Best Photo Editing Software for Beginners

What is the best photo editing software for
beginners? Adobe Photoshop Elements is one of the basic
photo editing software applications. It is also one of the most versatile. Except that you have to buy it on a licensing
agreement instead of buying it and installing it, unless you get the minimalist version. You might like Corel Paintshop Pro. It is
feature rich and has a lot of functions of more advanced photo editing applications. It also has a steep learning curve, one I’m
afraid I’m going to bounce back down to the bottom. Corel Ulead PhotoImpact has tons of one click
preset functions. It is the photo editing equivalent of the McDonalds cash register. I hate to think that I’m that incompetent. It is a good photo editing software for beginners.
You can learn the basics before upgrading to Paintshop Pro. So that’s why they call it Pro. And they’ve
got the sense not to call the lesser version Corel for Dummies. That’s a good book for beginners. What do you think of Serif Photoplus? It is a high power photo editing software
application. While it isn’t intuitive, it has an excellent selection of video tutorials. Sounds like a steep learning curve. It has lots of learning resources, it is only
time consuming to learn. But it is free. That’s always a plus. What do you think
of PhotoStudio? It is one of the easiest photo editing software
packages around. Unfortunately, it has very limited file importing and exporting capability
and no ability to share photos you’ve edited. I can save them to my computer and then upload
via a button on my social networking websites. That’s it. Take the hard way out. Compared to learning photo editing software,
uploading pictures to various websites is easy, even for me.

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