Best Lost & Found GPS Tracking Tag of 2019 (TrackR Pixel Review)

– What’s the best tracking
device to locate a smartphone, a lost item, and see it on a map? The deal, which you won’t
believe, is coming right up. (cash register ding) (floaty music) What’s the best tracking system, from GPS location tracking, to Bluetooth, to Wi-Fi enabled tracking systems, to find your cheating spouse,
to find your lost purse, to find your pet, I’ve tested them all. And my solution today is something for a little
bit more mainstream, because I’ve done some of the
hardcore tracking devices. By the way, if you’ve
never seen me before, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite. I hunt down deals by subscriber requests. I’ve done all sorts of vehicle
tracking systems in the past. But a very simple tracking
system, at an awesome price, that you can use to locate anything, is one of my favorite grabs. My big question for
you watching right now, and feel free to leave me a comment, what’s the last item
that you couldn’t find? What do you misplace often? What’s the craziest place
you’ve put something? I’ve left my smartphone the fridge before. I’ve left cash in areas I don’t even think you need to know about. And to be able to see
it on a map is awesome. We’re going to take you
through the full unboxing, and more importantly, just
how this works in real time. If you want a link to this deal, expand the video description
box right under me. I should mention Tracker Pixel. They’re not paying me to talk about them, so this is my legit thought on an Amazon Alexa device enabled system, that you can also use with or
without, and your smartphone. Nice slim-profile box, and you get a five-pack with
this price that I found. So for under 40 bucks, you get five, and they’re color-coded. You also get free battery
replenishment through a program, which is a really cool
thing, if you do register, and they are offering it
at the time you register. Alright, let’s open this up. Very nondescript, simple,
actually, this is nice packaging. So there you go. Let’s see, you’ve got your five trackers. One, two. And they have the key
loops, which is really cool. And I’ve tested Tile and used many different
competing tracking devices. There’s something good about all of them, but I really like the price on this. And this includes the
adhesive, the key loops, and the setup guide as
well as this gift envelope. So here’s the adhesives, if you do want to put it on the back of a remote control. That’s a high-grade adhesive. And then you get these gift
envelopes, which is really cool. Because you bought a five-pack, if you wanted to give
this to someone as a gift, you have the ability to do that. So that’s very cool. Alright, let’s set this up. This works with both
Apple and Android phones, any of the recent ones, but actually this goes back as far as far
as the iPhone 4s, I believe, in terms of compatibility. So it is backward compatible,
which is really nice. Here is the Tracker app. Let’s install it. Now the earlier versions of this app were not particularly good. It has seen some updates. You’re going to need to give
it some privacy control too. You have to turn on, like, geolocations and things like that. Let’s wait for this. Alright, let’s add a new device. So, in this case, it’s the Tracker Pixel. “Name your device.” Smartphone. So all you have to do is keep
the device near your phone, and then press the
Clear button right here. (device beeping) You can pair it right now. (device beeping that climbs) Paired. (device beeping that climbs)
Done That paired in half a second. So this allows you to
enable and retrace the steps from the prior locations
of whatever it was that you were looking for. Awesome. So start searching.
(device beeping that climbs) It starts ringing.
(device beeping that climbs) You can stop your search. You can turn on alerts. (device beeping that climbs) Awesome. You can also create Wi-Fi safe zones. This works where the Wi-Fi
safe zone will automatically disable separation alerts. So if you are connected to
a specific Wi-Fi network, like at home or at work,
and you’re not worried about being disconnected from a device, you have the ability to actually
keep that setting in check. The device separation alerts
are an amazing feature. So you can actually ring your device when it gets left behind. So if your smartphone
notices that the proximity between itself and the tracker has grown, or you have something on your
bag, and it’s no longer near the other source you’re trying to track, this will automatically notify
you and give you an alert, which is really cool. You can create custom rings
and the duration of the rings. We’re gonna add a new one right now. And we’re going to call this “car keys.” (device beeping) Pair it. (device beeping that climbs) Done. (device beeping that climbs) And we’re gonna add one more. And we’re gonna call this one, “Matt’s “Dignity.” Done. Saved. (device beeping) Paired. (device beeping that climbs) Done. (device beeping that climbs) Okay. Let’s put these into use.
(device beeping that climbs) Alright, I’m going to put the
key tracker onto the keychain. So, let’s say I’ve misplaced my keys. You have usually a range of 30 to 50 feet. The keys are down there. So let’s go to the tracker
app, and let’s start searching. (device beeping that climbs and repeats) So my item was spotted,
which is really cool. So I can see my item on a
map, so I don’t even actually have to do anything, because
it knows it’s in range. I know that beeping is
really nerve-wracking. It’s telling me I can get a free battery. I don’t want that right now. But I can actually see the item, where it happens to be, in our studio, and I can pinpoint it to
a very close location, which is kind of incredible. And I like having that, and then I can also see the history of it, which is a phenomenal thing. Now let’s look at the
battery replacement program. I should mention that we’ve
been running battery tests on some of these over a period of time. So, let’s see this free battery. Here we go. So it actually is completely free, and then I think there’ll be a
nominal fee for the shipping, which is really cool thing, if you do need a replacement battery. So that’s a very cool
feature tied to this. Another neat feature,
which is similar to Tile, is that you can actually
reverse-track your smartphone. Let’s say you do have your keys. They happen to be in your pocket. But you have no idea
where your smartphone is, and it’s somewhere within the
vicinity of where you are. You can actually reverse-track. So the same button right here, (melodic beeping) can ring your phone. Let’s say I want to search for my dignity. Can begin my search right now. (device beeping that climbs and repeats) And my dignity is apparently nearby. I can hear my dignity, and I
can also locate it on a map. And then I’m done searching,
I can immediately stop it. As you’ll note, this is
highly responsive, right? Many of the Bluetooth-enabled
tracking systems take a while for the commands and the receipt to be registered between the two devices. That’s not a case on here. Now, it’s occurred to me
during this demonstration, I’ve actually used the wrong key fob for the keys and the smartphone. So for the sake of this,
let’s call the smartphone the “car keys,” because I’m an idiot. So let’s remove this, and let’s just go with a typical Android device. And maybe you have a case for
this, and maybe you don’t. Maybe you want to track the case. You’ll see that as actually a pretty easy way to go about it. We’ll put the tracker on here. This goes right on here. And you can still use your
phone if you wanted to. For me, personally, I would
use the Find My Phone feature, and not use the tracker, but some people have
privacy concerns over that, or perhaps you want to
reply upon something that’s audible, but to this extent, you have the ability to do that. So you can see that the phone is pretty much on an angle now. I don’t know if I would use it, but… (device beeping that climbs and repeats) We can search for all of
our devices side-by-side. Here we go, this is going. It’s nice, it lights up. It’s a really good tracking system. (tracking snapping off) (phone thudding) For the Alexa voice integration, you have to enable to the Find
My Phone skill by Tracker. Alexa, enable the Find My
Phone skills by Tracker. So here’s a really cool thing. Going through the setup procedure, there’s a lot of security
things that are in place. But I’m actually getting a
call from my Echo device. Hello? – [Automated Voice] Have
you found your phone? Why not try our new guessing game? Say “Alexa, “open Guess My Name.” (beeping) – Not creepy (laughs). So this is now done, this is enabled. Alexa, ask Tracker for my PIN code. So I got the PIN, it’s set up, my bubble tea is on the way. Alexa, ask Tracker to find my smartphone. – [Alexa] It was last seen
recently at, or somewhere near, here, and from within. Shall I ring it for you? – Yes. (phone rings) So, Alexa is now ringing my smartphone, which is really, really cool. If you want to score
this Tracker Pixel deal, just expand the video
description box right under me. I don’t know how long it
will be around at this price, but that is a great grab
if you are interested. And if there’s other items
you’d like me to test, I’d be more than happy to do that. I have a lot of time on my
hands now that I have this. So we do want any suggestions
made, just list them below, and if you’re not yet
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96 Replies to “Best Lost & Found GPS Tracking Tag of 2019 (TrackR Pixel Review)”

