Best DSLR For Video?

So what is the best all around DSLR for video
I’m gonna share with you my research and my best tips right now Hey whats up guys Sean here with video influencers helping you build your influence
And your income with online video And one of the big question that people are
always asking is what is the best DSLR for making videos and YouTube videos
So I had the opportunity to shoot on a lot of different cameras and
work with people who use all kinds of different cameras
but in this video I was specifically concern with the best all-around DSLR
like the one you can be sure it’s solid when it comes to price
features performance ease of use and also stay at the end of this video because
I’m going to be sharing some of the things that you should look for
in a DSLR even if you go with a different one as well as some of my best
money saving tips lets get into the review
so whats the best DSLR all-around for youtubers and video creators
I think is the canon 70D and here is why Number one of course the camera is HD every
camera you go with is gotta be HD 1080p it was brilliant video quality number
two a huge youtuber attribute Is it has a flip out
screen and not just a flip out screen but also a touch screen that is really good quality
on it so of course youtubers want that for if you would use it for vlogging or
when you are shooting a video and you need to able to see yourself or you want to be
able to compose the shoot number three is got a 30 min record time and so
you don’t have to keep restarting the video every like 12 minutes like some others DSLRs
or some of the older Canons number four and this is the stand out that this is the game
changer for the canon 70D and that is auto focus during
video and so de 70D introduces what’s known by dual pixel CMOS autofocus
and that simply means it’s really good at focusing when shooting video not only that
but you can also tap in the screen to focus you can set it to follow faces you can set
it to follow regions and so for youtubers specially that want to do reviews that want
to hold up a product and having the camera focus
on the product they want to make sure to not ruin a whole video by not having it in focus
having really good auto focus really sets this camera apart
and we’ll talk about it later because there’s other good cameras with autofocus but at a
much higher price range we are interested in what’s the
best all around that auto focus is a game changer
next is there is a huge variety of lenses available because is a canon camera
because canon really is so main stream that means a couple things that you are going to
be able to find more lenses than some other brands or
some of the niche brands but also if you search even on
like used or refurbish you can actually save money because there are so many out there
and get variety of lenses next is that the kit lenses that are kinda
like the standard lenses that would come bundle with the camera if
you buy it with a lens are actually really good and great for video
creators and youtubers to get started with
and one of the features that you want to look for is the kit lenses
most of them now are STM and that means that the auto focus system
It’s just on a step remoter and it means that it focuses fast and it focuses quiet
next is that the wireless features on this camera are super solid
Meaning it interfaces great with the canon the canon connect app its available on iPhone
and droid And so you can shoot the camera remotely you
can transfer files to your phone Most video creators and youtubers also need
to take great photography And well talk about that in a second
But what’s nice is that you can take really high end photography
Get that on your phone and then use that for social media content
And then also takes great photos and so if you’ve been watching Video Influencers
For any length of time you also know how important branding is
And that is not really is not just about your video content but that
You want good thumbnails you want good branding on your social media
Good photography to use in other places and so having a solid DSLR
You can also depend on this not just to create video content
But also to create photo content kinda your social media content
Creation machine And lastly it has a mic input so one of the
big challenges with a lot Of point shoots and with a lot of youtubers
video creators That’s kinda were you gotta start
But because you’ve got that mic input it really changes the game
For what your audio options are and that’s pretty common for DSLRs
But definitely should be mention So how much does a Canon 70D cost?
Well right now is still gonna round you about a 1000 dollars
And if you want to get a kit lens with it you can actually
Grab those or find those I just saw on Amazon for 1100 bucks
You can get a solid kit lens so definitely a STIP investment but what we
are talking about is all the features and performance that you get
for the price for instance the autofocus is really good
and that’s a huge feature that a lot of people want
but you can use something like a the sony A7s which I’ve used a lot now
the autofocus is better the video quality is better
but just the camera is about 2500 bucks and by the time
you are investing that much you could build an entire studio
lighting tripods mics everything so is there better DSLRs ? absolutely better
for video ? sure but best all around I really think is this
and another one you could look into that is also very popular
is the luminix gh4 but those are gonna run you I think 1500 ish right now
for just the body and if you are interested into researching
any of this stuff more I’ll link up this techy details in the YouTube
description So what about ease of use ? It should be known that there’s definitely
a learning curve from moving form say a point and shoot to a camera like this
however this is one of the most user friendly models out of any of the
DSLRs I’ve ever use and these days you can just spend really probably an
afternoon on YouTube researching specifically how to use the canon
70 D and pretty much to become an expert if you just invested the
time something to note but overall user friendliness
is very solid on the camera and the last think I consider when looking
into what’s the best all around DSLR for video and for YouTube is just
how many youtubers are using it and people from different areas and we interview
a tone of here on video influencers so people on the beauty
space that are doing like beauty channels life style channels and doing
a lot of look books and different kinds of content like that
and then people like Casey Neistat I mean He highly popularize this camera
and the fact that he use it for vlogging and I recently heard him say on a podcast
that the reason he still uses it is not because is perfect but because
of the autofocus is so great on it and because that’s really
important to him in fact I actually did a video on Casey set
up and you can check that out I’ll link that up in the YouTube card
that will pop up somewhere here if you are interested in that
now as promise I just wanted to share a kick tip when it comes to saving money
if you are going to make an investment on this camera or any other camera
though as you can see here the 70D is running for
about a 1000 bucks just for the body so that mean it doesn’t come with
the lens but I was able to pick the 70D that we got off of amazon
for 750 bucks and the way we did it it was ship via prime and it came in two days
and it came and turn out perfect it’s we did it in this section right here
see you have two sections you have refurbish and you also have this used
so in used you can go through here and look at things for instance
like this one is a warehouse deal fulfill by amazon for under 700 dollars
its used acceptable so there’s not a lot of details
about that but it is amazon warehouse so there would be a return policy
so you just shaved 300 dollars off the price of the camera right there
so inside of this section here you can find a lot of great deals
and just make sure that the seller has a really positive rating
and that they’ve been around for a little while
Question of the day What camera do you currently use for your video content or your YouTube
content I would love to hear form you and connect with you in the comment section bellow So thanks so much for watching this video
if you are interested we recently put together a video influencers buyers guide
and It kinda goes through everything from not
just cameras but also Lighting to software to just the different stuff
that we use for different things From vlogging to shooting videos like this
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talk soon

