Best Smartphone Photo Editing Apps (2019)

Hi everyone. It’s fantastic to see you
all again. In today’s video I’m going to name what I think are the 10 best photo
editing apps that you can use right on your phone today plus I have a bonus app
at the end that’s designed specifically for those of you who are really into
black and white edits. So, why this topic? Mobile photo editing
apps. Well, I was inspired on the weekend when my family and I went to Algonquin
Park – it’s here in Ontario. For a change. I didn’t bring my Sony A7Riii. I just went
with my phone and an attitude of being present and enjoying the nature that
surrounded me. So, first I’m going to show you a short video – it’s about a minute
and a half or so – of the day that I spent in Algonquin Park and I took quite a few
photos with my phone so I’m going to use one of those apps to edit one of those
Algonquin Park photos. And then after that I’m going to show you my 10 top
photo editing apps for mobile phones so let’s roll the film. Let’s take a walk in the forest to see
the wondrous beauty the earth has bestowed. We’ll bask in the tranquility
that surrounds us and listen to nature composing its grand open. Let’s turn off
our phones and free our minds so we can see Mother Nature’s ways and weave down open paths that nurture our souls. The golden rays I truly treasure. It’s days
like these that hold the keys to a peace and serenity that is so hard to find in
the world that can so easily scramble your mind. So don’t worry about a blue tick or your number of followers. Every now and then let’s answer the forest’s call.
Taking the beauty all around it may not seem like much but it’s moments like
these I want to clutch. Let’s listen with our hearts as we walk among the trees
and just maybe we’ll understand the message carried on the breeze. I hope that film gave you a sense
of how calming it is to be out in nature to focus just on your surroundings.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I love photography and all of the technical
aspects of composing just the perfect photograph but sometimes it’s nice just
to shoot with your phone and I would imagine that many of you might feel the
same way. So, if you are looking for a quick and easy or quick and powerful way
to edit your photos that you take on your iPhone or Android device I want you
to check out my top 10 mobile photo editing apps right now. So let’s get into
it. Number one I think is Snapseed. It’s really best for – well, it’s an all-purpose photo editing app. It’s super powerful, has precise control over colour
and exposure and Snapseed is developed by Google. It has 29 tools and filters
that include the healing brush, structure, HDR, things like that – perspective and it also
opens JPEG as well as RAW files which is great when you want to get into those
really deep edits. So, before we go any farther I’m going to load up
Snapseed here and and choose one of the photos that I took in Algonquin Park.
I think I threw some of them into the favourites section. I think I’ll just
just choose this one. That was a long along the river there that
you would have seen in the video. So, it’s really easy. It has a bunch
of looks that are already there. ‘Portrait’ is probably not the one we want to use
here but maybe ‘pop’. Something like that. You can – ‘fine art’. There are
different ones. If you want to bring out more of the structure in the scene they
have a preset there. If you want to cancel them it’s really easy. Just hit
the X right there. I like those. That gives me an idea of
the different edits that are possible. But the ones that I use most often are
in the tools section. I usually start with ‘tune image’ and I usually just click on
the wizard – the wand here – and see what edits it does. Actually, it
didn’t really do much to it it, only added +1 of brightness so I’d go back
and you don’t have to go back into the previous menu. You can just
click on that tool there and you can select things like saturation. Just move
your thumb – your finger – to the right if you want to increase or to the left
to decrease. So I’m going to add a little bit of saturation. The ambience I
find just adds a little something to it that some of the looks don’t
seem to give. So just for the purpose of this video – I would normally spend a
little bit more time – I’m just going to call it quits. There, click on the check
and if you want to use that photo just hit export. I’m going to save a copy because I don’t want to change the original. It’s saved successfully into my camera roll
and now I’m free to share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or with whatever
other platform that you’d like to share it o. Maybe you
don’t want to share it. Maybe you just want to print it. So, that was Snapseed. My number two pick is Camera+ 2. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or someone who’s barely even touched a camera, Camera+ 2 will make you love taking photos. It’s a
complete rewrite of the original Camera+ 2 that sold over 14 million copies.
