BTS sony a6000 fashion photography | sony 55-210mm | photography tips

we cannot take good photos or videos if we dont have expensive camera or lens you can only crack big deals when you have expensive camera setup you must have come across people saying I am not getting good photos or videos because I dont have that expensive camera some people even complain that they do not get good projects because they dont have expensive camera setup everytime we say this..we make fool of ourselfs its like, you mom cooked a nice meal for you & you’re complementing her stove for that… so all the latest camera, lens, are fine but there is something which is above all this which is called an artist a creator & he/she is the one who creates the real magic no matter how much you can spend but we can never buy an artist’s instenct his / her creative vision it doesnt require money to develop an artistic instinct it requires, lot of hard work, passion, madness this is all it takes so all my friends who think that getting a latest camera or lens can improve their art I would urge them to focus on themself instead of these new gear addiction improve their skills nurture their inner artist no matter if you have a beginner level camera or you just have a smartphone it doesnt matter practice hard….sharpen your skills and the day will come when people will be intrested in your art instead of your camera gear its enough for today guys now lets talk about today’s video recently I did a professional fashion shoot for a garment brand and I used very basic gear for this shoot I used sony a6000 camera here which is from today’s standard is fairly cheap camera you can get it around INR40000 now days & I used it with sony 55-210mm kit lens so i urge you to watch this video till the end coz you will get lot of tips on how to achive great results with just basic camera setup also it would be really great if you hit that like button & subscribe to my channel I forgot the actual name of this location where I did this shoot however its somewhere near “wazirpur” in delhi we paid INR10,000/- for 9 hours there are lot of differet small spots which could be utilized for the shoot as I already told you that I used very basic camera gear on this shoot I used my sony A6000 & sony 55-210mm lens which is a very cheap lens on couple of occassions I also used sigma 30mm F2.8 I just used it for 2 – 3 shots 95% of the time I jused sony 55-210mm lens only as far as the lighting is concerned.. I used 1 elincrome
400fx I used it on a you can see here I rented this light from a studio for a day they charged me somewhere around INR2000/- they also provided a helper in the same cost. this is the only light I used on this shoot apart from that I also used a refelector refelector can be very helpful in outdoor shoots here refelector is also acts like a light here its redirecting the sunlight on model’s face you can see the shadows on the wall here when you plan to shoot with basic camera gear then you requrie to think creativily and use your existing resources wisely in such shoots it important to do a lot of experiment with your camera angles..with different lighting try and develop this habbit to visiualize your camera frame so whatever lens you’re using just try to visualize its
frame this will help you in finding a good spots in worse of
places where you can place your model & take a good photo you just need to focus on that frame…ignore the rest so I followed the similar strategy here & identified few spots..position my models If i found anything destracting.. I tried to avoid it by chaning my camera angle by either go down or taking shot from the above when you shoot outdoor’s sunlight can be your friend as well as your enemy thats why I say that work on your skills handling sunlight on a broad day is a skill I specifically opted for a refelector instead of 2nd light so that I can use the light from the sun in my favour by using refelector or diffuser you can see my assistant is holding diffuser to diffuse the sun light for my models & i am also using my other light to make the photo
intresting most of the refelector comes with built in diffuser when you use the diffused sunlight it creats very soft light effect & it gives your photo a commercial look so I would recommend all of you if you plan to invest in anykind of camera accessory by the way this will work for videos as well.. you should get a refelector & its gonna be very light on your pocket as well you can get a 5 in 1 refelector you’ll get a lot of options in it I’ll mentioned some amazon link in my description incase you want to check them you can also use sun for backlight or rimlight however this is only possible either in the morning or
evening you cant achive that backlight effect in the noon time you can place your model in front of sun & use your artificial light from the front so the sun will create a rim light so you need a lot of practic to accuire all this knowledge once you are comfortable with all these situations you’ll be able to create great art which will not be dependent on a gear I am shooting photos & videos professionally from past 8
years but till now I use a very basic camera…A6400 & I never owned a full frame camera if you check my website the link will be displayed at the end of this video go and check my website 90% photos are being taken with Sony A6000 only and around 75% are with kitlens only so work hard & create a strong portfolio & your work will speak for yourself & once you reach that level no one will ask you about what camera do you use & client will also give you freedome to create I hope you like today’s video if you have any doubt..please comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I can you can also follow me on Instagram you can also DM me your question there & I reply very fast there as well so thats it for today I ll see you with the new video on next sunday

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  1. Im confused between a6100(kit+sigma 16mm lens)and a72(kit lens) both are fits my budget
    Major need is photography & little bit video
    Plz help

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