In my last videos I have mentioned that I am going to make a video series from concepts to equipments What will be covered in the video was mentioned in high level. The video link is in the description. I had planned to start from CONCEPTS
However, I started getting messages (in youtube) that many of you wanted to buy equipments, requesting me to start from equipments… So, I thought, I will make a series of equipment videos… so , if someone wanted to buy a camera right away, it can be of help to them…. but let me mention, one thing I have suggested in my old video… that you go for a DSLR body and Kit lens initially.. Do hands-on from two to three months gradually you will realise what genre you are interested in.. Ones that happens, we can buy specific lens and equipments..! but if you have decided the genre already, then accordingly , you will have to plan to buy the equipments, lens… etc…. My upcoming videos are specific to lens and equipments for genres… But before I go there…, I will give you an idea about basic level entry lens…. So, today we will compare selected cameras from Rs.20,000 to Rs.50,000 Lets start from Rs.20,000 Best entry level basic camera considering you want to come out of mobile photography and point and shoot and advance to the DSLR cameras… then , the basic entry level camera that you can buy 1300D Canon This camera is close to Rs.25,000 and released in 2016 In 2018, a slightly upgraded version 1500D was released and people are confused which camera to buy This is actually very confusing because with a couple of years of difference usually we prefer to go to something with slightly upgraded technology which is 1500D but as such there is no difference in the features whatever differences we see in the feature specifications even that’s not very important update there could be a difference of four to five thousand I have not myself tested 1300D and 1500D but some of my friends feel that 1500D has a slightly better ISO definitely there is an upgrade in megapixels 1300D has 18 megapixel and 1500D has 24 megapixel and all new cameras with updated technology the latest firmware updates can be installed easily So, as such there is no much difference But , because 1300D is an old camera there will be offers on this product So, I would like to suggest, that if your budget is between 20,000 and 25,000 Then exploit these offers and buy a 1300D camera and if your budget is between Rs.25,000 to Rs.30,000 , then you go for 1500D Both the cameras are good and you wont regret..! Now as we go upto Rs.35,000 there we see 2 Nikon Cameras One is D3400 and the other is D5300 D5300 was released in 2013 and D3400 was released in 2016 even the price is not different Ideally because D3400 came 3 years after D5300, I expected some new updates but , pretty much in all ways D5300 is better than D3400 As I always say, we need not always rely on specifications when we look at an overall camera some features in the camera become very important like I feel articulating screen is important in these days even when I am in an event or a function for taking some low angle shot, I need to bend along with the camera An articulating screen would have helped me Top angle shots becomes almost impossible in some cases without an articulating screen D5300 has articulating screen but D3400 which is new doesn’t have one which I feel is a major draw back Not just that even AF points of D5300 is more than D3400 AF points obviously makes focusing easier Coming to videos, we know how important is sound people compromise with video quality but bad audio and noise is a turn off and people lose interest these 3 differences between D3400 and D5300 makes D5300 value for money If we need all features of D5300 and if you feel touch screen can be an advantage then you should go for D5600 which is close to Rs.40,000 it also supports UHS memory cards If you are up for a camera between forty to forty five thousand then its Canon 200D This is Canon’s one of the most successful camera models If you compare this with Nikon D5600 Nikon is a winner with specifications but as I always say, specifications is not everything If we look at Autofocus points Nikon D5600 has 39 AF points and Canon 200D has just 9 and talking about cross type auto focus Nikon D5600 has 9 AF points and Canon has only one… If you want to know more about autofocus points, then I have a couple of videos you can see in the description below Despite less number of AF points and only 1 CT AF points because of dual pixel auto focus technology, Canon 200D is very famous among video guys.. So, if you are a photographer predominantly but sometimes you do take videos then Canon 200D is your camera Sometimes price of Canon 200D comes below Rs.40,000 in some offers which becomes almost equal to Nikon D5600 In that case, its definitely a good deal.. But if your budget is upto 50,000, we have a good mirrorless camera which is Canon M50 Canon 200D and Canon M50 are usually compared and judged which one is good..! M50 is small as it is mirrorless It has a frame rate upto 10FPS and we have 4K video as well If you are a traveller, this is an ideal camera but because of its small size , huge lenses cannot be mounted easily Also, it has limited compatible lenses… but by using intelligent adaptors you can use all Canon lenses and third party lenses as well So, we discussed all selected cameras from 20,000 to 50,000 I hope you liked this video Do let me know which cameras of Canon, Nikon and Sony you like? In my upcoming videos I will talk about genre specific lens and equipments


  1. New video – Action 4K budget camera:

    All camera links in the description..!!
    In some places I mentioned Nikon cameras by adding ‘D’ in the end rather then at the beginning.
    Example: I said 5300D instead of D5300.
    Also, I said D56000 once instead of D5600

    Kindly excuse..!

    For those who are wondering what articulating screen is (forgot to put a picture):
    An articulating screen is LCD screen which is not fixed. We can flip out and twist it when shooting from various perspectives.

  2. Good explanation great knowledge thanks for sharing with us. Ur comparison makes us confused 😁 though u explained only on pricing point of view 🙂

  3. #Bhaiya. Me 1st time camera lena hai. DSLR and SLR Camera use kia hai pehle. Idea thoda sa hai. Par mujhe mera price segment 35k me best camera doubt hai. Nikon vs Canon. Mujhe landscape pic lena accha lagta hai.

  4. You didn't explained Sony in the whole video but at the end of the video you said Sony canon Nikon mein kaun sa Acha rahega y did n't you explained Sony a6000 204 focus points and 11 fps with good built quality at 40000 price range!

  5. Very helpful video this article also helped me making decision for NIKON D5600

  6. I am a first time visitor on your channel and I am impressed with the information you have shared for a beginner like me.
    Very helpful video… I like it. Thanks

  7. I want to buy my first camera before 2020 what should i go for i have no idea, i am about to travel to places next year so I want a camera that is friendly for my budget and also good for capturing the beauty of the places

  8. bro i am from Nepal and your video is suppop and i like canon, which is the best camera under rs40,000.

  9. Sir mujhe fb pr photo upload krne ke liye DSLR chahiye koi esa budget DSLR camera batao jo sare smartphone ki maa-bhen ek kar de.

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  12. Good afternoon. I am looking for a new DSLR for only monochrome mode. I am learning photography at very basic level. Which DSLR or mirror less should I consider under 50000 for street photography only?

  13. Hello Friend , I am Subhadip, professionally I am a Doctor, photography is my hobby.Just I am planning to buy a DSLR under 40 thousands. I am confused among Canon 200d, Nikon 5300 and 5600. I'LL use the camera for still photo and video. Please suggest me any one among three according to your view. Just I want your best opinion because you're a veteran person. Waiting for your prompt response.

  14. canon 200D ka autofocus Kam h to pics pe kitna affect pdega compare to Nikon D5600….
    I want to buy DSLR for pics and video… But pics is main priority.

  15. canon 200D has time lapse and 1080 at 60p whereas D5600 has 1080 at 30p. Is D5600 still better? Can someone explain?

  16. Sir, i want to buy nikon d5600 only for photography ….is it a good choice for photography or i go for canon 200d plz reply sir

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  20. Sir I owe d3400 , I’ve used it for 2 years with some fascinating results and I’m planning to switch towards semi pro dslr with affordable budget ,, even though I’ve watched reviews , but it’s good to be assisted from a pro photographer,,,plz recommend me,,,, waiting for your message ,,,,

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    and help me.
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