Best Video Editing App for Android (2019 Review!)

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  1. Are any of these good for editing videos for youtube from your phone ? Or would you need something like adobe premier on pc for good youtube videos.

  2. Hi guys I need help. When I'm filming a video, there is black bar on the side of my screen. Is it normal and how can I delete the black bar?

  3. Finally I found a video where the guy or girl speaking like this:
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  4. i liked powerdirector before it became subcscription based, they should at least let you purchase the watermark/4k as addons
    i wanted to buy it for my girlfriend, will not support them anymore.

  5. I am music producer and more need some app whoa have cleanest sound after rendering. Which one of this apps you think ia best for auch a thing???

  6. I want to make a video collage in my Android phone
    please suggest me some good video editing App names?
    Please it's a biggest request

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