– Today we’re talking about
the Incase DSLR Pro Pack and if this backpack is the
perfect camera backpack for you. (upbeat electronic music) If you’re new here, my
name is Jeven Dovey. I do a lot of film making tutorials, a lot of camera reviews, adventure travel, all that good stuff. So one of the things that
I’m always searching for is the perfect camera backpack. There are so many
different situations where I’m taking my cameras with me and I need the proper backpack to carry all the gear because I’m not just bringing a camera, I’m bringing drones, I’m bringing Gimbals, I’m bringing all different sorts of things and different configurations of my gear. I can never find a good
bag that I’m happy with. However, this DSLR Pro Pack
is actually really good and it’s something that I’ve
been using for a while now. So before we get into the review and I kind of show you how this bag works and all the features about
it and things that I like about it, I do want to tell you that this bag was sent to be for free. I was not paid by Incase
to do this review, they just sent me their bag to test out and I actually do really like it. And one more note is that
I didn’t just get this bag like a couple days ago
and now I’m reviewing it. I’ve spent the last couple months taking this bag everywhere
that I possibly can and actually using it
in real life settings because one of the things
with a camera backpack is you need to know if it
works in your workflow and you need to know if it
works in multiple settings. You can’t just pick up a
bag and think that it works. There’s definitely been
bags in the past that I’ve purchased that I’m
like, this bag’s amazing and then I take it out on
my first shoot and I’m like, this bag sucks and then
I get rid of it because there’s just things
that happen when you’re actually working with gear and your bag dictates how that workflow
goes out in the field on a shoot and any situation. So a good bag is super important. So I’ve taken this bag,
I’ve taken it traveling. I’ve taken it on day shoots. I’ve taken it hiking. I’ve done a lot of
different stuff with it. So let’s get into my review of this bag so that you can see all
the features about it. (upbeat electronic music) This is the Incase DSLR Pro
Pack and as you can see, it’s a pretty sleek designed bag. It’s black. There’s not a ton of like,
extra things hanging off of it. I like it because it
just looks very clean. Now the way this bag is designed is that there is like a core
module and you can see when I flatten down
everything that it still has this width to it and that’s
because when you open it up you can see that it’s got
basically a divided section that holds its rigidity in
place which is a good thing for camera gear. Now you could completely
take all this out and then it would be a much
softer bag that squishes, but honestly, for purposes
of what we’re doing, like cameras and all that, you’re going to want to leave this in. In the past, I like to
work with bags that are basically soft bags where
you build cases within it. For example, my Maverick
Aries in a separate case, what I would do is I’d
put all my pieces of gear in separate cases like
this so that I can just reach into my bag and grab out the piece of gear that I want. This bag is designed a little differently where you don’t need to have these kind of separate cases for each
piece of gear because you have this interior module that basically holds the
rigidity so it actually works in your favor and
I didn’t used to like using bags like this until I
really got my hands on this bag because before now,
they’re big, they’re bulky, and a lot of the bags I worked with, I just didn’t like the look of them. This one, like I was saying,
it’s a much sleeker bag so I feel like, you know, walking
around like a city with this, I’m not drawing as much
attention as if I have like a big camera bag that
has that big square form. It’s still not a tiny bag, but it’s definitely not massive either. This is a great size
bag for all your gear. Now for me, when I’m looking at a bag, I want a bag that can hold all the gear that I potentially will take on a trip whether it’s a day trip or a few day trip and the other thing I want to look at is how I can use the bag. So this bag is really good for like a city kind of
adventure, like a day trip, but nothing where you
get too extreme on hiking or anything like that and that’s because if you look on the back here, you’ve got your two
straps which are actually very comfortable. You’ve got your chest harness here which is nice because
it holds the camera bag, it takes the weight off your shoulders, however, as you see on the bottom, there’s no hip strap and
so for if you’re doing like extreme hiking, you’re
going out for a long day, with this pack on your back,
you’re gonna want a hip strap. So that’s one thing that
this bag doesn’t have that I did take this
out hiking, I tried it in a few scenarios where
I was out on the go and the hip strap was something
that was definitely missing that I wish that I had. Another thing for like longer days, like hiking and all that, is a water bottle holder
which this one does not have. As you can see on both sides, you have the tripod holder on one side and then this side is a pocket
which is nice to hold things, but there’s no water bottle holder and one thing that bothers me in
general about camera cases is that where’s the water bottle holder? A lot of times we only have this bag on us and we need to be able to carry water because we are shooting, we’re working, we’re moving, we need to have water. That’s just something
you always have on you as a shooter, at least
something I always have. So, those are the two things that I think this bag is missing, which like a hip strap would be great if it was something that was interchangeable where you could stick it on if you need it for like the longer trips where you’re going out hiking or something and then just a water bottle holder on the side. Now as a whole, I really
do like this bag though. I mean those are the only
two things that really stood out that I really disliked. So let me show you, as I pack it, kind of how you can fit gear in here and why I like this bag so much more than a lot of the other
bags that I work with. This bag I have been using non-stop for the last like month and I
don’t plan to stop using it because this bag works very well. Now beyond the water
bottle and the hip strap, which isn’t that big a deal, this goes with me whenever I’m traveling, whenever I’m like exploring the city or doing like a day shoot, this
is the bag that I take now. If I’m going like hiking or something, I do have other bags that I take that are made for more adventurous outdoor kind of activities, but
this bag is your perfect like all-around bag and
I do really enjoy that. To pack this bag, there’s a
