, events, and things like that, and we
want a really light tripod that we can bring on the go with us. And so the head is nice. And then you also have the ability to loosen it up, get whatever angle you want with the ball head
there, tighten that down. It’s also nice that they’ve
included the leveler right there so you’ve got that ball leveler. And then the plate is great. It just pops on and off. Attach that to your camera. A little rubber detail on there as well. Very thoughtful. Easy to put on your
camera, to take on and off. And so the whole tripod
mounting head, all well-built, good tactile features, it’s really great. Additionally, they’ve made it really easy to get an inverted or bird’s-eye shot. All you have to do is
unscrew this bottom piece with the bag hook on there,
and you could take this out and invert it really easy,
and what’s nice about that is not only could you do
lower shots like this, but with the ball head, you
could also get your camera to do nice inverted shots. So if you can imagine,
whether you’re on a floor or potentially even on a desk, now you can get that
perfect top-down view. So a nice feature and thoughtfulness, and you could see how
this all works together, just really like plug-and-play, and you’re set up and ready to shoot. And then one of the last things
that I potentially look for when looking for the perfect tripod are these clips here. Now you’ve probably seen a lot of tripods that are similar to this that are more that
screw mount, and for me, I just don’t think that’s as fast. What I like about these
is you can just, you know, collect them all, and just
contract the whole leg, and boom, you’re ready to go. Very fast to set up and tear down, as opposed to (screwing
noises) tighten it down again. And so this is my preferred
tripod leg-locking system, and so I like that they
included it on this one. All right, let’s talk price. Now at the time of shooting this video, this tripod comes in at right
around $79 here in the US. Now I actually bought
it around the holidays this past year on a
lightning deal on Amazon and it was closer to $60, and what’s cool is actually those lightning
deals show up from time to time, even if it’s not the
holidays, like just mid-year. So maybe, if you follow K&F on social, you might get an announcement of that, but even at $80, I think this is the best. Like, that is a killer deal. Build quality’s pretty incredible. We’ve already put a lot
of wear and tear on it. I should also mention
it comes with the bag, which is nice, not just for
throwing it in for the tripod, but we also will throw sometimes
other stuff in this bag and use this bag in luggage. And so, we’ve shot in San Diego with it, we’ve shot here in Vegas with it, a lot of different scenarios, and you could tell that it’s
a great well-built tripod that will last. So it’s a little more expensive
than really budget tripods, but for the build
quality, the construction, I think it’s a great value. And I’d actually love
to hear your thoughts. Do you know of any budget tripod or similar-price tripod
that beats the specs? Let me know in the comment section below. So as far as my final thoughts go, this is definitely my
favorite tripod right now. I think for the value, the
build quality, what you get, it definitely works for us for shooting a lot of static shots, especially at events. It’s what we’re gonna be
using at NAB this year. And I also think that the value
as far as in the marketplace is really cool, also for
like the height, you know. Another popular tripod is
the Manfrotto BeFree tripod. It costs over twice as much as this, and it’s also seven inches shorter. I think it comes in
right around 55 inches, which might work for most people, but having a 62-inch tripod
for someone taller like me, I’m 6’1, is really, really awesome, that also can fold down to 18 inches and go with you anywhere. And then as far as for a
little bit of video work, the panning on top is nice, and if you wanted to bring
a video head with you for some more advanced shooting, you could also combine that with this but keep those separate
in your bag as well and still travel. And again, it’s ultra-light
at two-and-a-half pounds, which makes it not heavy
for heavier cameras, but the fact they’ve
included that bag hook allows you to anchor this
down with as much weight as needed to turn it into
really a very versatile tool for whatever kind of
content you want to create, not just video, but also photos. Question of the Day. What tripod are you currently using? Do you like it? And what are the features
that you look for when picking out tripods? Let me know in the comment section below. So thanks for checking out this video. Subscribe for more videos just like this. And if you want to see other videos in our budget video gear
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with online video. Keep crushing it and we will talk soon.

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  2. Nice post full of useful information about products that there are not many reviews on the "real" world (such as cell phones for example).
    Have a look also to this one I have not bought it but I am on my research to buy one (that's the reason I found your video)

  3. A lot of the current tripods use this same quick release platform. Does anyone know if it will accept a Manfrotto 500 series plate since it looks like it just tightens down? I have a Weebill gimbal which uses the Manfrotto plates. It would be nice to be able to go back and forth.