48 Replies to “Best DSLR For Video?”

  1. I am brand new and want to create a documentary DVD. So I care about Video only. It will mostly consist of shooting the people I hang out with.

    I was thinking about a point and shoot, the new gx1 m2 or 3 is about to come out. Since 4k takes too much memory, I think I'll only shoot 1080. But Sony has so many things that Canon does not like 120fps for slo mo and the best low light. Canon DSLR turns into a brick after sunset. So a 7 series Sony or convenience of a point and shoot? Also I can sell all my Sony gear after I'm done. No one will want a used point and shoot camera years later right? So based on all that logic I should get a Sony 7 series right???

  2. How come you are telling this camera is the best for video and you don't even know the name right. If you make such claim i expect you to know the camera perfectly, since you would use it as it's the best; makes me think you were paid for this review…

  3. hey i have a nikon d7200 camera will it work good for vidoes it was my moms camrea but she passed away and never even used it she payed like $1200 for it with abunch of lenses and stuff im not a youtuber but i like the idea of maybe someday making videos as well as my girlfriend would like to

  4. Hi, may I ask, if this is the all around dslr for film, what will be the suitable camera lens to this model that is also all around ? please i need your recommendation

  5. Just realize that not all of us have that much money . Just saying that is 1000$ is not gonna help us
    . Keep in mind that not everybody has that money , a 500 – 600 would be better . I. OFFICIALY HAVE LOST TIME IN MY LIFE FROM A GUY THAT DIDN'T HELP ME IN ANY WAY

  6. very interesting; two things I am really interesting in at this point.I usually do videos out of consumer camcorders,i would like to try it using a dslr.but my thing is which one has the longest, video clip length.or unlimited; I don't want to be recording a concert and the 30min camera stops right in the middle of a speech; also what is a good consumer editing software for on the computer; I usually do stop an go edits on external stand alone WhatsApp is 1 284 547 9695 as sometimes it takes me a while to get back to the same spot on a computer.I am fred.

  7. The thing about the price of a camera being an "investment" If you have the money and making videos because you love doing it, a new camera is just a new toy.
    When I was a child, we had small skidoos for winter travel. People would go to their cabins, maybe tow a sled to bring in supplies, go ice fishing, get a bit of firewood…
    Now-a-days they spend $20,000 on a beast of a machine and what do they do with it? go to their cabins, maybe tow a sled to bring in some supplies, go ice fishing… They don't get firewood anymore, they either pay someone else to get it or use oil/electricity! $20,000 on something so big and heavy that it is practically useless except for on well maintained trails! It's just a toy!
    If I had the money, I would buy a new Cannon. Mine is a good camera but it was bought before they came out with continuous auto focus while videoing.
    I have to use my point and shoot Nikon. It's not bad because the camera is water proof and shock proof, and it takes 1080p video. I can go in a rain storm, over water, under water, jump up and down….

  8. How can a camera cost 2500 bucks, and my phone has all the phone stuff + a quite decent camera is like 800. I mean, I can't really pick lenses, but for the rest, I've got the MP, I got the ISO, and the shutterspeed

  9. Hi, I think it is now a little bit outdated I think Canon 80D in low budget and Canon 5d mark iV can do the job better, more details at

  10. Im currently using a canon G7X and a canon 60D. Love both but would like to upgrade the 60D to a 70D or 80D. Any opinions on which is a better option with budget and auto-focus in mind is greatly appreciated!

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