Body Shape Editing with the Liquify tool Photoshop Tutorial

Hello friends Welcome to Nitin photography and my name is Nitin Sahu and today in this video tutorial i am going to show you how to make our body fit or slim, with the help of photoshop like as we would like to upload your pic on facebook and we would like to share the image with someone but due to our fatness and body shape, we are not want to like upload our image. in this time we can make a beautiful image with help of Photoshop, we can make slim body and adjust body shape also. don’t worry friends today i am going to show you solution of this problem let’s see how can we reduce fatness and make a beautiful and good looking slim body shape in photoshop friends let’s go see how to make a beautiful slim body. first of all i have already opened a image in Photoshop. i am making a duplicate layer here. for making duplicate layer CTRL + J and you will have to go in filter option here select liquify now i am going to zoom in image CTRL + CTRL + (+) button for zoom in or CTRL + (-) button for zoom out i have already done little bit zoom in friends, select picker tool from here this picker tool button given here We slightly reduce its thickness something like this Which must not be very much spoiled our photo appeared. And manages to reduce the size of a brush. Because we only have to work a little bit here. undo ok When the size of the foot even slightly less. Was too thin. now it is fine it is also fine Let’s just take it a little waist. Turn hand a little thin very nice The hands are too diluted ok Now we adjust it slightly from “Forward Warp tool” like as I have to take it a bit in the side Just because I change the size of your brush I can adjust it in a way Our image and it will look good-looking or We did not feel like it Complete the look of the original look ok little bit also from outside And we will have to thin waist larger OK friends, now our image is almost ready here is little correction We turn now little bit now clik on ok button let’s see now Our image of the body has been slim and this is after It was our first photo And after photos We must tell us how did you guys Video if you like our video Please subscribe our channal if you don’t like then click on dislike thanks for watching our more videos

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