This app is better, faster and stronger I think than ever before. It has automatic
and manual controls, raw capture and editing shooting modes that use the
smile mode to allow the app to detect smiles and shoot for you or you can use
the stabilizer mode to shoot only when your iPhone or your Android device is
steady enough to produce a sharp picture. The slow shutter mode provides you with
the means to take long exposures even in the daylight. App number three is called Enlight Photo Fox. So, whether you are an aspiring or experienced artist you’ll be blown
away by all of the creative possibilities packed into this one
sophisticated photo editing app. From layers and blending modes to special
effects brushes, fonts, tonal adjustments, film, black-and-white and dual presets,
it’s got a lot packed into that one app. Number four is called Lens Distortions.
Frame your subject with elegant glass textures. Punctuate your shots with
natural sunlight and lens flashes and create atmospheric depth with genuine
rain or fog. This app gives you the highest-quality ingredients to craft the
look that you want. And a quote from none other than Peter McKinnon himself,
he said some of the light hits are so subtle but adds such a massive
improvement to photos. I love that they don’t necessarily scream presets but
feel more natural and that you would never know it was added in post. End
quote. Peter MacKinnon. Number five is called Mextures. Mextures is the best
app I think for applying dust and film grain if you’re into that. Textures, light
leaks and beautiful gradients to your images in seconds. No app is faster and
with their non-destructive workflow you can make changes to your layers at any
time during your photo editing process. Fine-tune your edits with photo
adjustments and then save and share them and edit them for
future. It includes over 200 beautiful formulas for one-click editing. Alright, we are at number six of my top
10 mobile photo editing apps. And number six is Photoshop Express. Photoshop
Express delivers a full spectrum of free photo effects and editing features at
your fingertips. Personalize your experiences with borders and texts.
Enhance colour and imagery. Create picture collages, ake quick fixes and enhance
your share-worthy moments. App number seven is a cousin of Photoshop Express –
Photoshop Lightroom. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free, powerful yet
intuitive photo editor. The app empowers you to create beautiful photos while
helping you become, I think, a better photographer. The free version includes
preset profiles, curves, a colour mixture, clarity, texture and dehaze. And if you
want to upgrade and push the editing just a little bit more you can go to the
premium version and you will unlock easy to use tools like the healing brush,
selective adjustments, geometry and also cloud storage. App number eight is called
Touch Retouch and it’s an app that offers you all the tools you need to
efficiently remove unwanted content from your photos so you can make unwanted
objects vanish right before your eyes just by marking them with your finger on
the screen. It has a blemish remover. You can touch any minor blemish once and it
will be gone forever. Number nine is VSCO – V-S-C-O – and it, I think, is the best for creating beautiful edits with elegant film-like filters. You can
edit with a variety of mobile presets and tools while exploring original
content made by creators from all around the world. There’s quite a VSCO
community there. So, free on mobile you can edit with ten the VSCO presets and
you can use the basic editing tools like contrast, saturation and grain. If you
want to upgrade to premium you can access VSCO’s complete preset library
including over 130 presets. And here we are at number 10 – Instagram. Don’t forget about Instagram. It doesn’t have the same range of editing tools as
apps like Snapseed and Enlight Photo Fox but if you
only want to make basic adjustments it may be all you need. It has a good
selection of colour and black and white filters and you can also adjust exposure,
colour and sharpening adjustments and add vignettes. It also add tilt shift
effects. It’s also really straightforward if you want to crop, rotate, straighten or
correct the perspective of your photo. Okay, so those are my top 10 mobile photo editing apps but I have to throw in number 11. It’s called Carbon. This is definitely one of the best black
and white photo editors out there. It’s a powerful addition to your black
and white photography arsenal. This uncluttered photo editor app provides
stunning monochrome filters that will take your work to the next level. You can
apply over fifty black and white filters to add elegant unique touches to your
photos. You can use the black and white presets to bring out
variations in lighting and skin tone just with a single tap. If you found this
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