Bright & Crisp Lightroom Mobile Tutorial | Free Preset

what’s going on YouTube it’s Adam from
beyond the grid grab your phone cuz it’s time for another Lightroom tutorial so
I’ve had a ton of you guys send me DM’s through Instagram asking me how to
achieve that bright yet crispy look using the mobile Lightroom app so rather
than we send you guys this long drawn-out message that you guys are
probably gonna get more confused reading then you guys will get answers I thought
I’d just do a tutorial and hopefully you guys can learn something that’ll have
you guys editing your photos in this style now if you guys are someone who’s
looking to create this look and keep it consistent across all of your photos I
do have a Lightroom collection available and it includes nine presets in both
desktop and mobile depending on which one you pick up and that link that down
in the description below now let’s jump in this tutorial and this teach you guys
how to edit this photo so I’m gonna try to keep this tutorial a little bit
shorter and I’m gonna try to run through things a little bit quicker because I
find so my videos are a little bit long so we’re gonna start this off in the
color tab what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna drop this down just a little bit
and make it a little bit blue which is gonna be about – let’s say – to our tint
we’re gonna raise this up just a tiny bit it’s like plus to our vibrancy we’re
gonna raise this up to let’s say plus eighteen and our saturation we’re gonna
bring this up just a tiny bit let’s say +4 then what we’re gonna do is we’re
going to come over to our light tab we’re gonna bring up the exposure just a
tiny bit let’s say point 10 our contrast we’re gonna bring this up to about plus
15 our highlights we’re gonna drop this right off and make it a minus hundred
our shadows we’re gonna raise this to about plus plus 51 looks pretty good our
whites what we’re gonna do is drop this down and if you guys learn to trick from
one of my previous videos just hold down on your screen then you guys can see
what’s edited as I raise it you guys can see that but what we want to do is we
want to drop it almost right down let’s say – 70 looks pretty good and then our
blacks we’re gonna drop this down to about minus 12 so already you guys can
see huge difference from something like this too
like this but we’re not quite done yet so let’s go over to our color tab we’re
gonna click on the mix and then we’re going to start editing in here but we’re
not going to edit too too much what we’re going to do is we’re gonna adjust
our reds first we’re gonna drop our reds our saturation down to low mmm – is 17
and our lunacy on our reds we’re gonna drop down to about minus 16 looks pretty
good there and then our orange we’re gonna leave
most of it we’re just going to drop down our luminance II just a tiny bit let’s
say minus a minus 19 looks pretty good our yellows we’re gonna leave this we’ll
see where we’re going to jump up our saturation to 100 and then our lune and
seeing saved – 50 – our greens we’re not going to touch our aquas we won’t touch
our blues what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna drop our saturation right off as
well as our luminance E and what that’s gonna do is it’s gonna get rid of any
blue tints that are in the actual background as you guys have seen before
I did that so let’s bring it back up it’s just a little bit of blue in the
background but it does change her jacket so make sure you guys are aware of that
and then our purples and our magenta is we’re gonna leave those as is so let’s
come back to our light time we’re going to go over to the curve tab and just go
to the main one which is gonna be all three of your RBG’s and then we’re gonna
start to adjust this and this one’s gonna be a little bit smaller of a
adjustment but we’re gonna raise the middle right up and then we’re gonna
drop our down right here that looks pretty good so we’re gonna
create almost like a little S curve let’s drop this guy down just a little
bit more yeah looks pretty good right there
and then we’re gonna come over to effects we’re gonna raise our clarity up
just a little bit let’s say plus five and then our split tone what we’re gonna
do here is we’re just gonna add just a tiny bit into each one of the highlights
or shadows so our highlights we’re gonna come over to hue say 55 56 and we’re
gonna drop our saturation and just leave it really low almost like a two so let’s
bring this over to when we have it 55 like a two sorry a 1 and then our
shadows we’re gonna bring this over towards our blue we’re gonna bring this
over to say 1 and 192 looks pretty good and then our saturation again we’re just
gonna leave just a little tiny bit it’s really hard is doing it with your
fingers because it’s such a small area and you got to keep your finger
perfectly still and then try to drop it so we’re gonna leave that one at 190 and
then two we’re gonna raise this up to a balance it over to our highlights rather
than our shadows as we go over to our shadows you can see the slight tiny
adjustment so let’s say 31% onto that and that’s really honestly it so as you
guys can see from this before and this after the photo looks good the
highlights are blowing out the shadows aren’t crushed they’re well lit and she
looks good because she has a consistent yet natural skin color and a little bit
of a tan so if you guys want to pick up this preset that we just edited I will
be giving it to you guys for free and that’ll be in the link down below so if
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really it for me for this tutorial and until next time take care of buddy

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  1. Adam, thank you for the tutorials. They are extremely helpful when first using Lightroom. Love the presets you offer, too. Can’t wait to purchase more!

  2. again, you knocked it out the park.. LOVE THIS…. Can we do a tutorial on this setting: Please????

  3. Just purchased a preset and can't wait to get started! I'm so glad I found your channel. I love supporting local

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  5. Hi! Thanks for the tutorial. Trying to access the presets, but Toneden is asking to control my YouTube account. I’m already a subscriber. Is there any other way to access it? Thanks!

  6. Hey! I’m already subscribed to you channel, but still can’t download the free presets. I’ve already clicked the free link in the description box and when I do so it tells me I have to subscribe… how can I get them?

  7. I followed the instructions but still can’t download the free preset. Too bad cause I really like to try this one. Please help! 😞

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