100 Replies to “Camera captures man dumping woman’s body on Detroit’s west side”

  1. After making him fell a bit of pain to remain him the he is human let him live in a cell for the rest of is miserable life

  2. I live in Africa, and this is quite common. I don't think we should interfer with other cultures as I may come across as racist.

  3. That's what I do with a hookers that OD while I'm smashing. Finish getting mine, pull up my pants, dump the body next to the dope house.

  4. Disregard for human value or life…you bunch of hypocrites…you kill people daily legally economic killers…indirectly…only difference this is horrific physical violence vs civilized peace violence. Either way killing is killing….both wrongful deaths.

  5. This is terrible !
    That woman being killed.
    I am thankful that Pryia Mann did this report,
    but I am trying to envision what she has under that grey shirt.

  6. Another city driven into hell by non-caring liberal democrat (Communist) politicians who have run Detroit for decades. And yet millions of brain dead Americans keep supporting and voting for them…WTF?

  7. So whats new, I live bordering Detroit and it is no different than Africa. No respect for the rule of law and little value for human life. Detroit motto : Youre not a man unless you make a life or take a life.

  8. Why would he do it in broad daylight and how did he not think he was going to get caught if there were people outside 😒

  9. I remember this newscast vividly. I moved from Northeast PA to Livonia for a dream job. I left my family behind to pursue this dream, and was planning on moving them out after ingot a feel for the area. I remember this story and another about a womans body found burned on the street. I explained to my wife that we werent moving here and came back to PA as soon as possible. Crazy I came across this browsing YouTube.

  10. All of the comments saying "wHaT's wRoNG wItH pEOple" everything in this world a person probably is litterally raping a child or a dead body rigt now

  11. Its crazy how Facebook is the modern day faces of death but not banned in 48 countries if you in your mid to late 30s 40s and 50s you know what I am talking about society has become desensitized.

  12. There's a line wen telling cops is ok (for certain acts only tho)I believe. Even wen I was locked up myself for drugs and theft i felt this way ,good work lady u chose right.

  13. Thank God for the witness, Don't waste Time with this Evil Guy .into the slammer throw away the keys and let the Rats out

  14. Why in the hell would he just do that in broad daylight?!!! I mean, he didn’t even put her in a bag or anything, didn’t even try to cover it up! He just doesn’t give a damn at all. Wow.

  15. Near a busy road, broad daylight, not even 30 feet from the busy road… Yeah that's Detroit (jk I'm Canadian it's just as bad).

  16. I watch a million of these videos a day, it’s so crazy what happens in different parts of the world that many of us never knew about sad asf🤧😞

  17. Idk why all people attack that guy.. maybe he is a lil sick in the head but he tried to get the dead woman outside of the building so her body gets noticed.

    Do you guys know that in places like Detroit police dont really care about abandoned places and chefl they put for dead bodies so the guy actually did a favor or it maybe would had never been found… I mean dragging a body all the way up… is pretty exhausting but he should had called someone or even ask the witness for help.

    Btw he ess found out not to be guilty of killing her but hes just a misinterpreted weird guy not knowing how to deal with this situation properly.

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