Best Camera for Kids – Mini Kids Camera Unboxing and Review

in today’s video I’m actually gonna be
unboxing a mini camera in here so I’ve got this off eBay what’s that sound
hang on I didn’t order the kids music this is a Tecna review why am i hearing
kids music in here okay well I guess I’m gonna start unboxing kids stuff now probably wondering why why why why why
am i unboxing this okay first of all my daughter actually saw me playing with a
camera and actually bought her a small camera a small toy camera before
actually I didn’t find out what I found it so I actually bought her a toy camera
before so this is an Avengers toy camera that I just bought in Target or Big W
anyway it’s a toy camera right makes sounds and then it gives you random
images so superheroes my daughter is a little bit older now and she’s seen me
do my videos everything she’s asked me now can you buy me your camera because
this camera doesn’t do anything she wants to take photos you know all those
things you want to sort of copy daddy maybe I should set up a channel for her
anyway hey did a quick search online what’s best cheap mini camera for
children and I stumble across this side actually bought this on eBay I’ll drop
the link down below so you can have a look but I don’t even know which brand
this is we’re getting all made in China right this one’s also made in China by
the way so this camera is the world’s coolest child SLR with 1.5 inch screen
which is suitable for the cultivation of children’s photography hobbies
development of the brain and love outdoors and so on basically what it’s
telling me it’s a cheap camera that your kids can use also it actually states
there it can be a gift for toys for children okay sounds good to me sign me
up so I paid 25 Australian dollars including free shipping needs on bosses
I’m gonna test it out make sure it works before I give to her okay this is where
the proper music comes in okay no more none of those kids music and I’ve got
the camera here charging cables SD card to use being oh please it comes with
stickers my daughter will definitely love this small children SLR see that’s
the name small children SLR bilingual there’s the Chinese instructions here
you can see that this is the there’s no battery so I definitely need
to charge this one okay so all the cameras charge I was also searching for
our micro SD card so I actually have a an SD card in here does it come with an
SD card so you have to bring your own so there’s no autofocus or any of those you
know advanced functionalities an SLR camera basically it’s a point-and-shoot
mini camera its small in size it has five megapixels it can also record video
and it reduces resolution of 1080 give the screens you get the Settings button
in there the power button the revisit button and then the up/down button and
also a digital camera shutter all right let’s see what it turns on I can’t I’ll
charge you two for a couple minutes so ladies you can see ah there you see
there you go sorry snapping there’s no card I’m gonna turn
yourself again okay take to you I’ve got the SD card now alright let’s turn this
on it would see me and I’m gonna take a photo of that 1 2 3 actually comes with
a shutter sound let me try again try again here what do you know who is this
good-looking guy me it goes up and down and now okay you can actually delete
photos I just deleted photos in this press this and then hit the ok here boom
I’m not going to delete at the moment because I want to save some of the
photos into the computer travel over to have a closer look on the quality I’m
not expecting much because this is a 5 megapixel camera this type of camera you
don’t expect really good autofocus so there’s a little bit of shake if you’re
shooting in a standstill without any shakes it’s actually not too bad to
record a video you need to hold the shutter long okay there you go it’s recording now
hello world hey everyone hi everyone instead us here welcome to
my channel okay let’s see what our footage I’m assuming a record so to go
am i need to export what’s in there and then put it to my computer well you can
see me hey everyone here welcome to my channel actually comes with audio
subscribe to my channel and I already have my expectation that this is not
going to look great on low light conditions there’s a lot of light coming
in here so some image footage may look alright but you know once becomes dimmer
or there’s less light we’ll see how the image performs so audio quality is not
the best again don’t expect too much from this 5 megapixel camera so I bought
this online for 25 dollars got it on eBay again I was actually looking for
something that actually takes photos but they realize this can take videos as
well so it’s a win-win situation for me because I got something that I can give
to my daughter that she can play around with it see she can sort of you know
start getting more creative and gives an opportunity for mods the order to
actually learn about photography understand how it works
and play around with it have fun and I can’t it’s cheap it’s something that you
can use you can take care of she’ll learn more about responsibilities she’ll
learn about how to charge your equipments anyway father of the Year
award income well look that’s really thank you so much for watching I hope
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again mrs. Dennis and I’ll see you in my next video bye what’s up everyone
today’s video I’m gonna be unboxing

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  1. Haha looks and sounds like it was filmed with a potato but it would be a pretty awesome toy for a kid! Nice one πŸ‘

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