  4. I just bought this model one for $63.00 AU $ it seems well made and I am very pleased with it so far , as I had to replace my 30 year old Stilz HI-low HL 31 tripod , it was made in Japan but , it lasted a for a long time.

  5. That's the type of tripod landscape/nature photographers use. I used to have a similar one, loved it. Don't know where it went. I never came across one while "window shopping" since.
    Question of the day: Unfortunately I have a cheap video tripod. Like I said I want one like you have there but never came across one in the stores I visited. If you go out on rough terrain you'll love that tripod even more!

  6. awesome video and review! how does it compare to top brand like manfrotto be free? i was indecisive right now. i’m going to shot a landscape with a seawave possibly hit the tripod legs. is it sturdy enough? any comment would be helpful. thanks!

  7. I used to purchase tripods like this, but I finally realized that in the long run, this can be a waste of money. At first sight, the tripod seems like a good value. However, based off my own experience with similar tripods and this particular video, I can tell you why I personally think that buying this a mistake that a lot of beginners tend to make.

    In the video, you can clearly see how extremely wobbly the tripod is when extended, which kind of defeats the purpose of using a tripod in the first place. Look at how long it takes before it stops shaking after he attaches a camera and merely touches the tripod. The legs look very flimsy and thin, especially the last two sections (which you will be using a lot, as the maximum height of this tripod is not spectacular). Stability is of great importance to a tripod, something this one and most cheap tripods lack. This tripod also appears to have many sections, which does make it compact when folded. However, it is a real stability and rigidity issue when the tripod is not well-built in the first place.

    Those plastic clamp/flip locks are a problem. I prefer twist locks over these locks. I used to be the complete opposite when I started out, however, think about this; those plastic clamps will break eventually (biggest issue), they often lose tension, they get stuck and in practice I found them to be slower and more difficult to operate. You have to lock and unlock each individual clamp, while twist locks can be locked and unlocked simultaneously per leg with one hand.

    The ball head also looks absolutely awful, despite it being an essential part of a tripod. It does not even feature a friction knob. I have a ball head similar to the one in this video at home, which I purchased for literally a couple of dollars off a Chinese wholesale website. Because that is how much these things are worth. They do the job, sort of, but pale in comparison to a decent ball head. Cheap materials, bad finish, poorly made or no locking feature, abysmal base plate of which the rubber is easily damaged, knobs that lose tension, rough or inconsistent rotation and all sorts of things which can lead to real camera/lens damage.

    This tripod looks exactly like the cheap Chinese tripods which are getting rebranded constantly so they can be sold for way more than they are worth on websites like Amazon. Before purchasing, please also take a look at the one and two star reviews instead of basing your purchase off the average – which usually does look promising. If you are serious about getting a tripod and using it but purchase this instead, you will end up buying a better one eventually and you wasted money on this. Please, save up another $100-$150 at least and get yourself a decent tripod with a decent ball head. There are often great offers if you look around a bit on several websites. Because this tripod is not a representation of what tripods are; they seem fine for casual use at first but they break, they fail, the quality (control) is just horrible and most important imo; they are so unstable and will not serve their proper purpose.

  8. umm wait ,sorry for asking this question can i attach a phone to that tripod?
    for live streaming, i know that in 6:32 there is an phone attach on the tripod how to do it?

  9. Great review! I’m traveling soon and need a tripod when I came across your review of this tripod I saw on Amazon. Love the tripod and was almost gonna pull the trigger to buy one, then I noticed the lock collars. It is a budget tripod, I understand, but those locks WILL crack and fail, just a matter of time. Great review nonetheless! Thumbs up!

  10. Can you compare the Manfrotto BeFree Live and the Benro Aero 4? There are similar in price, and I can't find many good comparison videos on them!

  11. Awesome tripod, however I think it’s more than what I need and out of my budget. I won’t be doing much traveling. Mostly shooting crafting tutorials from my home.

  12. I‘m using the kenfaith (k&f) TM2534T

    I really like it. It’s like yours but with the monopod option and also you can pull out a second extension, which you can also tilt 90 degree to the side so you can shoot over edges and stuff… just fantastic

  13. Just got this tripod from amazon uk today and I must say I'm impressed with it so wen it gets dark I'll use it to do Astrophotography if clear so I will know how good this tripod is. Will use it for my smartphone too. I think what you says about tripod is good.

