Burst Mode for Wolf Wildlife Photography | Sony Alpha Universe

This photo was a combination of luck and
experience. It was the last day of the Kando trip and there was word that there were a few wolves on the location and I really want an opportunity to photograph them. I woke up really early at the crack of dawn, I waited and waited, I had my camera in burst mode and eventually, in a split second, the wolf was looking right at me and I hit the shutter button and there was just a split second where my heart jumped and I was like ‘Did I get it? Did I get it?’ I used the Sony a7r Mark 2 at the time
and Sony FE 24-70 mm F2.8 G because I had to make a few compromises with aperture & also the lighting conditions I was dealing with. I chose to just go with a hundredth of a second
and the image still came out sharp which is due to the embody stabilization that I really love. It’s the shot, it’s the shot I really wanted and I’m so happy that I was prepared to capture it.

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  1. What a great photo. I was recently shooting in my local refuge and noted that eye autofocus locked in on the eye of a great blue heron. It was still, and not a moving target, but remarkable. I don’t think eye autofocus is advertised to work on birds, but it did in this case. At least with a large bird. I was shooting with an A7iii and the 100-400 GM. I think, with the latest firmware update, my A7iii (new to me) and A7riii great wildlife photog tools.

  2. Amazing shot just like a posing pet dog its why I use the Sony A9 now A9 II, you dont want to miss the shot, just been reviewing the A9II on my channel update coming later. Great shot

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