  1. Have used Trackr for years. It's on husband's keys, wallet, phone, my wallet & keys. Gave them to family members at Christmas. I'd put one on hubby's head if I could! Gr8 product! Thx, Matt.

  2. I got one for my girls (and myself) that you rated a couple of years ago. It has helped me a few times when I couldn't find my keys.

  3. This has an out of range crowd-sourced system for finding things when they are further away than the Bluetooth signal can handle, and it would be good if that was explained and expanded on.

  4. THANK YOU SIR!!!!!  This is an awesome Bluetooth tracker deal!!!!!   —NEXT I'm excited to hear about the upcoming video doorbell!!!!!!

  5. Does the map shop your address location or around the house location. Can you change tone so load but not so high

  6. Will this work with pets, if they get lost not too close to me will it works? I lost a dog many years ago and I don't want to go through that again.

  7. Thank you, Matt! Have been looking for something like this for my husband's vape because he is always misplacing it! I think this will work perfectly because it just sticks on. Thank you!!!! I just ordered it with your link. 🙂

  8. Is there a tracker that you do not need a phone and/or Alexa to locate the item?  Like can I download something onto a computer that would enable a map to find the item?

  9. Just back from reading the reviews of the tracker app in Android. If you are considering buying this, highly recommend you read those reviews first.

  10. Just bought a 3 pack of the Trackr bravo for $20. Do you think that is a good price? Also nice tie you got a subscribe from me!

  11. The free battery replacement isn't worth it. Not sure if there is free shipping from other sellers on Amazon but if you are a prime member you can get a five-pack with free shipping for less than if you try to get two free batteries and paying for their shipping.

  12. This thing is garbage.
    Don’t waste your time.
    As soon as you’re out of range it disconnects and takes forty minutes of hassle to reconnect when you return.
    What’s the point?!
    Just spend that time looking for whatever you lost instead.

  13. problem is the devices need a wifi connection to be found…no wifi, NO finding the device!

    and the wifi is often picked up from your own phone!

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