Best Camera Apps For Android Like DSLR 2019!

Nowadays, people are more inclined towards
capturing moments on their phone cameras while witnessing a special moment. And why not? With the help of these pictures, we are able
to relive that particular moment again and again. That’s why companies are launching smartphones
with better cameras that fall under the high-end category. So, the affordable way to get impressive pictures
is by using Android camera apps. If you are bored from using your default smartphone
cameras, here is the list of some of the top android camera apps that are available at
the Google Play Store for downloading. ProShot The ProShot is a paid app that comes with
a price tag of $3.99 at the Google Play Store. This camera app has gained its popularity
by being a standout application in the Windows App Store. There’s no denying the fact that this app
is fully-packed with excellent features that make it worthy of its price. Other than that, you can also make changes
to the JPEG compression levels, aspect ratios, timed shots to create your own masterpiece. In short, the ProShot camera app offers a
lot at a reasonable amount and is a great option to capture some travel destination
shots. With its DSLR-inspired design, everything
seems within reach with ProShot. Footej Camera Footej Camera is one of the newer camera apps. It has a good mix of mainstream and serious
photography features. It uses Android’s Camera2 API. That means it has a full assortment of manual
controls. It can also shoot video, make GIFs, a photo
histogram, and burst mode. It also supports RAW format as long as your
device does. You can try it out for free or pay $2.99 for
the pro version. It’s quite excellent without too many serious
bugs. DSLR Camera Pro You can easily tell by the name that this
camera app is here to help you take some next level professional photographs just like a
quality DSLR camera. A number of people have even stated that the
DSLR Camera Pro app can be passed as a copy for an actual DSLR with respect to the features
included in the app. Because this app aims to offer a replication
of controls along with interfaces of a DSLR camera on an Android smartphone, it has much
more to bring to the table. This app consists of finely tuned camera functions
such as a movable viewfinder, scene preset, configurable autofocus, two-stage shutter
etc. If you are bitten by a DSLR bug then this
app is a must try for you. Cymera Camera Cymera is another one of the older and popular
camera apps. It focuses more on mainstream features. That means you’ll get a bunch of filters,
stickers, special effects, and similar features. It also has a beauty camera mode. It can add or take away features from your
face and body. We’re not big fans of such dramatic alterations,
but to each their own. It also includes a photo editor for minor
edits. It’s free to download. You can buy additional stuff as in-app purchases. FiLMiC Pro Filmic Pro is one of the newer camera apps
on Android. It’s also the most expensive camera app on
this list. It has some unique features as well. That includes some extremely specific manual
controls. For instance, it has a dual slider for exposure
and focus, a white balance adjustment matrix, and a gamma curve control. In addition, it comes with some added analytics,
a live RGB control, and a lot more. This one had a very shaky start. However, recent updates improved the functionality
quite a bit. Even so, we highly recommend thoroughly testing
this inside of the refund period in case you need your money back. This is a serious camera app. Bacon Camera We’ll be honest. We thought Bacon Camera was a joke app when
we first saw the name. However, this is a legitimately decent camera
app. It boasts manual controls such as focus, white
balance, exposure compensation, ISO, and more. You also get support for RAW and DNG along
with the traditional JPEG. It boasts support for manual controls on devices
that don’t support Google’s Camera2 API. We didn’t have any test devices that didn’t
support that, so we’ll take their word on it for now. Some other features include GIF support, a
panorama mode, and timed shots. This is surprisingly good and the pro version
is surprisingly cheap. These are some of the best camera apps that
are currently available for Android devices at the Google Play Store to be downloaded. Don’t forget to Subscribe to the channel and,
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  1. Awesome (and authentic) video, Fire Tech! These camera apps are definitely better than the original one on my phone 😀

  2. I am actually searching for a camera witch uses different software than the default camera prosseccor and algorithms if that os possible.

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  7. Thanks for this video. Given me a start to look at different camera apps. Can you tell me if Filmic Pro can be used for still photography as well as video and what is your opinion of Open camera and moment app?

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  9. When comparing camera apps, most important is the picture quality you get of of them. The added features wion't be used by 99% of the people anyways.

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