few different compartments. Now when you lay it on its back, one thing that really
makes this one stand out is to access your cameras,
you have two ways. You open the back and you
have your big zippers here. Now what makes this nice
is that you can just flip these back, unzip, and there is all your gear. Your straps don’t get in the way which is annoying if a camera bag has straps that get in the way,
but you can access everything. The other way that you get your gear is this quick pouch right at the top. You unzip this and you have access to like your main camera body
and a few other pieces or lenses on the sides here. So you have like your cameras that you need up top that can just grab and go and then all the rest
of your gear back here that’s not that hard. I just set this on the ground
like this, open it up and go. And another thing, if you
had hip straps would be that you’re able to, you know, hold it like this and pull your gear out and this one you can’t do that, so another thing to keep in mind, but I just throw it on the ground. It’s really easy to
pull my gear out and go. All right, so let’s pack this up. Now typically when I go shooting, I have my main camera body
which will go up top here so I have quick access to it. I’ll also put some of the
other lenses that I use up top here so that when I open the top, I have access to these. I might throw a lens down here that I’m not going to use as much. My microphone I’ll put up here. Mini tripod I will also
slip up here and then as we get deeper into the bag, you can see how much
more space that I have. I’m going to throw my Maverick controller. I’m going to put my drone
in here, right there. I’m going to put my lens filters. Indy filters, you’ve
always got to have ’em. I am going to put this tripod head. We’re going to put a hard drive. Just stuff a bunch of
batteries and other things in these pouches down here. Still have room in this pocket. I have room in this pocket. You can fit a ton of gear. This is drone, camera,
four lenses, filters, batteries, hard drives. The other cool thing is when you open it, you have this pouch here, which
all my cables will go here. So power cables, charging cables, extra batteries, anything,
you have three pockets that allow you to basically
put all your stuff in. So that’s where all my cables go and that is the main compartment. All right, so when you
open this on the top, unzips right there, you
have your camera good to go, take a photo, do your
video, stick it back in and this is one of the
strongest bits about this bag is you have that on the top which makes it very accessible to always pull
out your camera and shoot. A lot of other bags, you
don’t have that access so you’re holding the camera in your hand, but typically when I’m out like traveling or like, in a city or something, I don’t always want to carry my camera so having quick access to
it makes a huge difference. Okay, on the front is separate
than the rest of the bag so you can see the cameras are
all in the main compartment and then here, you have a big pocket which has a slit for your laptop and you can throw some other stuff in this. That’s a 15 inch MacBook Pro right there. You could put some other things in here, but for now, that’s all I’m
going to put in that pouch. And now you still have all
this space on the front. So I’m going to unzip this
which is a really cool pocket and something that I
really like about this bag and that is, you have
this which kind of pops up and you have a big space here. One of the issues that I always
have is carrying a Gimbal and I don’t want to have
to take apart a Gimbal to put it in my bag, pull
it out, reassemble it. So I’ve got my a one S,
which is a great Gimbal and you can see, I just
throw it right in here and it fits perfectly so I can pull it out when I need it. I also have my little mini
Smarta electric slider which I’ve been taking with me recently. All right and so I have
these bigger objects that are awkward and that’s kind of what the best part about this bag is is you have this pocket that you can use for anything you want and so if you have awkward gear that doesn’t
necessarily fit in little compartments like
you have on the other side for all your camera bits,
this is the perfect pocket and it’s big enough where you can put a full Gimbal in here
and not have any issues with space and having to pull it apart or do anything like that. And I still got plenty
of space in this pocket to put some other things if I needed it. Now, on the front here, I slip my hand in, you can see
this is just another pocket and that is everything
that I carry with me and it fits nicely in here and the way that this sits on your back, it’s actually very comfortable. You’ve got your chest strap
here, like I was saying. You can adjust it. It’s one of the more
comfortable bags that I’ve used in terms of having gear on me. Now without that hip strap, it does tend to start getting
heavy after a long day, but that just depends on what
it is that you’re shooting. If you’re going to go out hiking, I don’t know if I’d necessarily recommend this bag for hiking. It’s not a hiking bag. One more thing before we go, when we look at this top bit here, one thing that I hope that gets changed on the next iteration of this bag is that this handle, If you have the
zipper open a little bit, it will start opening this top pouch, so you just have to be careful to make sure that your zipper’s
always closed so that when you pick up your bag
that the zipper doesn’t open and your cameras are exposed and it’s just one of those things when I first started using this bag, I didn’t realize that and this would kind of pop open a little bit. So you’ve just got to make sure
your zipper’s always closed when you’re using this top handle otherwise you can just pull
it up using the back handles. And so that’s all my gear in the bag and this is typically
what I’m going to use to go out traveling or go
out for like a day shoot. This is my setup and I can put everything I need in here and it’s not too heavy to carry on my back because
the straps are nice. (upbeat electronic music) There’s definitely not a perfect bag that’s gonna address the needs for everyone in every situation. I like this bag and I like
it for specific settings and then there’s other bags that I like for when I’m doing other
things like hiking. So guys, let me know in the comments below what you think about the DSLR Pro Pack. Guys that’s it. If you’re new to this channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button. There’s a lot of awesome
filmmaking tutorials, a lot of camera reviews, I also have a creator film school where I go nuts to bolts,
everything you need to be a full-time creator and guys, I will see you on the next one.

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