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what is going on YouTube it’s the
non-stop affiliate John RC and in this video I’m going to show you guys three
websites that I use to get three stock images whether I’m doing marketing ads
Facebook pages of YouTube videos blogs here are a few websites that I use to
get my images and I’ll also be showing you two tools that I used to edited out
those images if I need to so go ahead and hit that subscribe button below so
you guys don’t miss out any of the great content I put up for you let’s get right
into it the first website that I always go through is pixels pixels count guys
this website has awesome awesome professional stock images so anything
you’re looking for just go ahead and type it in on the search bar whether
it’s all tropical beaches vacation homes anything you’re looking for you’ll find
amazing stunning images you could go ahead and click on and download for free
right over here guys just hit that download button and the
photos yours anything you guys are looking for whether you’re doing gaming
or gaming blog or gaming Facebook page just go ahead and type it into the
search bar and they usually give you guys some awesome images you can start
using right away for your pages videos blogs whatever marketing or page you
want to grow whatever brand you want to grow go ahead and check out pixels it’s
a great website to give free stock images now another website I like to use
is actually called picks a baby so on same thing with picks a baby guys all
you’re looking for all you’re doing is hitting up on the search bar
entrepreneurship and it gives you guys free stock images you can start using
right away so just download these images start working on them in any way it’s
quite a bit of the same person right here but I’m down with these images
start using them for whatever you need to any of the vlogs you want to do any
of the marketing maybe ads you were putting enough there’s a great website
guys as well so go ahead and look up something get some free images for your
marketing especially if you’re just starting off you don’t have a big budget
I honestly recommend either picks a baby or pick
so calm to get some free awesome stock images now if you do have a little bit
more money and you want to invest in some photos
what are you the tool that I like to use is a dope stock image or dope stock
image runs for $30 a month and you get to download ten photos a month now the
best part about it is that they literally have any specific picture
you’re looking for so that’s why I like to use this tool right here it’s for a
very specific type of photos that you need for your marketing or for your ads
so let me give you an example family playing with board game and here go guys
any specific photo that you need you will definitely find it on the dope
stock images whereas if I was using pixels or maybe picks a baby I don’t
have that wide variety so family playing with board games over here is what I’m
getting over here now I really wouldn’t be able to use any of these images if I
was actually looking for a family plane with board games but as you can see over
here in our table stock images you will be able to find those specific photos
you need for your marketing as you can see guys they have also awesome images
very very specific images for your keywords that you’re looking for so if
you have a little extra money and you want to invest into some images I
definitely recommend you to use a dope stock images now I want to show you guys
to editing software’s that I use in case I need to do some tweaking to these
photos so maybe I need to add some light to them maybe I need a cropping mouth
chopped up the photo get up certain part of the photo out of it these are the two
tools that I use to go ahead and work on any photo that I want and the first tool
is canva canva is one of the best software tools out there guys if you’re
not using for your marketing for your Facebook page your YouTube videos you
definitely need to start using camera right away as you can see I was just
using that to go ahead and create some images for my Facebook page and all you
have to do is create an account and they give you guys a large variety of
pictures that you can start making now you can start creating start working on
so whether you want to do a Facebook post a Twitter post what I usually use
down here is our YouTube thumbnails so when I write make a new YouTube video
this is where I come to go ahead and create my images and you could find a
facebook cover any type of banner you need to do a book cover if you guys are
doing an ebook or making your own book in general this is a great place to come
and create the book cover you want to make all you do is go ahead and click on
the one you want to create a book cover for example and they actually give you a
lot of free stock images and free stock layouts that you could use yourself all
you have to do is click on them and it pulls it up for you and you can start
editing out yourself and that’s it guys this is a great tool to be using for any
marketing any Facebook page a blog post that you’re doing guys I definitely
recommend you to use canva right away guys it gives you a wide variety to use
a whole bunch of different images you can create so definitely get on camera
if you’re not already using it now the last tool I want to share with you guys
is called be funky now be funky is an awesome awesome
photo editing software so if you’re trying to
a little Photoshop on your images or what I also like to use it for is making
collages so let’s say if I have a picture that I want several different
images inside I always use this tool to make any collage I want to make so for
example I was just doing a a blog post about of cooking products all I will do
is click on that click on that right there click on that and it starts making
awesome collages for me and in just minutes you can make awesome collage
photos guys so definitely check out beef funky it’s a free tool you can start
using to make collages of different products maybe you’re selling or if you
want to show one product several different ways start using be funky guys
because it’s free it’s easy to use and it’s available straight to your computer
and so that’s it guys these are three tools you can start using to get free
photos so you can start editing out any folders you’re doing for the content
that you want to make marketing blogging ads Facebook pages make sure you check
out these tools right here guys to make the best quality photos now if you guys
are interested in starting to make three to five thousand dollars a month go
ahead and go down to the description and check out my number one recommended
marketing business so if you’re doing affiliate marketing this would be a
great great business to start right here it’s gonna definitely help you off with
all your affiliate marketing so I definitely recommend you guys to check
it out I hope you guys enjoy this video and I’ll see you guys on the next one

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