BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY FROM PHOTO BLIND | Wildlife photography behind the scenes – nikon z6, camouflage

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  1. Wish I had such a nice hide where I can spend the full day surrounded by nature like you do. Amazing video as usual!!

  2. Your videos are so relaxing, there's something so peaceful with the music you choose & the way you take your viewers on a tour of nature. Thank you so much for such a nice video. Loved it.

  3. hai dear mortan ,i was eagerly waitg to see ur vdeos,ur a great inspiration man. wat i lliked the most is ur way of presentation.i feel lik i m sitting with u .keep going dear.waitg to watch u again.

  4. What are they feeding on Morten? What brings them in? And what turned the ground over? I have 1 Buzzard coming to me almost daily but only if i leave it out chicken.

  5. I always watch your videos as a bit of a wind down on a night,
    A busy day at work, eat dinner and watch you in a hide. Your videos are always so calming and beautiful. Filled with wonder and just so inspiring. I was a landscape photographer, who as every other landscape photographer, watched Thomas Heaton. That's where I was first introduced to you, and I fell in love with what you do. You have inspired me to expand my lense collection and I am now saving for the tamron 150-600 to get my wildlife photography ball rolling. I do a little with my tamron 70-300 but I definitely need a lense to get closer. Keep up the great work, can't wait to see what you have planned with 2019!

  6. Make me chicken skin when i watch your videos, especially this ones when you are hidden and you live this amazing moments, we live with you! 🙂
    One question: are you planning to shoot stills with the z6 with the silet shutter? Or even more… do wildlife with it?
    And another one pls: did you replaced the d5 with d850 forrever? If yes, why? Is more suitable for you?

  7. Fantastic, I'm a 14-year-old wildlife photographer started last year but getting serious now especially after winning a comp, but you're the main reason I'm getting serious about it you've really inspired me And I wish my dog was that well behaved he goes mad at any animal or noise.

  8. Always so very refreshing. With temps in single digits here in the Mid Atlantic US most critters have stayed sheltered…as well as most people too. It is good to see you out, and makes me look forward to heading back out as well.

  9. Morten always has his priorities straight. Light fading? No problem. Coffee first then pictures. LOL Another wonderful video Morten. In the US we call vultures buzzards. Your buzzards look more like small eagles. Much more photogenic than our turkey vultures. Do you think you'll get to the musk oxen this year?

  10. Your dog is such a good boy. I could never take mine on a photo shoot. I have 3 Jack Russell's and birds can not even get near the house with out them all sounding off. Lol

  11. So do you predominantly use manual focus when shooting birds from a blind, or can you rely more on the auto focus?? Thanks in advance for your time..

  12. Never stop posting your videos…
    Because, we love to see you happy with what you are are such a great inspiration not only to a photography lover but to everyone out there.
    Now I'm very young but when im capable enough to support photography as my serious hobby your videos will teach me, inspire me.
    Love from INDIA.

  13. Incredibly inspiring, Morten. The solitude of the hide, the clearing, a mixed flock of Corvids, beautiful Buzzards, a companion who knows when to be silent – all that – and coffee, too! It seems as though producing a photograph is almost an afterthought. Enjoying the moment. THAT'S what is important in life!
    And you shared it with all of us.
    Thank you.

  14. Loving Bjorn Morten! Enjoy him as much as you can! We lost our two little boys (Cockers Spaniels) a few months ago, just 8 weeks apart and we are still struggling 😔 so do me a favour and give your little rascal a nice big kiss and a cuddle from me!

  15. Hey morten,
    I'm also in love with wildlife photography. But I cant afford such dslrs'.
    Can you make a video suggesting some DSLRs at low price for wildlife photography.

  16. Hi my friend Morten Hilmer. I am a follower of your channel and you inspire me to do this project. I always see your excellent videos. I wanted to ask you a special favor … I am in a photographic project for my country (Ecuador) and I would like to know if it were the case that you came to do PHOTOGRAPHIC TOURISM in my country ..

    What would you like to know? or What would be your concerns, doubts or needs to make the decision to come? Thank you I hope your concerns please. Tks a lot.

