Best Photo Editing App

in this video I’m gonna show you five
apps that can help you enhance your Instagram game all from your mobile
device welcome to absent rule I’m the fantastic Joe bringing you the best
applications for your mobile device go down in the comments let me know if
you’re new type hashtag yes or no if you are new here or not Instagram has some
amazing photos posted by some fantastic photographers and we sometimes think we
have to be a pro to post photos like they do I’m gonna show you some
fantastic apps that you can use right on your phone that way you can post some
photos that look amazing just like the pros
alright so real quick I want to jump in show you guys some of my favorite parts
of these five apps of course go download them those snap some pictures bring them
up on your phone and mess around with them the only way you can get better is
by practicing practice with these apps they’re really cool easy to use let’s
dive into it all right so the first app I want to talk about is Snapseed
Snapseed is by far my favorite photo editing app I love how simple the app is
to use and all the options to make your photos look fantastic I always get a ton
of compliments all the time while I’m out from my Instagram photos and
everything I actually did a video a few months back I’ll put a link to it in the
description go check it out it’s a little more in-depth review of the app
itself and how I use it while I’m out taking shots of bands or just out and
about with my daughter doing some street photography so the second app I want to
talk about it’s called edit lab and it labs fantastic because you can get very
creative with the photos and actually use some stock photos that they have on
that app now this app is free but it also has a watermark on it you can pay
for the app I think it’s a monthly fee that they charge or whatever to take the
watermark off if you choose to do so plus you can open up a lot more stock
photos and a lot more editing options to your photos really cool I highly
recommend if you check this app out go check out the tutorials they’re very
hands-on with them it shows you a lot of what this app can
actually do really awesome go check out edit lab and the next app on the list is
called live collage best part of live collage is using different types of
collages but the cooler part is using the free style collage it does have some
filters into it where you can do some editing on your photos in that part but
I like the collage part the Freestyle part is kind of like dropping photos
onto the top of a desk where they’re overlaying each other and you can make
adjustments it looks cool you can upload straight to your Instagram or any other
social media platforms straight from this app and make it stand out a little
bit more maybe it’ll help you out with grabbing some more attention of people
make your Instagram look a little bit different pretty cool
next on the list it’s called square fit this app is pretty cool as tons of
editing options you can add frames and stickers text filters all kinds of stuff
but my favorite part of this app is the canvas options
it’s a Twitter and Instagram have different types of ratios as you can see
this makes things so much easier before you post you can choose different types
of canvases according to what platform you plan to post on and you can it
already does the ratio for you does the cutout you don’t have to go in and crop
the image a certain way you don’t have to make sure you take the photo and
landscape put it on Twitter it does it all for you in this app next up on the
list that a lot of us forget about is the native editing app right on your
iPhone if you have an iPhone a lot of us forget about this feature that it has
the effects that it has I forgot honestly about it until I thought about
making this video for you guys but when you jump in you snap a photo make sure
it’s a live photo that you’re snapping go into the photo swipe up when you’re
editing you’re gonna see the effects and it’s gonna have the loop bounce and long
exposure effects it’s pretty awesome just don’t be like me in this photo cuz
I don’t know what I was doing it’s just to show you guys really what it can do
I’m sure you could be a lot more creative than I was and
so let me know which apps are your favorite and if you plan on going to
download any of them and while you’re at it check out this playlist it has a lot
of videos that I think you’ll like or you can check out this video right here
it’s one that YouTube’s recommending for you to watch next and while you’re at it
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  1. This is a great look at all these apps… I personally like Snap Seed.. I don't use it enough…. Great video bro

  2. Instagram, I barely use it man. I have been working a few different platforms but I may switch one out and hit up Instagram, cheers Joe!

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