100 Replies to “Camera captures deadly Detroit shooting suspect”

  1. Had he turned and tried to take the gun….he may be alive today…..sometime doing what the gunman say can be a big mistake.

  2. They think having a gun makes them SOMEBODY !!! The 'high' they get from handling a gun might be likened to smoking crack for some.

  3. Remember this is one man not the whole black community and also we use to kill each other with swords now we use guns blame the gun makers for growing all these cowards

  4. its about emotions….emotions make you do things sometimes…you get beat up you feel that you must make a point….let this a listen

  5. 1) Women love thugs.

    2) Modern US Black "go hard", "don't knock a brother's hustle", "no snitching", "only god can judge me" culture.

    3) Enjoy.

  6. It’s one dude in a small closed in area.. first off he too close, me personally I would’ve tried him. He gotta gun so I know he ain’t here to play!!! YOU THAT CLOSE TO ME IM TRYING YOU PERIOD MY WILL POWER IS GOING TO TAKE OVER

  7. NEVER LET THEM GET YOU IN THE CAR! Fight for your life right where you’re standing because the chances of surviving once you’ve been kidnapped are none.

  8. I agree with most you people's comments I'll be damned if I'm going to let you walk me to my death we going to fight right then and there soon as I see you with that motherfuking come soon as I know that you that you got a f**** problem with me we fighting right then and there I ain't walking no motherfuking way my own people make me sick to my f**** stomach everybody talk about that black lives matter I'm a 51 year old black man my fears is motherfuking white people of course and also my own f**** people y'all stay strong now keep your head up out there it's crazy in this world and f**** America

  9. Detroit really does need RoboCop. Even the females dress up like cowgirls cowgirls there and participate in violent shoot outs🔫🔫

  10. R.I.P Freak Storm Norm
    He was a very good man always cool to be around. This hurt alot of people with death. This should not have happen. Best believe Norm you are very miss man. R.I.H😘😘😘

  11. So you wanna kill somebody with a gun after getting into a physical fight with them because you the one that might have got beat up and was embarrassed. Now you about to be getting beat up from left to right behind bars

  12. Call I have to say it's a good thing I'm not in charge. Cause I'll get it to stop, the hard way. Believe that. I'd clean some s*** up, and it wouldn't be nice. For starters I'd go directly to the source, and tighten all of them up.

  13. U get into a fight and lose…then you get redemption by shooting and killing your opponent. Wow, I rather be called a punk and walk away

  14. They say it's the white man I should fear but it's my own kind doin all the killin here!!!!!! Blacks and Latinos you better listen!!!

  15. Smiley red I agree to what u was saying I would have done the same thing I’m not disagreeing with u I was just saying people as a whole need to

  16. As always, The black community only protests killings when they can blame someone else. It proves that they dont really care about black lives, just politics.

  17. I guess his ego was bruised and he couldn’t take it. In prison you can’t shoot people that beat your behind. You have to fight back or just get beat up.

  18. As long as life goes Blacks I don't care where in the world will always be his brothers worst enemy, So much deadly Hate for one another and 99% of the times for Dumb stuff

  19. Just imagine how a woman escorted her boyfriend to kill a fellow human being. If he is caught, the woman should be charged with murder also and both executed at the same time. This is crazy. Pure wickedness. Now when he is to say something during sentencing, his first stupid statement will be "I am sorry for your loss". BS. Take him straight to the gallows first and secondly take him to the gas chamber and third take him finally to the bed to goooooooooooooo to hell.

  20. In the mouth of the late (Brother Minister malcolm x: May the Divine Creator/Creatress be pleased with him) History rewards all research ie.. What we were in our beginning, our many great achievements, what we bought to the world as a collective whole, what were we doing when we were Kings and Queens and building civilizations, How did we fall from grace, how did we lose our humanity (our humanbeiness). What must we do to reclaim our humanity? How do we resurrect, repair, and restore our selves as individuals, as a people, as a family, as a community, as a tribe. A system has been put in place that does not have the intent for us to survive and to be productive. Caucasians, Spanish, Mexicans kill each other as well ,but somehow we are the main attraction. That is why we must take responsibility for the part we play in our own demise.

  21. This happens when…how dangerous take hope from people on top of world poverty drugs war and hatred famine hunger pollution climate change natural disasters homeless take away jobs denied education jobs money help equals crime desperate…its society systematic problem and issues.. 99% poor to 1% rich or wealthy. Limited resources and money system across dictatorship capitalism socialism communist fascist systems

  22. Wait, first you say he is well known in the neighborhood as well. Then you say, if anybody knows who he is , to call….blah…blah. so which is it? Why is he not in custody if he is well known? I'm sure he didn't flee to Mexico. Worthless.

  23. The two black guys coming up behind the reporter. You just don't know. Never turn ur back like that. Shame on the guy filming for not telling him.

  24. roverbs 14: v12
    “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”
    (That meant taken away, by the Devil ways of doing things…).

    Matthew 23: v12
    “And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.”

    (God Almighty is the true and Fair-less Witness).

  25. This victim should have taking the murderer’s eyeballs out the second he saw the gun. But probably he didn’t believe the shooter would really shoot him. Evil.

  26. Wow All this violence needs to Stop

  27. Blame your justice system, they put him in jail for like 25 – 30 years, feed him 3 times per day, release him in 15 years time for good behavior and that's it. Who is the foolish one here, what will you lose if you allow the firing squad do thier job immediately after he is caught (Just a bullet to his head). They rather send their army to iraq to be shooting bullet in the air rather than resolving their own problem.

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