Best Video Editing App for iPhone & iPad (2019 Review!)

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  1. I use KineMaster, if I want no watermark I just crop it out. it doesn’t remove much of the actual video because it’s positioned half off the top of the screen. That’s my recommendation.

  2. Kinemaster takes sooo long. I put it on low quality cuz I thought it wasn't gonna take that long, but it took a VERY long time.

  3. I use iOS clips because I use screen recording and at the end it shows when I scroll up and stop it and with iOS clips (it’s just clips) you can cut it out which I am happy about

  4. I don’t really like Kinemaster because it makes me delete all the photos or videos I really I need and it still says my phone storage is full when it’s not even full -_-


  6. If kinemaster was not blurry and take long exports i think it would be best or i wish it deleted the made with kinemaster

  7. Adobe rush? Won’t share its video with YouTube….. google hasn’t given it permission yet!!!! so I wasted my time and money😞. Sick of trying to find a simple to use app for my iPad mini 5.

    Adobe premier rush is the bomb! 8:10. Lumafusion is second runner up.

  9. You are good at getting to the point; you do not waste time talking uselessly or needlessly, you spend every moment in this video productively and I thank you for that. Many many many people who make YouTube videos go on and on and on making little stupid silly jokes thinking that they’re on television or something… Thank you mate

  10. The issue with Kinemaster now is, I edited a video like a usually would, then, for some reason it just stops exporting. It might be glitch just for that video, but I don’t want to edit an entire video only for it to glitch.

  11. I absolutely LOVE kinemaster. It makes it so much easier that it's free and works so well. I'm perfectly fine with it having the watermark because at least its not annoying 🙂

  12. Please help me out… I need a title and a text to Suzy and it doesn’t fit on the screen I don’t know how to make a smaller and this is on. Adobe premiere

  13. How do I edit raw footage from my mirrorless camera? Can I still use one of the apps suggested on this video??

  14. kinemaster is amazing! been using it for about a year now and it’s never disappointed me. (i’m using the free version)

  15. I don’t think there’s any good editing app on iPhone. It would be VideoStar but it takes SO long to make an edit. Around 3-5 days for a simple 30s edit😫

  16. Ok lumafusin is costing money i movie can’t upload 15 minute videos adobe premiere pro make you upgrade (at least for me)

  17. Can you upload any videos from these or is it just for editing. P.s thanks for the great advice ❤️
    (Edit) you won’t respond

  18. Idk why nobody ever talks about MovieSpirit. The only non subscription app talked about here was LumaFusion. It’s a nice app and all but for the price of $30 in the US App Store…it will not do as much as the $10 MovieSpirit app. Some examples…ChromaKey, they both do the green screen but in Luma you are limited to one single color. In MovieSpirit I can have up to 3 custom colors keyed out at once. I also have the option in MovieSpirit of creating a mask (like you would in PhotoShop) for any part of any clip. Sizing, you can create a picture in picture effect with both apps however MovieSpirit allows you to change the perspective of the smaller picture (an example would be the screen on a virtual TV set at a 45 degree angle or the classic Star Wars scrolling text effect)…in other words you are not limited to a square or a rectangle. They both do layers but in MovieSpirit I can have 100 layers if I want…it’s unlimited. They both do key-framing for motion effects but it seems a little easier with MovieSpirit especially on long clips since you can expand the clip. They both have transition but MovieSpirit adds preset animations as well. Luma does have some audio adjustments which is one thing MovieSpirit lacks. I was sad to find out, however, the most needed audio edit which is noise reduction/removal (from a sample) was not present. They both offer free music/sound effects and the ability to import. They both offer font import but I find the manipulation and customization of text to be superior in MovieSpirit. You do have to put in a little more effort as there are no preset templates. You can also program text (such as a label) to actually follow your subjects movement in MovieSpirit…I can’t find anything like that in Luma. They both have cropping of individual clips however MovieSpirit has fully customizable fading on the edges (the beginning/ending/range of the fade). MovieSpirit is like a video editor with a built in photo editor like photoshop on steroids with so many cool features at a budget price. Why so many ignore this gem completely in their reviews boggles my mind.

  19. I’m trying to find a good video editor with custom transitions, I am willing to pay for the full app, but not a MONTHLY subscription

  20. Hi
    Thanks for this helpful video…my video has fluff and dirt on my clothes and I want edit it and retouch it to remove that…what iOS app do you recommend ?

  21. da fact dat kinemaster has watermark just ruins everything, we have to pay to get rid of it while sum other apps dont even have watermark. like wats da point of watermark, we’re not gonna use it cuz its in the way of our edits

  22. Which one of these if possible would allow me to merge two videos .. for example I’m trying to make a video of a person watching tv and on the tv screen put another video.

  23. interesting points ,if anyone else needs to find out about how to use an iphone try Nevolly iPhone Blueprint Nerd( search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my buddy got cool success with it…

  24. I screen recorded pubg in my iPhone 7 and edited in iMovie but I felt one thing that when I save it , I didn’t got the clear as that I recorded😞 how to fix it please reply 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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