Best free photo editing Application 2018

hey everyone Mohammed zidan here and
today I’ll be starting a video series about some of my favorite apps on mobile
devices that real estate agents can use to leverage their social media game and
generate more revenue so the first app that we are going to talk about today
it’s a free photo editing app it’s called Snapseed it’s available on both iOS and
Android devices what I like most about this application is that it’s free and
it’s very user friendly and it’s very easy to use the easiest way to edit a
photo is you just export it to the app and then you apply the HDR effect which
gives us this professional look you can also take it to the next level you can
apply saturation you can change the brightness they even have a brush effect
so you can target specific areas in the photo so it’s very easy to use on the go
if you’re just got a new property and the photographer isn’t ready we’ll just
take a few pictures then you edit them I wouldn’t use them for this thing’s
picture but it’s always good to have some at least shiny photos on your
mobile oh yeah that was my favorite application please let me know are you
editing your photos on the mobile or using a desktop app and in next week’s
video I’ll be talking about my favorite video editing app for mobile devices I
hope you liked this video please drop a like if you can subscribe to youtube
channel that would be amazing thank you so much have a good day

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