  14. This is really cool. I actually found this video because I was looking at reviews for cheaper tripods because I actually want to try out making YouTube videos with just some cheap stuff to start out.

  15. Could you compare this with Geekoto Tripod?

  16. I want to start off by saying how wonderful it is to have such an honest and down-to-earth review on a product. I'm just a regular guy that loves photography and has hobby money to spend on it. You picked a real product one that all people can possibly afford and I appreciate it. It's not very realistic to watch a review on a accessory that cost more than my camera. So thank you very much

  17. I bought this tripod based on the recommendation in this video – I can happily say it was exceeded my expectations. I, too, am a taller guy (6'3") so the extra height was a plus. It's much more sturdy than tripods priced in this range. Thanks @ThinkMedia for the solid review.

  18. Hy! nice video i actually watch all video from your both channels i actually thinking to start channel and also start doing photography
    so, will this tripod that you have review will work for both…video and photography…🤔🤔🤔

  19. (Sorry, same question as I left on the Mactrem review page) – Can the ball head be swapped out with a fluid head easily enough? Thanks.

  20. By far my favorite channel for gear incite. Quick, thorough, honest, and CLEAR. Great job guys!

  21. The thing I love about your Equipment on a budget is that Not only do you recommend items that are inexpensive and good for beginners but items that are also really good quality and just happened to have Alott of bang for your buck. Most budget videos they’re just showing you what’s the cheapest but most of those products have no quality to them and can sometimes make things even harder when it comes photography. With Sean he recommends budget equipment that is always super high-quality price being considered. Definitely a wealth of knowledge when it comes to video and photography and I’ve noticed I have made several great well-informed purchase decisions based on his recommendations and never regretted it once. Thanks Sean 🙏. Keep up the good work.

  22. Geekoto 77 aluminum has the click when adjusting the legs. It also has thr snap adjustment legs too. If you could review it, it would be great. Debating on what tripod to get K&F or the Mactrem

  23. I actually both this tripod after your review, and I am loving it, it is not heavy, easy to open it fast and really affordable tripod. Happy to support you with the amazon commisions 🙂 thanks

  24. I just purchased this tripod and the mounting plate, even when tightened as tight as I can get it using a large screwdriver, wobbles a lot between the mounting plate and my Sony a6000 camera body. The sag and slop are so bad that when using my Sony 55-200mm lens, which is lightweight, at 70-80mm focal length the very bottom of my composition sags and droops to the very top of the frame when I let go of my camera. At 200mm my subject completely leaves the frame when the mount sags. I have to aim significantly above my subject and hope that I estimated the slop correctly so that when I let go the camera sags and the subject hopefully ends up in frame. The tripod has a great height to weight ratio but the slop in the mounting plate is a huge deal breaker. The tripod is useless to me with my lightweight Sony a6000 camera. What I am left with is a very expensive remote flash holder, or maybe an overpriced action camera or cell phone tripod.

  25. A great design in tripods but I sent 2 back. I purchased the grip lock versions. First one had a centre column plastic bit that was already cracked before I used it and made it impossible to lock the centre column. The second I used for about 3 weeks and had rubber grips that spun around when you tried to lock the lower part of the leg therefore making the locking of the lower segment of two legs impossible. Amazon accepted both as a full refund return. I would love to buy a third but ….

  26. My next favorite trypod is small and efiicient, it has to be this one:

  27. Hi, Just wanted to ask if anyone know if the Smartphone holder that comes with this tripod has a place to where I can screw a shotgun microphone for example. Thanks in advance for the help!

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  29. Can one of the Smartphone mounts you recommend work with this tripod?In your video on the best tripods for phones, all the tripods are very short.

  30. Dude I just got mine and I have to say I am really loving the build quality. Thanks a lot for the tip! Also, just wanted to mention that K&F actually sell their gear from their own site and I actually manage to get it for like 67 usd including shipment, which is crazy since on amazon and other sites it would cost like 120-140 usd (they ship free internationally) .

  31. Thanks for the nice review on an affordable tripod. Being new to this whole camera thing I been thinking of a tripod for my new fugifilm camera. Im not spending more on a tripod than my camera. Lol. They may be worth $600+. Idk but Im not spending it. Still undecided on which one I'll end up with.

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