  17. Dear Morten, I discovered you looking for photography content (also for your funny profile portrait 😂😂) and it worths it for the photography! No doubt! Although I'm more into the landscape style. But the calm, the love for being out there enjoying nature, the intimate style, the extremely honest you are in camera … That's the big goal! In summary, thanks so much for sharing.

  18. Thanks for sharing Morten great footage again. Loving the PoV on the Buzzards excellent colour and detail, got to be one of my favorite raptors here in England.
    Keep up the wonderful photography.

  19. Hi morten, you should come to Berlin . There are many parks and forests here. I also really like wildlife photography and exploring
    Nature areas.

  20. Just Amazing, I need to get back into wildlife, I am so good at it but right now financially things turn for the worst

  21. Greetings from north east Germany at the Polish border. I enjoy your films very much, but sadly I think your dog takes better photo's than I do. Haha. Keep up the good work.

  22. Hi Morten I have just watched something on YouTube that I believe you would really like. I am not sure if you are aware of a wonderful wildlife photographer/Artist that lives in The Yorkshire Wolds called Robert Fuller ? I have visited his gallery for many years and have just found out he also has a YouTube site. Here is the link to video I have just watched it is wonderful 😀 Teddy

  23. Gidday Morten, Again thank you for sharing techniques and time in your hide. I find each time I learn something new and that I can apply to my bird and wildlife photography. Stay well and see you next time.

  24. Pardon, yes your video inspire me so much about wildlife. I want to ask, did you built that tent/barrack alone? I see many of ur video, any place, u have that tent/barrack. I think i will have to built one too lol

  25. I just want to say that you have inspired me to go out and start my own Wildlife Photography gig back in Maine, USA. Morten, keep doing what you are doing, this work is amazing and I enjoy seeing every video you publish on here. Thanks again!

  26. Im pretty sure your a very busy man and don't have time to post many videos but……what happen to ya?? you just disagreed lol

  27. Sometimes when I am sitting in nature with camera, fishing rod or nothing, the feeling of well being I get, and have always got for almost 60 years is almost overwhelming. It can at times move me to tears. Your videos can "almost" transport me there. Your enthusiasm and storytelling are in my mind second to none. Thank you for allowing me to spend time with you when I can't be there myself. By the way, did you get a resolution for the faulty Tamron?

  28. As always a very enjoyable video. I'm wondering if your Tamaron 150-600mm has been fixed. The autofocus motor failed twice in a few months time?

  29. Hi Mr Morten
    Thank you for the great content as always, ive watched all your videos. To be honest it was you who swayed me from the Sigma to the Tamron as I was on the fence.. I have just started to video for the 1st time ever and 1 or 2 other have inspired me to do so. I feel im not getting the best of the lens and would be grateful for any tips of how to improve. You can see a few of my videos I have uploaded to youtube on my channel and if you find the time to take a look at them and offer any help I would be happy. Keep up the good work friend!

  30. Hey could you please make a video trying out a sony a6300 or a6000 for wildlife photography i dont have the money to buy a proper dslr but i have to start somewhere.

  31. Great video! I love your channel and the fact that you are Vlogging, you show what's behind the lens, that's nice!

  32. Desgraciadame no entiendo todo lo que dice, se pueden poner subtitulos?
    Me encamta la calidad de los videos

  33. are you go alone or with a friend how can you shoot this all..your videos shoot 3 or people.. but you only shoot alone this would be great

  34. Amazing as usual 😍 please could you tell me what the camera support is that you are using in the hide ?
    Many thanks for being such an inspiration to us all.

  35. Lütfen altyazı koymayı ihmal etmeyin bu hem izleyici sayısını arttırır hem de benim gibi izleyiciler daha iyi izler😊

  36. beautiful video and images Morton. Was the area you were shooting bated to attract so many birds? If so, it'd be interesting to see a video about how you approach doing it.

  37. Amazing. Do you build that blinds yourself just where you think it’s a good place or are they offered by wildlife reservation administration?

  38. Thanks for another wonderful video. Even though I don't do wildlife, or even have any interest in wildlife photography, I still enjoy your videos very much and they are always appreciated.

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