This video is brought to you
by Squarespace. Use the coupon ‘Cinecom’ at checkout
for an exclusive 10% discount, or follow the link in the description below. [Cine Battle Music] Welcome to Cine Battle! I’m taking over because Lorenzo
can’t say his lines. So this is the weekly series where
I fight against Yannick through a filmmaking challenge. The last week we had to edit
in the back of a car. I was first driving off roads and
then Yannick was driving off roads, and then you guys had to choose
who made the best edits. -And the winner of previous week was… Yannick, of course! -Damn it! -But today there’s a new challenge. You guys have to recreate a picture of
a famous person, here you go, and I also arranged the model
for you, guys. -Nice! I can do this! -You can’t Jordy, you
got to do it blindfolded. Jordy gets 5 minutes to remember
all the gear we have, all the settings of the camera and
of course, to remember the picture. [Music] -Time to begin and win. [Music] -Jordy, what are you doing? I forgot where I put the power chords. -You know you can give instructions
to Annabel, right? Annabel can you hand me over
the power chords? Or better, can you power the lights? This is a good tip, Lorenzo. Annabel, can you make
the picture for me? [Music] -Okay, now I’m done with setup. -Yannick, I’m here. -Okay, so I’m done with the setup. Annabel, can you do your makeup
yourself, or do you need my help? [Music] -Annabel, if the beauty mark
is ugly, I’m sorry. -I think this is the red lip gloss. I think… It could also be the eyeliner,
we don’t know. -I’m ready with my setup
and the makeup. I’m gonna turn off the lights,
but it’s all the way over there. -Jordy I smell you. -No, Jordy, you can’t,
go back, go back upstairs. -Ah, this is out? -All right, Annabel, the pose that
you have to do is you kinda have to grab
your head like this, open your mouth a little bit,
something like that, and also open your eyes. Taylor Swift’s hair is kind of
blowing in the wind, so that’s why I’m gonna wave
with this reflector right here, to also do that. However, I need to stand closer
in order to do that, because, from experience, I’m pretty sure
that we’re gonna need a lot of wind, so I’m gonna try and set the
camera to Timer mode. I know that this dial right here
puts the camera in Timer mode, however I’ve got no idea how much
the timer is currently set at. And I also have no idea how
to set it without seeing. So, I’m just gonna try. Alright, that’s about, I don’t know,
7 seconds? Here is my Cine Battle entry! -So, we are going to take the picture now,
let’s hope it’s good. -3, 2, 1. -Okay, I think I got it. Now, let’s edit the picture. [Music] We get a little bit more time in Photoshop
to fine-tune the colors and the exposure, I’m actually very happy
with the results right here and I’m also glad that I took
multiple photos. Because, as you can see, some
of them kind of failed. So, that’s really good. I also gave some more
instructions to Annabel, and that’s why we have
some different poses in here. But I can definitely find a good one. The only problem is that
I shot it overexposed. I thought actually that was underexposed. But it appears to be that I’m overexposed,
so that’s a bummer. And the shot is a little bit white as well,
so I’m going to have to crop this in a lot to match it with his photo. -I finished with my photo but
I did a stupid thing, I didn’t take multiple shots, so now I’m stuck with one photo
and it isn’t focused. But I’m hopeful, go Blue Team! -So, thank you Annabelle
for being here today. I’m sorry that you almost did all of the work
but I’ll hope I’ll see you again next time. -The photos have been taken, but before
we’re gonna take a look at them, a big shoutout to Squarespace. -That’s right, because with Squarespace you can develop your own professional
website in just minutes. It’s a very easy-to-use web builder, where you can just drag and drop different
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when you’re done, you can put it all online to have
your own professional website. For more information make sure to click
the first link in the description below, or use the coupon ‘Cinecom’ at checkout
for an exclusive 10% discount. But now… …let’s have a look at the photos! -So, we’ll start with Yannick, how did it
go? -Not as good as I wanted, I only took
one picture, that was my own mistake, and then the picture wasn’t in focus. But let’s open it up! -Hahaha… it’s something. -Well, it’s soft. -It’s very soft. -It has something. You can say it’s taken
with a very old camera, like the same camera that
they used back in the day. And that’s what I’m going for. -Okay, and Jordy, what is your result? -Well… Taylor Swift, here we go! Can’t see the difference between
this one and the real picture. Yeah, I actually took multiple photos,
it was overexposed, though, So, also here the highlights
are a bit overexposed, but I was able to get it pretty well back
with the RAW settings in Photoshop, so actually it came out pretty good, I think. I’m pretty happy with the results. -So, both pictures look amazing
but you guys can choose who won. Is it Yannick, or is it Jordy? You can click in the top right corner
to vote right now! And as always, Stay Creative!


  1. Whooa! Jordy leads 95% to 5%!!!! It was about time to get closer in the aggregate score! A 3-0 lead by Jannick would have been quite much! :)) And all the 3 of you are so nice & cool!!!

  2. I always put an eyes on Annabelle.. She's so cute,

  3. Can you teach the effect on – Kendrick Lamar & SZA – All the stars – the Infinity space, – africa light effect.

  4. love you annabella, :p hey see this time wins jordy, last time when yannick wins though jordy gets alot vot because of jordy's fan, but when this time jordy wins, OMG all are supporting to jordy, i am also fan of jordy but also like yannick. Yannick is important to

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDY!Greeting from a fans from Malaysia! Before getting to know you guys, I thought tutorial video, channel will be super boring and dull, but you guys had make me learn and having fun at the same time! #staycreative
    Jordy is my choice on this one ✌

  6. im late, happy birthday jordy! This was a cool challenge. And sorry yannick, but an out of focus picture cannot win. XD

  7. To
    Hello teachers!
    If you are still thinking what to make in the next episode..
    Please consider teaching us something like this

    I think that was a very cool photography? Technique
    Not so hard and not so easy either.

    Thanks for your hard work!

  8. SOS . I edit Raw In Light-room after which I export to photoshop for more refined edit, the problem is exporting from PS my pics look Sepia (the color is off). help please

  9. Guys no joke this is one of my favourite channels on YouTube. Your videos are hilarious and are enjoyable to watch. Keep it up. Great inspiration.😎

  10. Hi Cinecom team. I love your tutorials but this one and the editing in the van one were silly. Maybe I'm just too old and grumpy but I don't get why you'd waste your time doing something like this except to get a few laughs.

  11. Iam a kid that wants to be a filmmaker in the future cinecom helps me to be practice
    I just want to say thank you cinecom

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